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Pokemon Court Chapter 664

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 664 "Playing against Duke" Terrance, Astronomy
    Among these Rivals, the level and the Gallade are quite few and very few, but the Gallade is mainly honed by the method of killing with the least force, killing with the fastest speed, and killing with the most stable trajectory. Not pursuing a simple victory.

    Therefore, under its deliberate control, almost every match in the later period was evenly matched.

    In the "Snowfall" special training, Gallade's ability to control the force has matured, and it is still very handy to use, and with the control of hundreds of control powers, its control ability has once again risen to a level.

    "Duke Terrance, there is really no Rival for you in the Battle Chateau."

    Steward Henessey looked at Terrance, who had just been invited to the hall but was ignored, and looked up.

    The young man was terrible in front of him. Just staying in the Battle Chateau for only half a month, he was promoted to the Duke level. This is unprecedented.

    If it weren't for the Duke-level Trainer in the Battle Chateau, he even suspected that the Terrance adult could get the big Duke bit!

    Moreover, he has never seen anyone like Terrance, but he has the strength, but he always relies on the Battle Chateau. Although there are many senior Trainers in the Battle Chateau, there is no one Trainer will use this as a place for Laser Focus.

    Battle Battle's battle is more of an experience and a casual experience for the Trainer in the Kalos Region.

    Receiving a war madman like Terrance, the steward Henessey has regretted what he said, this is not an honor for Battle Chateau, but a disaster…

    "There is no Rival to fight…"Terrance looked helplessly at the window.

    Starting with Baron's title, Terrance went through several battles a day, and even if he thought, he could play against 10 Baron in one day and then promote to Viscount.

    However, with the advancement of the title, the Rival he encountered when he was at Marquis was already very few, and he was able to advance smoothly. One of the great credits was due to the butler Henessey.

    The invitation was given to the Trainer who had a Marquis title in Battle Chateau.

    Otherwise, there is really not enough Marquis in the Battle Chateau to make Terrance win all the way to promote Duke.

    “The number of Duke adults in Battle Chateau is even lower. Although I have sent them a match invitation, they have not received a response.”Henessey smiled, after all, not everyone has time to soak in the Battle Chateau, the time of the Duke's Trainer is even more precious.

    So even if Terrance, the new Duke, was promoted, he didn't attract any Trainer to face it.

    "Henessey is an adult, Henessey is an adult. There is a Knight with the Duke title who responded to the invitation."At this time, a maid in the Battle Chateau suddenly ran over.

    "Oh ?" ReallyHenessey was surprised.

    When Terrance heard the news, the idea of leaving the Battle Chateau suddenly collapsed. He just got promoted to Duke and he wanted to play against the Duke-level Trainer.

    At that level, it is likely that you will be eligible to play Gallade.

    “Um?The other party is…Elite Four, Wikstrom. ”The maid was nervous.

    Elite Four, Wikstrom.

    When he heard the name, Terrance gave a slight glimpse.

    Is the steel system Elite Wikstrom in the Kalos Region?

    It seems that I have caught a big fish.

    "Is this the original…"Henessey was surprised: "I remember that Wikstrom could only be promoted to Grand Duke with only one match, but I remember that he hadn't come to Battle Chateau for a year. How can he accept the invitation today?"

    The maid shook her head.

    "Let me play against Wikstrom Elite."Terrance said, "He has accepted the invitation."

    Henessey nodded and said: "Terrance, Wikstrom is very strong. Although the other party has not been promoted fast, it has also maintained a winning record and is now promoted to this title."

    Battle Chateau This knight-style battle is a unique fighting style of Kalos, and it is not surprising that Elite Four is also involved in Terrance.

    But those top Trainers can't be as "fierce" as Terrance. Occasionally come to Battle Chateau for two days. After a couple of battles, it's all the experience of these top Trainers.

    With the idea of training the main elves to the Battle Chateau, I have to say that Terrance is also no choice.

    In a short time, he couldn't find a place where Battle Chateau could experience a lot of battles in a short time.

    "Alright!"Terrance nodded.

    Then, Terrance waited for the specific notice from the other party. After an hour, Terrance got the information that Wikstrom would arrive at Battle Chateau two days later from the battle maid.

    "Two days?"Terrance touched his chin, and from his determination of the 30-day impact plan, it should have been completed.

    Beautifly has mastered two top skills and has grown in strength. Arcanine's flame armor exercise device, coupled with the newly changed recipes, has continued to increase in size and explosiveness, and its strength has been significantly improved in this month. Mismagius completely consolidates the new power, and puts into the illusion and tricks in the war, as the flow of water, the control of energy is even better. The rainy days and the power of ice and snow floating in the bubble are also steadily increasing when the weather secrets are realized, and the destructive power is beyond doubt. As for the Gallade, although the Juhe style has just been summed up in this half-month, it is still not well-versed, but it also marks another improvement in its vision. In conjunction with Teleport, the current Gallade will definitely make any elf a headache.

    With such a team, Terrance has the courage to dare to compete with the top Trainer, though –

    His face is so large that it can be expected.

    However, when Altaria returns, Terrance can be considered a true top Trainer.

    Although his experience, his knowledge and other aspects may still be insufficient, but he is reluctant to say that he is a Rookie in the top field, and can't say anything wrong.

    The threshold of the Region Elite Four is probably the strength of the Terrance Contest Condition.

    However, any Region's Elite Four, they can't just have six main spirits like Terrance, whether it is the second team or the bench, or the Pokémon for the team's short board Breeder, the top Trainer is well prepared, this, Terrance is not enough because it is too short to grow.

    Terrance has decided to wait for Baleder to return to Hoenn and start Breeder's second team.

    "Is that the mad Terrance?"When Terrance walked out of the Battle Chateau, he often heard other Trainers talk about him.

    For these arguments, Terrance ignored it. In order to better face Wikstrom Elite, he went to the Elf Center to contact Fallabor Gym.

    It is required to mail the "Gallade Mega Stone" in the pavilion.

    Monthly ticket

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