Pokemon Court Chapter 668

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 668th chapter of the unexpected results, floating astronomy
    The Trainers watching the game have been watching quietly.

    Even if Aegislash falls into the wind once or twice, they have always been there when Wikstrom Elite is still reserved.

    Wikstrom Elite did it at first, but as he played, he found that he and Aegislash showed the strongest strength.

    However, this is what surprised him the most.

    With the power of him and Aegislash, the situation has not changed in any way, Mega Gallade is still a strong side.

    This situation, as time goes by, the Trainers who watched the battle also saw it.

    They look dignified, some unbelievable, Aegislash, Wikstrom Elite actually fell into the wind?

    Even if Rival does Mega Evolution, Wikstrom he…It is Elite Four!

    Terrance, where is it sacred?

    “I didn’t expect to experience such an interesting battle at Battle Chateau.”

    Wikstrom has a glimpse of it.

    On the field, Gallade continues to attack, and its Teleport is like a non-wasting mental strength, unscrupulously exerted.

    This Teleport, at once, made Wikstrom Elite think of Diantha, who had been pressing on his head.

    I am afraid, only the Teleport that was built after the Didevo's Gearevoir Mega Evolution can suppress this Gallade!

    "Can win."

    Terrance screamed, Gallade has been using Teleport to deal with the other side, because accidentally suffered a Gallade fatal blow in the sword form, Aegislash's physical strength has begun to fall.

    Now, Aegislash's swords and shields are waving together and relying on each other to watch out for Gallade's offense.

    However, the action of Gallade is now very suitable for a word description.


    Teleport's way of moving has become a good inducement for Gallade attacks. Through illusion attacks, Gallade has induced Aegislash to make some threats.

    The key to these moves, Aegislash is not to be done, it is induced, but if Aegislash does not do, it may directly suffer a more serious attack.

    "It turned out that the Gallade is so strong."

    The Trainer who had played against Terrance watched the game and suffered in the heart.

    When Gallade and their battles, the power of the show is estimated to be no more than one-tenth!

    At present, this mode of attack of Gallade, in their view, is simply a "dirty set", with the Teleport to nausea, defense is not, attack is not, Teleport in the gallade of the exercise like to let Gallade become always hanging around the neck of the sword, Fear at the same time but do not know when will fall down, has been taut sarcastically mental paranoia.

    If Aegislash and Wikstrom Elite are not very cautious, and I am very good, I am afraid I will be defeated.


    When Terrance was commanding and his heart was brisk, he felt that he was not the Trainer who was stuck in the top threshold and could not enter.

    Nowadays, playing against the incumbent Elite Four main genie, although relying on the external force of the Mega Evolution, he does have the upper hand!

    This feeling gave Terrance a lot of confidence.

    "If there is no accident, the outcome is already divided."

    Terrance is convinced.

    "Gallade, use Z power!"

    As Terrance yelled, Aegislash, who was stalemate with Gallade, was suddenly shocked.

    A faint gas field lingered and gathered around the Mega Gallade, and then the Mega Gallade burst into a powerful atmosphere.

    For example, Gallade's mental strength is more condensed, the power is more reinforced, and the physical strength is more abundant.

    For a moment, the Gallade, which had already prevailed slightly, once again improved its strength. This change made Wikstrom incredible.

    The style of the knife is extremely fast, the angle is ingenious, and the cooperation between the shield and the sword is crossed, and it is swept!

    The cohesiveness of the spirit makes it easier for Gallade to find the movement track of the other side, the improvement of the strength, the enhancement of the lethality and the speed of the embarrassment. With the powerful momentum, the Gallade style has been adapted to the moment. Gallade attacks Aegislash with rhythm and intensity.

    The change in rhythm and intensity, which made Aegislash immediately hesitate, was this hesitation, giving Mega Gallade a great opportunity.

    "Totem" Mega Gallade, its current strength, is actually very close to Altaria at Mega's large celebration.

    If you look at the difference in attack methods, Gallade is even better, although the overall quality is a little worse, but in terms of attack power and speed, Gallade has been reborn!

    "Aegislash, use King's Shield again!"Although Wikstrom knows that this trick has been cracked, there is no choice now.

    However, Gallade's attack speed is too much, and the drawing trajectory is like an arc, almost instantaneous, and does not give him a chance to react with Aegislash.

    The next moment, Wikstrom briefly closed his eyes, and if there were no accidents, he would lose.

    Moreover, there is no suspense in losing. From beginning to end, his Aegislash has not caused any serious threat to the other party. It can only be regarded as a waste of Rival's physical strength through cooperation.

    Although there are two parts of Aegislash facing the Teleport's Gallade is very unfavorable, but Wikstrom thought about it, even if it is replaced by his other main force, only his current Trump Card Scizor can compete against the other Gallade.

    "Mega Evolution, and that gas field…"

    With Aegislash being fully attacked by Gallade, Smack Down, this time he couldn't stand up again. Wikstrom was somewhat lost and at the same time had some fun. He didn't expect him to lose except for the stage in Elite.

    In addition to the Mega Evolution, he saw the power of another system in Gallade, which accelerated the speed at which he lost the game.

    "If the Gallade is in the normal state, it is definitely not the Rival of Aegislash, it is estimated that the battle situation will be completely reversed."After this battle, Terrance was in a state of sorrow.


    "A very exciting match."As the maid announced the result of the match, Wikstrom took back Poké Ball when the audience was still, and stepped forward to reach out.

    Thank you!!Terrance also reached out.

    The authorities were very indifferent, but the trainers of the Trainer and Battle Chateau were silent.

    Wikstrom's fans, I am always on the lookout for Wikstrom's affairs, looking at the steel master who smiled and smiled with Rival, and it was unacceptable.

    HeDid you beat Elite Four? ”

    When someone reacted, I was a little surprised, even if it was 1 to 1, but…Who knows that Elite Four is a representative of the top Trainer in Region.

    This kind of existence, even if it only lost a game of entertainment, but it is a bit shocking.

    "Henessey is an adult."Another maid stood beside the butler Henessey, and some unexpected openings: "This Trainer called Terrance is unexpectedly strong."

    “The young master is not the Rival candidate for the championship tour of Miss Diantha in Camphrier Town? How about watching this Terrance? His strength is not to lose the face of the young master. ”

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