Pokemon Court Chapter 667

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 667th chapter of the weak steel Elite, floating astronomy
    Compared to the Gallade, the blade of the Mega Gallade's arm turns from green to white.

    And on the edge of the white blade, it is also covered with a hint of red, just like the blade is stained with the blood of the enemy.

    In addition, part of Gallade's body has changed from green to white. The most handsome thing is that behind it, there is a white cloak!

    As the Gallade completes the Mega Evolution, the cloak on its body slowly flutters, making the Gallade look temperamental and with a sense of high spirits.

    Mega Gallade!

    Key Stone's Lucas flashed and dissipated at the Gallade's head, marking the completion of the Gallade Mega Evolution. In the face of Terrance's Mega Evolution, Wikstrom laughed.

    He is also looking forward to it.

    Even if he is expensive for the Elite Four, he hasn't played with several Trainers with Mega Evolution.

    Mega Gallade, Rao is a battle-hardened Wikstrom, he has never faced it!

    "Aegislash, Iron Defense!"The Gallade Mega Evolution was completed and he took the lead in issuing the order.

    "Block it."Terrance watched Aegislash transform the form and wanted to strengthen the defense, directly issuing the Attack Order.

    The next moment, Gallade disappeared out of thin air, accompanied by a deep black light!

    Knife, Night Slash!

    At the moment of the advent, Gallade seized the gap of the moment and cut to Rival!

    With a bang, Aegislash was smashed out in the audience and smashed to Ground!

    "Teleport?"Wikstrom had a flash in his eyes. He didn't investigate Terrance ahead of time, and naturally he didn't know the characteristics of this Gallade.

    But as a top Trainer, just a moment of surprise, he recovered.

    "Switching into a shield form is too strong!"Terrance's brow is locked.

    Aegislash's defensive power is terrible, and even if it's not trained, there are very few tricks that can effectively damage Aegislash in shield form.

    Looking at being scored in Ground, just like Aegislash, who was slightly injured, Terrance looked at the venue's Gallade and began to think of the strategy.

    If you want to win, you can only wait for the opponent to enter the sword form and then try to attack to get the maximum damage.

    The special ability of Aegislash is that it can be attacked and defended by transforming the form. This ability is very difficult if it is equipped with superior combat experience.

    "Use Shadow Sneak."Wikstrom issues the order.


    Separate from the shield, Aegislash becomes a sword form and merges directly into a shadow that blends with Ground.

    “Gallade, Teleport into the air!”

    Terrance shouted quickly.

    The next moment, there was a powerful shock wave at the foot of Gallade. If it wasn't for Gallade, it was already hit.

    "Don't let it hide, use Psycho Cut!"

    The stagnation of the Gallade cloak, looking at the Aegislash that wants to drill into the shadow, the blade flutters past. The next moment, dozens of swords of the essence of the sword like the sword rain Normal to the Ground.

    "Aegislash, Sword Dance."

    The sword rain fell, but the sword-shaped Aegislash showed the most practical and most painful technique. It only saw it dance the sword. The speed of Sword Dance quickly formed a circular defensive ball. No Psycho Cut fell. Not being bombarded by the other side's high-speed Sword Dance.

    "It's now, Gallade, use Night Slash again!"Terrance shouted.

    At the same time, Aegislash, which is enhanced with Sword Dance, may be more horrible than Mega Gallade, but Terrance is not ready to attack the Gallade.

    The fascinating Teleport moves are his emboldened, and Gallade is once again slashing at the moment Aegislash Sword Dance stops waving. This time, Gallade follows the action in the “home-style ten” and finds the most effective enemy from the air. a blow.

    "Aegislash, Protect!"Wikstrom's brow wrinkled, and the next moment, a light film appeared in front of the sword form, but this did not make it escape the Gallade's sniper.

    Teleport reproduction!

    At the moment of Protect's trick, Gallade led the trick to change the direction of the attack through Teleport and launched the attack from Rival's back!

    劈 waterfall!

    With the connection and application of the move, Gallade has absorbed the concept of “home-style ten” and lost a lot of cumbersome movements. Now the attack track is amazing!

    Now, from the knife-drawing technique to the picking technique, Gallade not only does not feel any oysters, but because the reduction of redundant movements is more neat, a little light comes first, and then with the "bang", Aegislash is swept away by the waterfall. !

    This hit, the face of Wikstrom has finally changed.

    After the Mega Evolution, the Gallade is definitely not under his Aegislash, and the strange attack of the other party has never been experienced before.

    “Can Teleport still be used this way?”Wikstrom doesn't understand.

    “My Gallade is a bit special, and after Mega Evolution it gained mental power, which made it more powerful and solidified.”Terrance laughed.

    As the Aegislash, the form of the sword that was shot, landed, the shield quickly flew to the side of the sword.

    The sword slowly flies and anyone can see the weight of Aegislash.

    In the sword form, Aegislash's defense and attack power are almost two extremes, low and poor.

    With such a defensive power, the Gallade hits a multi-Gravity road, and it is an extraordinary will to retain consciousness.

    Terrance closes his eyes and then slams open. The strength of Mega Gallade, its speed and power, will not be weaker than Aegislash, and because of its Teleport trick, it is very difficult to switch the sword shape and shield shape of the opponent. Gallade.

    In this way, Gallade can definitely take the upper hand!

    "Gallade, continue to attack."Terrance opening.

    “King's Shield !”The Wikstrom quick command, King's Shield wrapped Aegislash all over the body, preventing the possibility of Gallade changing the attack trajectory. However, before the Gallade attack touched Aegislash, with the instruction of Terrance, Gallade disappeared again and forced to attack with Teleport. Shorted.

    "The mind is connected."Wikstrom was disappointed.

    If Gallade attacks King's Shield, not only will the attack be invalid, but its own attack power will also drop. In such a tense situation, Terrance will let Gallade change the attack trajectory with only one word of instruction, which is very clever.

    "This Teleport trick is too difficult."Wikstrom sweats down, and at this moment, he finally feels how tricky the young Trainer is.

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