Pokemon Court Chapter 662

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 662th Battle Chateau battle, floating astronomy
    "Battle Chateau, your strength, just use the title to prove it!"

    Coming to this Battle Chateau with a strong European medieval style, Terrance looked up at the slogan on the castle.

    "It's here, right."

    Rotom Pokédex nodded. "If you want to go through a lot of battles in a short time, this should be the best choice."

    Terrance nodded to the Battle Chateau, mainly thinking about the skills of the Laser Focus Gallade.

    Just like the introduction of Battle Chateau, here is the proof of strength.

    From low to high, the Battle Chateau is divided into six titles.

    Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquis, Duke, Grand Duke!

    The strength of each level of Trainer may vary depending on the title.

    To put it simply, the battle environment here is similar to the Battle Tower of Hoenn, but the style here is a bit more special.

    Battle Chateau is a special place in the Kalos Region. When Terrance entered, a maid-servant member hosted Terrance.

    "I hope to participate in the battle. I am Terrance from the Naplu Road Museum in Hoenn Region."

    After entering, Terrance opened the door directly to the mountain.

    Terrance's direct, let the maid squat, then quickly responded and answered: "No problem, but…"

    "Oh, is the Trainer from the Hoenn Region wanting to fight in the Battle Chateau?"

    Just as the maid just wanted to answer, a gray-haired middle-aged man with a single-framed glasses smiled and walked over from the martyrdom.

    “Henessey Butler.”The maid said respectfully.

    A middle-aged steward named Henessey looked at Terrance and said, “I can be very happy to welcome the Trainer from the distant Hoenn Region. I welcome you.”

    As the saying goes, Terrance quickly accepted the style of acting here.

    After taking the Battle Chateau “knight” status with the butler, Terrance went to the hall again with the other party.

    Knight, the meaning of the knight, in the Battle Chateau, all Trainer called himself a knight.

    In this extremely noble and noble social place, not only many Rookie Trainers collecting Badge, but also the senior Trainer of the Masters, as well as the owners of various cities, and even the Elite Four and Alliance champions are here. Kalos The champion Diantha is the Grand Duchess here!

    It can be said that this is the most special place for the exchange of experience and intelligence of the Kalos Region Trainer.

    When Terrance was led by the butler to a hall in the castle, he was immediately attracted by the luxurious facilities.

    This gives Terrance the illusion of entering a super-high-class hotel.

    In the hall, although it can't be described as a sea of people, this wide area, whether in the corridors, sofas, handrails, stairs, etc., there are many Trainers talking, it looks very lively.

    "Everyone, another new Knight joined the Battle Chateau, let us welcome him."The housekeeper and Terrance came in and immediately caught everyone's attention, and Terrance also got the attention of many of the Battle Chateau's Trainers.

    "Mr. Terrance, since you are the first to fight, you must first get a Baron title. You need to play against a Rookie who has just applied. Do you want to do it now?"The housekeeper then said to Terrance.

    "I have no problem."Terrance replied, at this time, a girl has come over.

    Terrance watched someone coming over, revealing a subtle smile, this is his own Rival.

    At Battle Chateau, the first person to apply for a battle needs to get the first title through the first battle: Baron.

    This title can only be obtained by the winner.

    "I am musk, you are also new."

    "Yes, hello, my name is Terrance."

    Looking at the blond girl who came, Terrance snorted in his heart. Isn't this the Trainer who owns the Mega Evolution and has Mega Absol?

    Could it be that this time period…Is the other party still a very young ordinary Trainer?

    Terrance laughed in the heart and felt that there was a fate, but the match was estimated to have won.

    Although it was the match between the two Rookie, but there were a lot of casual Trainer watching, and Terrance and Muxiang went to the battlefield under the leadership of the maid, and they followed a group of people.

    When it came to the battlefield, Terrance recalled the custom of Battle Chateau when the maid introduced the process.

    "Terrance, the singer, the winner of this game, will receive the title of Baron."

    UnderstoodMuxiang and Terrance shared the same.

    Then Terrance took out the Poké Ball and looked at the musk.

    At this point, the other party also took out the Poké Ball, the two reached out and used the Poké Ball to the top and looked at each other.

    "Play a good fight."

    "Play a good fight."

    The atmosphere of Battle Chateau is weird, and Terrance is a bit uncomfortable at the moment.

    However, it is true that there is a lot of competition with Trainer. After Terrance wins the Baron title, as long as he wins 10 people in a row, he can get the Viscount title further, and then use this as an example until he is promoted to the highest title Grand Duke.

    Of course, as long as you lose one game in this process, it will be a good idea to resume the cumulative victory from the current title.

    In addition, only the Trainer of the same title can play the game.

    "Go, Absol!"


    The two elves who appeared on the scene were extremely rare. Although both Terrance and Musk were Battle Chateau Rookie, their elf strength did not seem weak.

    "Oh?"Battle Chateau The housekeeper's lens flashed a ray of light, and accidentally looked at the two Rookie, both sides had unexpected strength.

    "As long as I win this game, can I get that cloak?"The first reaction in Terrance's mind was not the Baron title, but the white cloak that I just saw in the hall.

    In the Battle Chateau, depending on the title, there will be different colors of cloaks. This cloak is full of genius. Terrance feels very interesting after seeing others wear it. It should be cool to wear it. It can be used for reference. This dress is put on the Contest contest.

    As the battle began, Gallade and Absol fought. In the case of Attribute predominance, Terrance did not let Gallade show his full strength. The purpose of his come to Battle Chateau was not the title and victory, but the practical tempering skills.

    Therefore, at this time Gallade did not even use Teleport, simply in the control of the power of the various tricks and opponents.

    Looking at the aggressive Gallade, Terrance blinked: "Not yet, not enough, although the strength and speed are there, the two skills of 'home surgery' and '劈 waterfall' have reached a certain level of proficiency, but Gallade two The attack mode of skill is still too simple."

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