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Pokemon Court Chapter 675

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 675 Beautifly's civil war, floating astronomy
    "In short, both of you will come in with me first."Kathrine Road.

    Terrance went to prepare for the pavilion and should wait for a while. Before that, Kathrine first received two people and deliberately slowed down.

    "Are you calling Fumeizi right? You are the ribbon medal, should you get it at the Petalburg Conference? ”

    "Oh, yes, I was the winner of the Petalburg Conference a month ago, using the Wurmple I received in the pavilion."Fumeizi is a little proud.

    Although she is Trainer, she also enjoys the Contest Contest that she participated in and won a ribbon medal. Fumeizi feels that she is quite talented.

    “Contest Contest?”I really don’t understand the opening.

    "You should be coming to Fallabor Gym for the first time? I definitely don't understand the challenge rules here. ”Fumeizi laughed.

    “The pavilion here is a bit special. There are two modes of challenge. If you are a traditional Trainer, I suggest you choose the first one. Just fight with the Kathrine owner and defeat her. ”

    "You are the owner?"Really surprised.

    "Don't look at me like this, I am also one of the owners of the Fallabor Gym."Kathrine nodded.

    "If you want to challenge me, just wait a minute and win the Harmony Badge, who also gets Fallabor Gym."

    Truly silent, said: "What about the other challenge mode?"

    Fumiko just wanted to explain to Shinji, and Kathrine blocked him and said, "I will come."

    After all, she explained the second challenge mode of the next hall to Shinji.

    “Mr. Terrance is the founder of Fallabor Gym. He won the honorary version of Harmony Badge as a ribbon medal and participated in the Grand Festival.”

    "Contest contest?"Shinji shook his head. "I have no interest. Just get the normal Badge."

    He doesn't have time to participate in any Contest contests, or even follow other people's Breeder methods to Breeder what Bug Type sprites.

    "Well, after you have finished the battle with Fumei, you and I will go to the pavilion."Kathrine Road.

    Looking at this Trainer named Shinji, Kathrine has a weird feeling that makes her pay attention to this boy.

    This kind of feeling she couldn't tell, but the kind of temperament that emerged from Shinji made her care. This boy should be somewhat different.

    With two people entering the battlefield, Terrance in casual wear appeared in the sight of three people.

    "Are people coming?…Hello, I am the owner of the Ballabor Gym, Terrance. ”Looking at the people coming, Terrance walked slowly and introduced himself calmly.

    "Mr. Terrance!"After seeing Terrance, Fu Meizi was bright and surprised.

    She is not only the earlier Trainer who chose the second challenge mode of Fallabor Gym, but also the Trainer who participated in the Mega Grand Celebration. For Terrance herself, she naturally admired it.

    "I am the rich son of Peach Town, please advise."

    "Hello there."Terrance laughed.

    "Oh, this is…"Terrance looked at Shinji and asked.

    "True."Shinji said his name.

    "The Trainer's words will wait for me to fight, so you only have to take charge of the Fumeizi's pavilion."Kathrine Road.

    After speaking, Terrance nodded after understanding and began to invite Fumeizi to play.

    “Hey, Aian and Scarlet?”Suddenly, Terrance found out what was wrong. The two guys were not seen when they were critical.

    "Oh, both of them, I’m reviewing my homework recently. I’ll be a referee.”Kathrine said that she had already gotten her hand when she got the referee.

    "Solaceon."Terrance waved his hand and walked to the battlefield.

    Opposite him, Fumeizi was quite nervous. Can he get the approval of the Terrain who had all the Trainer headaches at Mega's large celebrations and defeated the master-class Trainer of the Elite Four?

    "Go, Beautifly!!"

    In accordance with the rules of the second challenge mode of Fallabor Gym, Fumiko released Beautifly, which hatched from the Elf Eggs obtained from Fallabor Gym.

    “Breeder is good.”When seeing the Beautifly's Breeder status, Terrance praised it.

    Thank you~Fumeizi surprised.

    "Then my side is also Beautifly."Terrance smiled and threw out Beautifly's Poké Ball.

    Is that Beautifly…

    Seeing the elves sent by Terrance, Fu Meizi’s heart was awkward and her face was serious. She saw with her own eyes how this Beautifly showed her strength in a group of Flying spirits. The shocking picture is still in the shadow. In her mind, it is impossible to forget!

    In the face of such a strong enemy, suddenly let Fumeizi feel overwhelmed.

    With Kathrine, Terrance simply issued the command: "Gust."

    The next moment, the entire venue was controlled by chaotic airflow, and Beautiful's Beautifly didn't even coordinate well and could not fly!

    When the entire site fell into a chaotic airflow, the eyes changed and cast an unexpected look at Terrance's Beautifly.

    "It seems to be a very strong elf."

    As a referee, Kathrine looked at Fumeizi's Beautifly, whose rhythm was in chaos. He said: "If you master all the points in the basic version of the Breeder method, it is not difficult to crack this level of chaos, just look at them. How is the Breeder method's understanding?"

    "Beautifly! Feel the airflow and use the Tailwind trick. ”Shumiko shouted.

    Then, the Beautifly of Fumeizi directly engaged in chaotic airflow. Although it was difficult to control the flying at the beginning, the next step was to control the rhythm in an orderly manner. This change made the true meaning clear. "What?!"

    "Is the elf in the shape of Beautifly able to fight against such airflow?"

    This unprecedented battle style has suddenly attracted the attention of the real.

    As for the two Beautifly's hands-on process, it is even more impactful on the idea of this traditional Trainer.

    Two Beautifly, in the wind surrounding the entire site, the battle for wind control, not only that, Assist chaotic airflow, countless Stun Spore dust used by two elves to interfere with each other, in addition, Using insects and attacking tricks is a great way to make this battle.

    "True."While directing Beautifly, Terrance probably judged the level of Fu Mei Zi, at least, that basic version of the coordination direction breeder method She must be all Buddhism thorough, with her current strength, continue to collect the next Ribbon medal, get to participate in Grand Festival The number of places is certainly no problem, but if you want to punch the top Coordinator position, but still a little worse.

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