Pokemon Court Chapter 673

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 673th Fairy Department of Experts, Terrance! Floating astronomy
    The next day.

    Terrance took the plane to Hoenn and spent less than a day arriving at the Hoenn Region.

    He wanted to prepare for a month and fight for the best Contest Condition against Diantha.

    But after thinking about it, it was just an exhibition game. I didn't have to worry too much about it. It was better to go to the hand and do what I needed to do, and go to the battle with my usual heart.

    After returning to the Naplu Road Hall, Terrance informed Kathrine that he was able to let the Trainer who chose the second method of challenging the pavilion come to the pavilion for trial.

    "Can you guarantee that you will not go out this month?"


    Terrance looked at the ceiling, and although I wanted to say it, I always felt a little unexpected.

    "I will stay at the Naplu Road Museum as much as I can."

    "Okay, but don't forget Rina's parent meeting after half a month."Kathrine Road.

    After a slight nod, Terrance said: "I remember the last time you said that a company wants to buy the field at the Napru Road Museum?"

    "Yeah, do you have an idea?"Kathrine asked.

    "Mm."Terrance nodded. He didn't have an idea before he could see Altaria's Fairy Aura, but now he has a good idea.

    He wanted to transform the field at the Napru Road Museum into a flower field and raise some Cutiefly.

    Cutiefly is the Pokémon of the worm and Fairy. Not only does Attribute fit the style of the Napru Hall, but it also has a certain profit value.

    The planning of Huatian is similar to that of the Fallarbor Forest Scenic Area, and it is also carried out in the direction of sightseeing, but the selling point has become various flowers.

    The Naplu Road Museum is suitable for planting here. If you only plant those ordinary crops, you will be wasting this treasure.

    But if you change to a flower field, it will be different, and with the addition of Cutiefly, the value of this area will be increased. The food of Cutiefly is nectar and pollen. Then the elf can produce a special kind of sweetness. Sweetness is not only quite Delicious things, as well as top spices, can sell for a certain price.

    At the same time, while eating nectar and pollen, Cutiefly will also release the energy that promotes the growth of the flower, making the flower more beautiful.

    But if that's the case, the middle interest is not enough to make Terrance so costly.

    However, if Altaria masters Fairy Aura, it is guaranteed that Cutiefly will become Ribombee after the Absorb is sufficiently nutritious.

    Ribombee's Pollen Puff is rich in nutrients and is often sold as a nutritional supplement in Alola. Compared to sweetness, this Pollen Puff not only has a high yield but also a wider range of effects. In other words, Altaria's Fairy Aura It is the top feeding method of Cutiefly.

    Others may have to work hard to get Cutiefly Breeder up, but Terrance can only be used by Altaria to take advantage of Fairy Aura for a few months. It can be said that this is a stable plan.

    "This plan will start at least two months later."

    Altaria has not yet returned, and it is still too early to plan.

    However, like the Fallarbor Forest Scenic Area, if successful, this project may become a major project beyond the planning of the Fallarbor Forest Scenic Area.

    "Fairy Aura This Ability, if it can be used well, is a plug-in like Psychic and Wave."

    Terrance was very impressed, although the imperfect version was only seen at Altaria, but the power of Fairy Aura made Terrance very shocked.

    Enhance the power of the elves and tap the potential of the elves. Isn't this the thing that Sabrina's Psychic and Baicheng's Wave can do?

    Altaria has mastered this ability, and there is no doubt that Terrance, the Altaria Trainer, is like the fastest Breeder method for the Fairy Wizard.

    A powerful Psychic Breeder Psychic is an easy task!

    Then the equivalent of Altaria, plus Terrance, the senior Breeder, and Breeder, Fairy, Pokémon, will not be difficult.

    In other words, when Altaria has mastered Fairy Aura, Terrance is an expert in the Breeder Fairy department!

    “Hey, else change the Fallabor Gym from Bug Type to the Fairy Museum…”Terrance muttered to himself.

    “What are you talking about?”Watching Terrance stunned for a while, Kathrine stunned.

    "Oh, nothing, I mean, I am leaving first."

    Leaving the Fallabor Gym, Terrance was very worried. It is not impossible to change the Attribute of the Vault, but it doesn't make much sense, so even if it is.

    Regarding the Bug Type, he has devoted a lot of effort to it. Now it is inevitable that it will be a pity.

    However, although as a Bug Type Roadshow Trainer, the Attribute that Terrance is best at today is probably not a Bug Type.

    It's Fairy!

    After two months of assisting with Altaria Fairy Aura, Terrance mastered the fastest Breeder Fairy wizard.

    "Before that, let's go to the house and talk to the residents."

    Terrance shook his head.

    It took two days to get to know the ideas of the residents of the Naplu Road Museum, and Terrance was more confident about the plan to raise Cutiefly.

    He somewhat underestimated his current reputation at the Naplu Road Museum, maybe…Perhaps the mayor of the Naplu Road Museum is now less influential than the Terrance in the Naplu Road Museum.

    After the rise of Terrance, the Naplu Road Museum has changed too much, and the quality of life of the residents of the Naplu Road Museum has at least doubled. These are things that residents of this town could not have imagined.

    This is also why, if a company wants to acquire a field, they will come to Terrance for the first time.

    "Although the large-scale feeding of Cutiefly is not urgent, I personally want Breeder to look at a Cutiefly, not only Cutiefly, but also to accept two other Fairy-based elves."

    In this way, you can better study Altaria's Fairy Aura in the future.

    As Altaria learned from the use of Fairy Aura from Xerneas, Terrance suddenly had a great interest in the Fairy department, integrating the Fairy genie and moves that Rotom Pokédex collected in the future, and Terrance began to work on the Fairy department. Investigate it in depth.

    It is two days later.

    Terrance contacted an old friend of research, Zaobo of the Aola Foundation in Alola Region.

    The Alola Region has not officially established the Elf Alliance. The Aether Foundation is currently the largest organization there, and Terrance is pleased to ask the other party for efficiency.

    “Can Cutiefly and Surskit or Ledyba inherit the 'baton stick' moves? Do you need a Cutiefly that will be a baton? ”

    "One can, of course, the more the better."Terrance opening.

    There was a moment of silence on the other side. This Breeder process is not difficult for Zaobo. It can be done with his opening in the etheric position. The cost is only a little time.

    Although the process can be cumbersome, as long as the confession is given and the specific Breeder method is given, Zaobo can completely order the Breeder's home to take charge of the matter.

    “The genetic program was obtained from the Wicktor master?”There was a voice coming from the opposite side.

    "That is of course, I am now a disciple of Wicktor Master, which is already well known."Terrance laughs.

    “Good, but in exchange, I need some genetics Breeder knowledge in Psychic.”

    "As long as it is within my ability, then there is no problem."Terrance Road.

    There are more, but it will be very late.

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