Pokemon Court Chapter 669

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 669th chapter worth 500,000 battle, floating astronomy
    "This Terrance?"

    Battle Chateau Butler Henessey hesitated, then his eyes lit up, which is a good choice.

    The Rival of the champion Diantha's tour in various towns was selected by the local leader.

    In order to ensure the enjoyment of the exhibition, even if Miss Diantha will release the water properly, Rival must also be qualified to compete with the champion.

    In other words, if you can play the championship with the champion in the tour, even if it is not a particularly outstanding Trainer in the game, it must be a very powerful Trainer.

    Terrance clearly has this qualification.

    "Well, you can contact the young master."

    The current owner of Battle Chateau is the head of the tour of Camphrier Town.

    After the match between Terrance and Wikstrom, both sides were indifferent.

    The other party did not forget to lose the game, and Terrance was not complacent because he won the game.

    This is just a game of entertainment.

    “Interested to challenge the Kalos Alliance?”After the battle with Terrance, Wikstrom issued an invitation.

    The challenge that the other party said is not as simple as the Lumiose Conference. The word means that Terrance has no interest in competing for the Kalos Elite Four.

    "No, I have to do more rigorous practice."Terrance smiled and refused.

    Terrance is still self-aware. If it is a regular 6vs6 match, whether it is Lai Yue Elite or the current Wikstrom Elite, I am not Rival.

    Even he can't control the 6vs6 full-player game.

    The battle of all players is the rule that most reflects the strength of Trainer. The experience of Trainer and the judgment of the situation will be infinitely magnified in the battle of all members.

    With the experience of the top Trainer, even with the main Elf mix and match non-primary elves, you can defeat six amateur Trainers with the strength of Elite.

    With Terrance's strength of the Trainer, which is supported by Breeder's level, there is no big loss in this kind of battle if there is no overwhelming strength.

    He has to work harder than the old top Trainer.

    "That's a pity. After all, it's rare to see interesting young people like you, haha."Wikstrom dragged his armor and laughed.

    Terrance was helpless. After playing against Wikstrom Elite, he planned to check out Altaria's situation and ask Xerneas one thing.

    As for the Battle Chateau, if there is no special situation, it should not come again in the future.

    Terrance is now a celebrity of the Battle Chateau, but because his Duke title is too high, no one can challenge him. This rule gives Terrance great convenience and allows Terrance to walk in the castle after the battle with Wikstrom Elite. Very leisurely, I won't receive white gloves as I did before.

    "Terrance, excuse me, is it free now?"

    When Terrance was packing things, the door was knocked and a voice came.

    hold on a bitTerrance Road.

    The person who came here was Henessey, and his expression still had the same smile for a thousand years. After the other party came in, Terrance thanked him first.

    If there is no Henessey butler to send out an invitation for himself, I am afraid he can't go through so many games.

    “Henessey Steward, your intention is…”Asked Terrance.

    "Terrance, before that, please take a look at this."Henessey handed in a brochure.

    On the cover, a woman in a Chinese costume, at the first sight of the picture, Terrance broke out: "Miss Diantha?"

    Then he continued to look down.

    This is the journey of Diantha's annual All-Region Tour performance in Kalos's selection of eight towns.

    "The most recent tour is…A month later, Camphrier Town? ”

    Terrance looked up and didn't know what the other party meant.

    "Then I bluntly said that Miss Diantha is playing with my young master in Camphrier Town. This time I mainly want to invite you to play the Rival."Henessey laughed.

    "If the Rival is a Coordinator unique to Hoenn and a Coordinator with top honors, the show should be very successful."

    Terrance's information is not difficult to find. Terence's reputation, achievements, and identity can be seen on the Internet by name. With the idea of inviting Terrance to play as an exhibition player, it is natural to investigate Terrance's intelligence.

    I didn't know it before, but after the investigation, Henessey butler was taken aback.

    However, this also makes the young man behind him more intensive in the idea of inviting Terrance as an exhibition player.

    If you look at it…A series of deeds such as Terrance and the Duke title of Battle Chateau, and the victory over Wikstrom Elite in the battle here, is enough to make Camphrier Town's exhibition match the most successful and attractive event of Miss Diantha in the Kalos Region this year. Exhibition match.

    "Oh ?" Specifically?"Terrance smiled.

    "The appearance fee is 500,000."

    Terrance scratched his head and said, "Less."

    "But forget it, give me half a day to think about it, and then give me a reply."

    As Terrance is today, there are not many 500,000 appearance fees.

    Even if it is Melissa, the appearance fee will not be lower than this number.

    "Terrance, if there are still requests, even if they are proposed, then they will retire first."Henessey left the room and left Terrance alone to sit and think.

    500,000, just the starting line of an appearance fee proposed by the other party.

    As long as Terrance wants to go up, there is no problem, but although Terrance is not a rich man, it is not short of money.

    After mixing to this level, if you don't do anything big, then for the money, Terrance is still enough. Even if it is not enough, you can have a lot of ways to make money anytime, anywhere.

    Used for the Breeder Elves, for daily squandering, it is more than enough.

    So in the appearance of the fee, Terrance did not care too much.

    The other party seems to know this too…Willing to waste time on the Battle Chateau's Trainer, how big is Covet for money?

    Compared to the appearance fee, Henessey Steward believes that the chance to play against the champion may be more attractive to Terrance.

    As for the appearance fee, it is just a process, a procedure.

    Even if Terrance didn't accept it and invited Terrance to participate in the exhibition, the people behind Henessey's housekeeper were too embarrassed to give some benefits.

    "One month…"It was not unacceptable for Terrance to scratch his head again.

    After thinking for a while, Terrance simply agreed to go directly to the steward Henessey for negotiations, his idleness and Solaceon, estimated to be ranked in the well-known Trainer.

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