Pokemon Court Chapter 674

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 674th chapter Fumeizi and Zhenzhen, floating astronomy
    It’s been three days since the call between Terrance and Zaobo.

    Staying in the Naplu Road Pavilion, Terrance suddenly took a leisurely time.

    Supervising the Pokémon training is no longer the main thing that Terrance does, and those are entrusted to Rotom Pokédex. As for Terrance, Rotom Pokédex records will be used to understand their training.

    And what exactly is Terrance doing these three days…He continues to learn genetics and digests knowledge about the Fairy Type system four years later.

    "In addition to Mega Altaria, Mega Gardevoir, and…Sylveon also has the Ability of Fairy Skin. ”

    "I want Eevee to evolve into Sylveon, on the condition that I learned a Fairy trick during the Eevee period."

    "This is unexpected…"

    Suddenly, Terrance opened the window and looked out at the window of Soaring in the sky.

    Groups of Beautifly danced in the air, under the leadership of Little Beautifly, doing daily training.

    Although it has been said that the patron saint has been initially completed, Terrance has not seen what the real patron saint looks like.

    How much difference does the “butterfly form” that I have conceived, and the “fish formation” of Alola Wishiwashi?

    This comparison may have to wait until the Beautifly in the Fallarbor forest can achieve a more perfect fit.

    After the Beautifly flew past, Terrance touched his chin.

    Where did you think of it?

    Sylveon ……Eevee's evolution towards the Fairy department.

    As an evolutionary Pokémon, Eevee has only been published in three evolutionary forms.

    But at a certain level, people know that Eevee has more evolutionary forms.

    For some reason, those evolutionary directions have not been announced for the time being, perhaps because of the benefits, perhaps because of the protection of the Eevee race, who knows.

    After all, the monopoly of knowledge and information can keep the class stable.

    Terrance is not hiding the Breeder method for Beautifly in the second challenge mode of the pavilion.

    Fallabor Gym Challenge Mode: Choose one.

    In the first mode, the Daoguan battle is directly played. After the victory, the "Harmony Badge" is obtained, which is the responsibility of Kathrine.

    The second model, registration, at a specific time from Fallabor Gym pick wurmple and other elf eggs and receive the "Basic version of the coordination Direction breeder method", Challenger needs to use this bug Type elf within six months to collect a ribbon medal, You can use this Elf challenge Terrance, after being recognized, you can get the "promotion version of the coordination Direction breeder Law" and "Honor Harmony Badge."

    Even if the promotion version of the Breeder method is far worse than Beautifly's current "wind domain" skills, the difference is too far.

    If someone wants Terrance to contribute freely to the "wind domain" skills training method and four weather tips, then Terrance will definitely call Arcanine to knock the man back.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Just as Terrance enjoyed his time of leisurely reading, the door was suddenly ringing.

    “The first pavilion challenger is here.”

    "So soon?"A glimpse of Terrance.

    The challenger of the pavilion he was responsible for must have received the Elf Egg and Breeder methods and received a Trainer with a ribbon medal.

    In the battle against such a challenger, in fact, Terrance is also a headache, and I still have to release the water and fight against each other. Compared to this, he would rather be a stronger Trainer…Thinking again, Terrance is not willing to fight with Trainer who is much stronger than himself, once or twice, and always abused and affects his mood.

    "Let the other party wait a moment, I am ready."Terrance coughed.

    The other party came to honor the Harmony Badge and the Breeder method. As of Terrance's performance at the Mega Grand Celebration, this Badge has the equivalent of a ribbon medal.

    With this Badge, you can use it as a ribbon and go to the Grand Festival.

    This change, combined with Terrance's Beautifly's performance at the celebration, has increased the number of Trainers who have recently chosen the second mode of challenge. Terrance has long heard Kathrine chanting.

    "Forget it, check the strength of the challenger."Terrance narrowed his eyes and walked across the window, looking directly at Beautifly training outside.

    To complete the second challenge mode pre-requirement, it must be a better Trainer in terms of coordination skills. In the face of such Rival, Terrance hopes to be more interesting.



    At this time, outside of Fallabor Gym, it is not just a Trainer.

    There are two people, one man and one woman.

    The female Trainer with long pink hair, green coat and miniskirt is the first to come. After her, a long-sleeved jacket with purple and dark blue, dark purple trousers, blue-violet and dark blue The teenager of the sneakers then came to the front of the pavilion.

    The female Trainer looked at the person with a slight suspicion and asked: "Are you also challenging the Fallabor Gym?"

    However, the juvenile apparently ignored the attitude of the person, and the female Trainer had a big tic-tac on his head, especially when he looked at the slightly gloomy face of the other person, and his heart was even more uncomfortable.

    “Is this the Fallabor Gym? It doesn't look so good. ”

    The boy’s apparently small Fallaboro Gym completely broke the female Trainer.

    "Hey, if you are a challenger, just respect something. This is not the place you can smash."

    Turning his head and looking at the female Trainer who was shouting at his dissatisfaction, the teenager seemed to notice the other party at this time.

    Facing the other party's shouting, he calmly said: "I am just talking about architectural style."

    The female Trainer is clearly stunned. It is undeniable that the Fallaboro Gym's earthy style is close to the Bug Type elf building. Although it looks natural and simple, it also makes the Fallabor Gym feel like a "high".

    Sorry to have kept you waitingInside the Fallabor Gym, Kathrine came out to meet herself, and she smiled and looked at the two.

    "If you talk about the Daoist Hall, that person will be angry. After all, he is still very satisfied with the architectural style of the pavilion."Kathrine apparently heard the conversation between the two, deliberately saying this.

    "My name is Shinji, it is to go to the pavilion."The Junior Trainer takes a step forward and opens directly.

    "Hey, wait a minute, obviously I came first. My name is Fumeizi. It is a Trainer who has already made an appointment with Mr. Terrance for the pavilion. Yes, this is my coordination medal."The female Trainer with long pink hair is not willing to be preempted, quickly said.

    Kathrine looked at the two unexpectedly, and she knew that this Trainer is the challenger who just arrived.

    But it seems that the other party is coming to the Fallabor Gym for the first time. If nothing else, Rival, who is welcoming the boy, should be himself, Kathrine thinks so.

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