Pokemon Court Chapter 665

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 665th chapter, Elite Four Wikstrom, floating astronomy
    The Gallade Mega Stone is one of Terrance's compensation for the Totem gas field technology, which is what Terrance deliberately wants.

    Among his main teams, in addition to Altaria, only the Gallade has the corresponding stone in the Mega Evolution stone.

    The Mega Evolution system is the best force to enhance its strength, and Terrance can't give up any chance to get the Mega Evolution stone.

    Now facing Kalos's steel Elite Four, he has to prepare his cards.

    Although the purpose of bringing the Gallade to this is to hone the skill, but since there is a chance to compete with the top Trainer, it is the first place to enjoy the game.

    "Gallade's Mega Stone? Ok, I will probably arrive at Kalos tomorrow afternoon. ”

    Kathrine nodded in the hall.

    "Is it troublesome, how is the situation in the hall recently?"

    “Not bad, since your Beautifly and your show at the show, Fallabor Gym has come up with many Trainers to challenge.”Kathrine rolled his eyes: "You have become a shopkeeper, yes, remind you, the second batch of Trainers who choose the second challenge method should challenge the pavilion."

    "Ah, is time going so fast…"Terrance is powerless.

    The first batch of people who chose the second challenge method was few, but the second batch was more. Terrance had already anticipated the picture of himself being exhausted at Fallabor Gym.

    "And, the patron saint has already been completed, and the Bug Type elves are working under the leadership of Beautifly."

    “Well, this is expected, and it is estimated that it will be open as a scenic spot for a while.”Terrance Road.

    "And, Rina's police school is about to pass the end of the exam. It is said that the parents' meeting is going to be held. Ellen's grandmother is old, and others are not suitable. I will tell you the specific time later."


    “There are other companies planning to acquire the land on the farmland of the Naplu Road Museum. What is your idea? Now many residents have come to the pavilion to ask for your suggestions…you……"

    "stop and stop!!"

    Terrance almost hangs up the call, he shouldn't ask a few more words, just a Mega Stone, and a bunch of things come over, it sounds like a headache.

    "Those things you give me for a while, don't rush…"

    "I guess I will go back in the near future."

    After the battle with Wikstrom Elite, Terrance plans to go to the remains of the girl stone statue to see Altaria's practice.

    If there is not much progress and it takes longer to practice, he may return to Hoenn to do something and return to the Kalos Region.

    In order to face the Wikstrom Elite two days later, Terrance did not play against Gallade for the past two days.

    But through the Rotom Pokédex recorded battle video, through the simulation technology to Gallade combed the harvest before the next, in the battle, relying on Terrance alone to teach Gallade itself a bit unreliable, but the good thing Gallade The Elves are born with a good talent for the Rotom, and with Pokédex, the Intelligent Trainer Helper, they practice for half a month and have a model.

    However, this model is only for Rival, which is lower than their strength. In the face of the top Trainer who has more experience than him, Terrance expects to be amazed at the same time.

    In the forest around Battle Chateau, Terrance and Mismagius began a new round of special training for Gallade.

    Magical simulation!

    Let Mismagius record the video through Rotom Pokédex and create a fantasy to correct the action of Gallade. This is the last training before Terrance and Gallade and Wikstrom.

    A day later, Terrance got the Mega Stone from Gallade.

    And try the Mega Evolution with Gallade, let it adapt to the new body in advance.

    After the Mega Ring was destroyed, Terrance simply bought a necklace-style pendant and put Key Stone in and put it around his neck.

    After Mega Evolution, the greatest quality of Gallade's ascension is strength.

    This makes its knife-drawing technique more threatening. The knife-drawing technique is a one-shot killing, and the Gallade, whose strength has been greatly strengthened, can now cause very terrible lethality.

    "Get warmed up, let's go."On the day of the game, Terrance packed up and said to Gallade.

    Gallade nodded and closed the knife. At the next moment, the Leafage on the trees around the center of the circle fell off.

    Looking seriously, you can find that each piece of Leafage that has fallen down is bound to be divided into two, and the traces of separation are simply incomparable.

    This is a way of using Psycho Cut, which exudes the essential spiritual power as a sword, causing widespread damage.

    When Gallade was under Smack Down, it had already issued dozens of attacks, one of the changes made by Gallade.

    The continuous extension of the moves and the various attack effects to face various situations are also the results of this half-month training.



    All the way to the Battle Chateau, Terrance recalls the information of the Wikstrom Elite found through Rotom Pokédex.

    Wikstrom is a steel specialist in the Kalos Region and one of the Elite Fours in the Kalos Region. He has a strong qualification and has been a Elite Four for many years.

    He and Kalos champion Diantha are the same period of time, but the limelight has been pressed by Diantha, and many times he has challenged the championship without success.

    "Steel Elite!"

    In the qualifications found by Terrance, the other party has a Scizor that can be Mega Evolution.

    Although the Mega Evolution has only been shown once, it still puts Terrance under pressure.

    If the other party sends Scizor, then Gallade has no advantage.

    QueriesA rush of breathing sounds into Terrance's ear, and a girl with a similar age to him is a rare silver hair.

    "Excuse me, do you know where the Battle Chateau is located?"

    That way!Terrance pointed his finger and said, "I am also going to the Battle Chateau. If you don't mind, come with me."

    Looking at the confused girl, Terrance spoke.

    Thank you very much.The girl thanked me and talked to Terrance.

    By chatting with Terrance, I knew that the girl was called Iraq. It was a Trainer who had just traveled for two years. After hearing the other person’s intentions, Terrance regretted a little regret and personally led the other.

    She is a fan of Wikstrom Elite, a specialized steel trainer –

    Terrance didn't speak, the other party got the news that Wikstrom would come to the Battle Chateau, and he was the Rival of the next Wikstrom Elite, listening to the girl's praise of Wikstrom, don't mention how much.

    "This is the Battle Chateau."Terrance sighed and went straight ahead and pressed the doorbell.

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