Pokemon Court Chapter 670

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the text 670 chapter ice Vulpix changes, floating astronomy
    Cyllage City Wizard Center.

    Terrance received a Poké Ball and later went to a public area in Cyllage City.

    "Come out, Vulpix."

    Ice Vulpix came out of Poké Ball and jumped directly to Terrance.

    It has been more than half a year since the birth of Vulpix. In the past six months, Terrance's massive resources have been invested, and the growth of Ice Vulpix can be described as perfect.

    Supple and shiny hair, behind the graceful body, full of powerful explosive power, sly eyes mark the spirituality of Vulpix

    "Have you learned a new trick?"

    Ice Vulpix and Terrance disappeared for two months. I missed Terrance very much. In the face of the little guy Charm, Terrance smiled.

    "Rotom Pokédex, check out the current status of Vulpix."

    “Received Rotto ~~ The tricks that have been mastered are: Poweder Snow, Tail Whip, Ice Shard, Confuse Ray, Icy Wind, Mist, Aurora Beam, Extrasensory, Safeguard, Frozen Light, Blizzard, Baby-Doll Eyes, Hail.”

    Terrance pondered, "Isn't I still mastered Sheer Cold?"

    "呜~~" The small Vulpix lost a cry.

    "Haha, okay, I know, you are already great."Terrance laughed.

    Although Ice Vulpix has mastered a lot of tricks, due to its limited energy, Terrance has been letting it train a few of them.

    Frozen Light, Extrasensory, Blizzard, Hail, Mist…

    According to Vulpix's growth in the past six months, Terrance has long been familiar with Vulpix's situation.

    The small Vulpix's Ability is snowfall, and Terrance is delighted with this discovery.

    With the small Vulpix's Ability, Terrance's "Top Snow Tips" will play a more powerful effect, pushing the power of the snow to the next level.

    Terrance's top quality Ice Stone is still kept for Vulpix, although the strength of the small Vulpix is now very good, just over half a year later than Terrance Breeder's Misdreavus and Growlithe for nearly two years, but Terrance invested resources instead. The words are also bigger.

    The price of top food for half a year is enough to match the total resources that Terrance Breeder Growlithe has spent.

    Snow Heaven's secret Terrance hasn't learned Vulpix yet. Terrance intends to make it more solid and then touch something more high-end. It's not necessarily a good thing to get in touch with the advanced secrets.

    In addition, Alola Ninetales is ice and Fairy Type, which makes Terrance very concerned.

    So far, Fairy has only mastered Baby-Doll Eyes, which is a move to look at Rival with eyes to reduce the attacking power of the opponent.

    Terrance wanted to do an experiment on Vulpix, which is why he sent the little Vulpix.

    Next Terrance is going to find Altaria.

    If there is no guess, Altaria may have been able to use Fairy Aura initially under the guidance of Xerneas.

    As the legendary Pokémon, Xerneas is bound to reach a terrible degree in the development and application of the Ability. Altaria is also enough to get a considerable benefit from the middle school.

    Fairy Aura has the potential to develop the potential and strength of the Fairy Pokémon. This is the conclusion that Terrance has heard after listening to the story of Ash, so to confirm this conclusion, Terrance intends to try it with Vulpix.

    "Next, let me check your recent training results. Is there any Slack Off training with Larvitar?"

    "Hey~" The little Vulpix fainted and licked.

    That said,That said,Rotom Pokédex translated, "The guy who is stupid, stupid and heavy can't keep up with its training intensity."

    "Oh, you little guy."Terrance slammed the head of the ice Vulpix.

    Larvitar can't keep up with the training intensity of ice Vulpix. Larvitar, who has just recovered from fossils for a month, has just been able to perform normal actions and reluctantly change what he is doing slowly.

    For this Larvitar how to be Breeder, then Terrance had consulted Steven.

    The body size is not much different from the normal Larvitar, but the weight is three or four times, which obviously changes the body during the long process of fossilization.

    In the case of Larvitar, Terrance thought of a sprite, Onix.

    Onix's growth method is based on the pressure in the depths of the ground to temper the body. It is said that when Onix grows, the body's Rock composition will change and become like a Black diamond.

    Steelix, which evolved from Onix, is a body that is harder than any metal under pressure and heat when compressed in deep ground.

    Terrance has considered that Larvitar will have similar changes in the body.

    After all, as with the Onix, the body structure of Larvitar can no longer be defined by the human standard.

    Incredible creature…Terrance also remembers the description of Pokémon.

    For this difference in Larvitar, Steven gave a suggestion about food, which is a special kind of stone…



    after day

    The remains of the girl stone statue.

    Terrance climbed the mountain on foot, because I wanted to know more about the small Vulpix all the way, so I didn't use the Gallade to Slack Off.

    When Terrance came to the top of the mountain, he was almost blown away by a gust of wind.

    Standing on the outskirts of the ruins, Terrance looked at the wind blowing from the cave and twitching his mouth.

    "Rotom Pokédex, protect yourself."

    "Little Vulpix, if there is a gust of wind blowing out, you will blow back."

    After telling the two Pokémons next to him, Terrance was brave, and after a while he saw that there was no wind blowing, he went straight in the direction of the cave.

    Terrance's progress went smoothly. It may be that Xerneas felt that Terrance was coming, so he stopped training for Altaria.

    When Terrance, Ice Vulpix, and Rotom Pokédex entered the cave, they saw Altaria waving its wings in a difficult area, mobilizing power to desperately fly.

    “Gravity tricks.”Terrance's pupils are shrinking. This Gravity is very effective. Gravity, which can make Altaria Flying, has not been seen so far. Even the Gravity tricks of the elves of the Gravity House of the Tianguan Academy are not good, but now In this Gravity field, Altaria is as difficult as no resistance.

    At the arrival of Terrance, the Gravity effect on Altaria blew away, and then a tree around it quickly produced a fruit that Terrance had never seen under the influence of a strange force.

    When the fruit bomb flew to Altaria, Altaria said nothing about it.

    After a while, Altaria, full of scars and seemingly exhausted, energy-poor, is directly full of energy and physical strength.

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