Pokemon Court Chapter 672

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 672th Fairy Aura's miraculous effect, floating astronomy
    "So, with Altaria's development of Fairy's Skin Ability, it's done to blend Fairy energy with the Growl moves of the change system. It seems that under the training of Xerneas, Altaria's gains are great."

    Altaria surprised Terrance for the secondary development of annihilation.

    In the past, Altaria's use of Fairy skin's Ability was just an aggressive Normal Type moveable Fairy Type, but now it has done the trick of incorporating Fairy energy into Growl.

    Then, using Fairy Aura, through the fine control of Fairy's energy, the effect of changing the Growl frequency at any time was achieved.

    Assisted by both Mirror Move and Fairy's ability to control energy, Altria's annihilation skills are more widely used.

    At the same time, the success rate will be greatly improved.

    "The drawback of the annihilation technique is that it does not make sense to face the weaker Rival. In the face of the powerful Rival, it is worried that the success rate of annihilation is too low, resulting in unfavorable consequences, and only the Rival that is comparable to its own level is useful. Wuzhidi…"

    “But with Altaria's development of Growl through the Ability and the gas field, this skill is now complete.”

    Terrance's heart.

    Even if you encounter a more powerful Rival than Mega Altaria, there is room for it. With a hint of Fairy energy, Altaria has a lot of control over Growl under Fairy Aura.

    Growl is now calculated more frequently than before, and now it's more clever use of Growl, which marks that they have broken the limits of annihilation techniques, and that Terrance and Altaria are not too cautious to face strong enemies. Dare to use.

    “啾~~” snorted and Mega Altaria was happy to hear Terrance’s compliment.

    At this level, not only is Terrance in Breeder Altaria, Altaria will do something that Terrance did not think of according to his own situation, such as the annihilation technique, Terrance did not expect to use Fairy Skin Ability and Fairy Aura.

    "It's my partner."Terrance stroked Altaria's head and smiled.

    In the past few months, even if there is no progress in other areas, it is a great gain to thoroughly improve the techniques of annihilation.


    Mega Altaria screamed again and seemed to have the ability to show it.

    The sound fell, it signaled Terrance to put down the ice Vulpix.

    Could it be…

    With the indication of Altaria, Terrance had a heart.

    Is it necessary to enhance the strength of the small Vulpix through Fairy Aura? Although his purpose in this trip was to verify the speculation, he did not wait for him to open Altaria and offered it himself, which made Terrance feel excited.

    My own guess is based on Ash's personal experience, at least 80% authenticity.

    Now confirmed by Altaria, Terrance has been able to determine another miracle of Fairy Aura.

    Under the Terrance command, Little Vulpix jumped to Ground and looked up at Mega Altaria.

    Altaria and Little Vulpix talked to each other, then nodded and closed their eyes, and the lingering gas field began to spread out, blending into Ground.

    Then, Ground slowly turned pink, and Fairy's energy directly enveloped the surrounding area, and the changes surprised Terrance.

    What surprised Terrance was that the small Vulpix in this area seemed to have a moisturizing Normal, revealing a look of enjoyment.

    At this moment, the Fairy energy in the gas field seems to be turned into a light spot, and it is freely broken from the gas field and flows into the body of the small Vulpix.

    This change lasted for more than ten seconds, and then Fairy Aura suddenly collapsed. Mega Altaria seemed to have suffered a backlash and the next moment he retired from the Mega Evolution Contest Condition.

    "Your practice is not enough."

    At this time, the voice of Xerneas fell into the hearts of Terrance and Altaria.

    “I want to use Fairy Aura to tap the potential of the elves and enhance the strength. At least two months later, you can complete the practice completely.”

    "What you are doing now is not the correct use of Fairy Aura."

    When I heard Xerneas, Terrance looked at the ice Vulpix, the ice Vulpix at the moment, under the package of Fairy Aura, let the Buddha have something strange changes.

    I saw that with the scorn of the little Vulpix, a Moonlight-like power was released. At the next moment, the power of Moonlight dissipated, and the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped a lot. The entire cave was covered with a layer of frost. Normal.

    "Moonblast and Sheer Cold? Already on the edge of mastery? ”

    These two tricks, Vulpix, have not yet been understood, but under the influence of Fairy Aura, it suddenly enters the episode of the Contest Condition. Although the distance between the two tricks is still a little bit worse, Vulpix has made these two The advancement of the trick is enough to make Terrance look at Altaria and Xerneas with surprise.

    “Xerneas, is this even an imperfect use of Fairy Aura?”Asked Terrance.

    "En."Xerneas nodded, and despite the amazing operation in Terrance's eyes, Xerneas didn't seem to look up.

    "When it's perfect to master Fairy Aura, you can even control the evolution of this elf, or let it get Fairy Type in advance."

    "This…"Terrance is not calm. In Ash's experience, Xerneas has mastered the power of Diancie through Fairy Aura Help, giving Diancie the ability to make real diamonds, which is not available today.

    Now Altaria just touches the ice Vulpix to the prototype of these two tricks, obviously can not fully use the performance of Fairy Aura.

    Even so, the news from the Xerneas mouth is too hot.

    If Altaria has completed the practice and is able to use Fairy Aura perfectly, then the Fairy Aura's miracle will be the most powerful power of Mega Altaria and even Terrance!

    "There are two more months…"

    Terrance calculated that, after Altaria finally retired, in order not to disturb it and Xerneas practice, then left the mountains.

    He wanted to let Mega Altaria go to play against Miss Diantha in a month, but the idea is now smashed by Terrance.

    Compared to getting a battle with a top Trainer, it's obviously more important to follow Xerneas practice.

    In the battle, Terrance intends to hand it over to other Pokémons, even if there is no suspense.

    After leaving the mountains, Terrance gave birth to an idea because of the miraculous effect of Fairy Aura.

    Before playing against Miss Diantha, he planned to return to Hoenn.

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