Pokemon Court Chapter 666

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 666th Gallade Mega Evolution, floating astronomy
    "Welcome back, Terrance Duke."

    After seeing Terrance, the maid who opened the door greeted him with a respectful greeting.

    This is the custom of Battle Chateau. Although Terence feels weird, it is also awkward to accept.

    "When is the specific arrangement?"

    "Probably an hour later."

    Terrance nodded, but the Iraq behind him seemed very surprised.


    She did not expect that the passers-by who happened to meet was Duke of Battle Chateau. As far as she knows, Duke is already the second-highest title of Battle Chateau. Her idol Wikstrom is the Duke title!

    "Mm."Terrance smiled and nodded. "Then I have something to do, then I will see you."

    Ooops…Good.Trainer nodded.

    For an hour, Terrance didn't have to prepare anything, but took advantage of this hour to take a break.

    "Right, Duke cloak."

    Duke's cloak is dark red, and the texture of the material is more comfortable than Baron's white cloak. Although the two cloaks are meticulous in terms of workmanship, it has to be said that Duke's crimson cloak is more powerful.

    Before the cloak, there was a Badge that represented the previous glory. After wearing the Duke cloak, Terrance walked directly to the battlefield.

    "Look, it's Terrance."

    Half a month later, Terrance was a celebrity at Battle Chateau.

    It’s no surprise that he played against 40 people in half a month and was familiar with most of them.

    "He has to fight again?"

    "Is Duke coming?"

    Many people have not yet received the corresponding news, but a small number of people have received news in advance, and Iraq is one of them.

    Terrance is wearing a cloak, which means he is about to play, because the Trainer in the Battle Chateau will not wear a cloak when he is not playing.

    "Ha ha ha ha."Soon after Terrance walked into the hall, there was a hearty laugh.

    This person is wearing a silver armor with yellow lines, like an ancient battlefield general, which brings a strong sense of oppression when entering the hall.

    Trainer who will wear this special dress and appear in front of people…The history has been self-evident.

    Elite Four, Wikstrom.

    This set of special armor that looks very heavy, and only this steel master likes to wear it in the game.

    This special style outsider can't learn.

    "Wikstrom Master?!"

    "Elite Four ……"

    Wikstrom came to the Battle Chateau, and the unsuspecting person was shocked. Although the Battle Chateau used to have the Elite Four and the champions played here, but as their title rose and their strength became stronger, they had already come to Battle Chateau. Less and less.

    The arrival of Elite Four is arguably the rare news of the Battle Chateau in the past year.

    “There hasn’t been a Battle Chateau for a long time, and the atmosphere is still so comfortable!”Wikstrom laughed, and in terms of his style of wear, he was far more consistent with the definition of "Knight" than anyone present.

    And just as most people's eyes were on Wikstrom, a pair of white gloves fell in the ground in front of Wikstrom Elite.

    This change quickly silenced the hall.

    Who was that?

    The doubts that filled the hearts of everyone were answered in the next second, and in the direction of the sound and the glove thrown, Terrance slowly entered people's sight.

    "I am rude, Master Wikstrom, I am Duke Terrance and want to challenge you."

    Wikstrom looked at Terrance and hesitated. He didn't think that the new Duke that the housekeeper Henessey said was so young.

    However, the strength should be good…

    Thinking this way, Wikstrom’s standard man’s face smiled and said, “I accept your invitation.”

    "I am Duke Wikstrom."


    The occurrence of this scene instantly made many Trainer's mouth open.

    This kind of explosion is so lucky that they are waiting for the Battle Chateau during this time.

    It's him?A female Trainer with a drink in the hall had a big eyes and couldn't believe the opening.

    This person is a fan of the Wikstrom master who Terence led with.

    This kind of expansion instantly surprised her heart.

    "Duke Terrance, Duke Wikstrom, the battlefield is ready, please ask both."Butler Henessey didn't know when it was, his side, the maid's hand holding a red cloak, obviously already ready for Wikstrom.

    Terrance and the other side looked at each other and nodded and walked in the direction of the battlefield.

    The hall was quiet for two seconds, then brushed behind the two, when Terrance and Wikstrom stood on the battlefield, the surrounding observation platform was overcrowded and crowded.

    "Inadvertently, Elite's battle is really attractive."Butler Henessey smiled bitterly.

    The battle is always exciting, especially when one of them is a master figure standing in the top of the Trainer, and one is a young man of the same strength…

    "Play a good fight."

    Wikstrom Elite and Terrance also presented a Poké Ball, facing each other and greetings according to the courtesy of Battle Chateau.

    Then, the two returned to the side and sent their own Pokémon.

    On the Terrance side, it is not surprising. It is the elf Gallade that he has always sent out like the ceremonial and sword master Normal!

    As for Wikstrom, there is a sprite with a huge, thick blade, hilt, sword and ridge, and the sword ridge is Saffron!

    "Aegislash!"Terrance judges the opening.

    Aegislash, steel and Ghost's Pokémon, the appearance of this elf, marks Terrance. If you want to fight at the highest efficiency, Gallade has only the evil energy left to use!

    Whether it is Gallade or Aegislash, it can be said that they are all good at using the "sword" wizard.

    This match is really like a knight-like matchup.

    As the maid who took the referee retired, Terrance took the lead from the cloak to evolve Key Stone!

    It wasn't until then that people found a similar accessory hanging on the Gallade's neck.

    "Mega Evolution?"Wikstrom had a brow and was surprised.

    In the Battle Chateau, the Gallade, who won the Duke title for Terrance. Now facing Wikstrom's Aegislash, Terrance dare not care. At the beginning of the game, Gallade temporarily exposed some cards.

    "Gallade, Mega Evolution."When Terrance pulled out Key Stone, the light shattered and covered Terrance's face.

    The dazzling light and Terrance's mind turned into a connection with the Gallade. The next moment, the Gallade was covered in white light, and the body shape was slowly changing!

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