Pokemon Court Chapter 663

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 663th knife, in line with the ten! Floating astronomy
    When Gallade experienced the battle, he kept his strength at a very low level.

    Hone skills!

    This is the intention of Terrance and Gallade.

    As Gallade grew to this day, it has learned a lot of knives, from the initial Slash, to Close Combat, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Fury Cutter, Aerial Ace and the Calm Mind method to make the mental power solidify at the blade. Psycho Cut, the strength of Gallade, is getting stronger and stronger, and it makes it easier to understand the tricks.

    Up to now, it is mainly a direct trick to show the seven Attributes in the battle. As for the more advanced ones, it is the "home" technique and the "劈 waterfall" technique.

    Through the practice of the previous practice, Gallade has been able to perfectly transform 7 kinds of tricks, which means that it can be seamlessly connected in the Attribute connection.

    But this is not the training purpose of Terrance.

    What he wants Gallade to do is to combine the seven kinds of tricks, with "Teleport", "劈 waterfall" and "homework" as the core to summarize into a complete set of knives, able to face the knife of various situations!

    Let 劈斩 no longer be a single attack mode, but can face a variety of situations and can also attack the attack means, this is a huge system.

    What Terrance wants to do is to simplify it.

    In the words of Terrance, it is a realm to simplify, and that simplification is not another way, for Gallade, it is still a long way, with a single chopping technique destined to face only a single situation, just like the battle with Ash, as long as rival see through its attack mode, There is enough strength to target, that Gallade even if it has teleport, it is difficult to play with the same level of elves many times and remain victorious.

    In summed up the knife system to deal with various situations, the Gallade's fighting methods are no longer so simple, and this change has greatly improved its strength!


    As Gallade pulled out, Absol, who wanted to bite the trick, flew out directly and fell to the ground.

    "Sure enough, it is still too simple."Not just Gallade, Terrance has been thinking about what it should be like Gallade's knife.

    Even the hoisting technique, developed by Gallade, is a fixed trajectory.

    Although this collocation seems to be powerful because of its speed and power, Terrance knows that this technique may fail if the first Rival is played, but with the second and third battles, or if Rival sees it in advance, then Gallade will have no more dependencies, and Gallade's attack methods are far less varied than floating bubbles and Beautifly.

    Therefore, if Gallade wants to meet a higher level of Rival, it must master more types of attack modes.

    Overcoming Musk, Terrance received a lot of compliments from the audience, and Baron's white cloak was released by the maid.

    At this point, Terrance had the title of Baron at Battle Chateau.

    "I am Baron Terrance, which Knight wants to play against?"Just after the battle, Terrance immediately made an invitation to play.

    The next moment, a pair of white gloves were thrown over, and Terrance stooped up and looked at the teenager who threw out the white gloves, which confirmed the match.

    In the next few days, Terrance stayed in the Battle Chateau for an endless battle.

    At Terrance's suggestion, Gallade only used the technique of squatting during this time, and he planned to honed this technique into a complete system.

    "You have to understand that your training mission is not to suppress Rival with strength, but to use mental power to observe and find out Rival's current weakest weakness, and then change the trajectory of the knife. This is your training goal!"

    Terrance's words echoed in the ear of Gallade, and when it faced Rival, he began to pay attention to the trajectory and direction of the knife.

    "The Cohabitation", the secret of this knife held by Terrance is the genre of swords that the samurai summed up during the ancient human wars he collected for the Gallade.

    This genre of knives is obviously created by the killing of people, but during the Battle Chateau, Terrance took this secret as the core, from the details to the action, and began to use one of the Gallade's actual combat to get the most suitable for it. The knife pulling action.

    Knife extraction, another name for living.

    Although Gallade's knife-drawing can win Rival, it is not the easiest and simplest way to use it.

    The place to focus on is to kill one hit, this Gallade has always been crushed by strength, rather than winning from the skill level.

    A better sniper route can make it smoother, and a better sniper method can make it deal with some complicated situations. To accomplish this, Terrance intends to rely on the "home ten style" in his hand.

    Compared to Gallade's own single-attack mode of "knocking", this set of knives, which are summarized by long experience of engagement in various situations, is obviously more suitable for the enemy, its unpredictable and adaptable. Where Gallade has to learn.

    "Ju", each type has its special meaning and action essentials, these special meaning and action Essentials now for Gallade, because it will play in the future of the human type of elves are few and far, and the size of the special elves, the method can not copy "live in a way", otherwise this summary induction will have no meaning.

    Terrance and Rotom Pokédex act as a bridge between the "Home" and the Gallade "knife", responsible for the conversion between the former and the latter.

    Inside the Battle Chateau, Gallade and Terrance watched the battle video of Rotom Pokédex playback.

    On the screen, Gallade faced a sneak sneak attack from the left, directly pulling a knife and smashing it out, hitting Rival.

    Due to the control of the force, this blow did not make the opponent lose the fighting ability.

    "Although I hit Rival, it didn't effectively hurt, hit rate…DisqualifiedRotom Pokédex judged.

    "According to the ninth formula of the "Compliant with the Ten Styles", I noticed that the Rival on the left side should be rotated to 90 degrees to the left to give Rival…"

    Terrance narrates in the record of "The Coincido", and discusses with Rotom Pokédex and Gallade about how to deal with the situation, how to change the elements of the ninth in the "Compliant with the Ten" to achieve the key to hitting the other side. To achieve the effect of one hit and kill.

    "Rotom Pokédex, play it again."

    With the cooperation of Terrance, Gallade and Rotom Pokédex, Gallade has summed up many valuable experiences in this battle.

    Some of these experiences have an incredible increase in the performance of Gallade's knife-drawing technique, so that its attack mode is no longer single, no longer sticking to the form, and it is true that the "home-in-law" is regarded as a facade to sum up various situations. Knife, not a single rigid attack.

    The chances of its killing will increase, and it will no longer depend on strength.

    Half a month after Terrance entered the Battle Chateau, he had already experienced 40 battles.

    If you count the battle between Terrance and the wild Pokémon and the passer-by Trainer after leaving the Battle Chateau, the Gallade has completed hundreds of battles in the past two months.

    On average, 7 to 10 games a day!

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