Pokemon Court Chapter 671

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text 671 chapter new annihilation, floating astronomy
    Looking at a series of changes in Altaria, Terrance looked at Xerneas, not at all, and Terrance knew it was a masterpiece of Xerneas. Xerneas dismissed Terrance's gaze after canceling the Gravity field on Altaria and playing a fruit that was born to restore the Contest Condition.

    "You are coming, human."

    "See you again, Xerneas…Also, Altaria. ”

    Terrance looked at Altaria, who was conscious of Smelling Salts, and was surprised that she hadn't seen it for a month, but the changes in Altaria were bigger than what Terrance imagined!

    Although I don't know what kind of training Xerneas has done with Altaria, Terrance can feel that Altaria's strength has changed significantly!

    As Xerneas glanced at Terrance, he also saw the ice Vulpix that Terrance was holding.

    "The power of Fairy?"

    “Well, this kid has a hidden Fairy Type that will appear after evolution.”

    Terrance opens the way.

    "It's only a third of its practice time, you are early."

    One third

    Terrance, after a period of practice, Xerneas has speculated about how long it takes for Altaria to practice…

    If it is three months, it is really not long.

    Looking at Altaria, Terrance gave a look of encouragement. From the scene of Terrance, I know that Altaria must have experienced a lot of hardship this month.

    "Xerneas, there is one more thing."Terrance said, "It's the water of life that you gave me."

    Since Terrance handed over the water of life to Riean a month ago, he has been paying attention to the news of Bai Cheng.

    The water of life did have an effect. Bai Cheng’s situation has gradually improved since he touched the water of life. At least in terms of vitality, he has recovered to the Contest Condition which is not much different from normal people.

    This is already a medical miracle.

    However, Bai Cheng has not regained consciousness so far.

    Although the vitality consumed by excessive use of the power of the waveguide has recovered, there is still no trend from Smelling Salts.

    The answer given by the doctor is, wait, can only continue to wait, they can do nothing.

    There have been attempts to let Lucario communicate with Bai Cheng using the waveguide, and have tried to let Psychic wake up Bai Cheng through telepathy, but it has no effect.

    So looking back at the opportunity of Altaria, Terrance is going to ask Xerneas.

    The water of life is given by the other party, and maybe the other party knows what is going on.

    However, Xerneas's remarks disappointed Terrance.

    "The next step is to rely on the human being."


    Hearing this doctor's answer, Terrance is inevitably helpless. It seems that Bai Cheng seems to have entered a vegetative Contest Condition, but it is a good change compared to the previous Contest Condition.

    At least, under this Contest Condition, he still has the possibility of recovering.


    Finally, looking at Xerneas, Terrance asked: "Can I see the results of Altaria's practice?"

    In the face of Terrance's request, Xerneas Solaceon nodded and walked to the corner alone, squatting down and closing his eyes, seemingly not ready to interfere with Altaria and Terrance.

    Terrance was relieved and the Xerneas character was really good.

    Get the chance to get along with Altaria, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex, Ice Vulpix came to Altaria.

    To get a quick overview of Altaria's practice, through Rotom Pokédex, Terrance communicates directly with Altaria.

    This month, Altaria's training is mainly about the use of Fairy energy and the willpower.

    Xerneas means that in order to master Fairy Aura perfectly, these two are the necessary foundations, and Altaria can only be qualified for the next step if they complete the basic practice first.

    For a month, Altaria only reached the point where basic training was about to be completed.

    "Is new mastery of 'Dazzling Gleam' tricks…"Terrance got the report from Altaria and nodded.

    Compared to a month ago, Altaria's body was a lot stronger. This not only made Terrance think of its training, but the willpower that was honed in the Gravity field.

    In this case……It can really drive the physical exercise of Altaria.

    The healing fruit produced by Xerneas seems to be very good. Under such protection, Altaria can perform almost the most efficient training, and it is no wonder that it has progressed so rapidly.

    This kind of treatment is really horrible. Even if you use the Elf Center, even if you have the Elvis doctor, the Wizard, the Breeder, and the whole process, you will never be able to compare the capabilities of Xerneas.

    Then, under the direction of Altaria, Terrance and Altaria conducted the Mega Evolution.

    Mega Altaria came, and the Fairy Aura on it was instantly revealed!

    “Is it already available?”Asked Terrance.

    Altaria nodded, then it gestured to Ice Vulpix to attack it using Blizzard tricks.

    Although I don't understand the meaning of Altaria, Terrance and Ice Vulpix did it.

    Little Vulpix jumped into the distance and looked at Mega Altaria seriously. It naturally knew the strength gap between himself and Altaria, so he exerted his full strength without pressure.

    Rime table

    Contest Blizzard, filled with dazzling ice crystals, was blown out like an ice blue Galaxy Normal towards Mega Altaria.

    In Blizzard, the ice crystals interweave and circulate, creating a very strange structure that makes Blizzard look even more stunning.

    Terrance is not an accident. The talent of the small Vulpix coordination skills is good. The structural changes of Blizzard, although not enhanced, make Blizzard move faster in the air.

    However, the next moment, as Altaria sends out a gentle Growl, the moment when the energy of Fairy Aura flows in, Blizzard annihilates into nothingness. It seems that there is no Normal. Instead, Blizzard annihilates, a touch of pink radiance, witnessed The traces that Blizzard just existed…

    F*ck off!"Terrance opens slowly.

    This technique relies on Altaria's racial talent, and the combination of the "Growl" trick and the "Mirror Move" trick and long-term practice.

    As Altaria's strength progressed rapidly, the chances of annihilation were limited because of too much restriction, but today, Terrance was surprised to find that Altaria integrated a pair of Fairy energy into Growl and then used Fairy Aura to control Fairy. The energy, which greatly improved the efficiency of the annihilation technique, solved the Blizzard of Ice Vulpix at a cost close to zero.

    This change gave Terrance an instant to try out the limits of Mega Altaria's limits.

    Monthly ticket

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