Pokemon Court Chapter 676

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 676 Terrance: I refuse! Floating astronomy
    Terrance's test is not that harsh, as long as the other side can understand the basic version of the coordinated direction of the Breeder method, but as the two elves become more and more engaged, Terrance is in a good mood, the other side is good, it is not as good as him. A little strength, see if the other side can make a breakthrough in this match.

    After the gesture, Terrance's Beautifly began to mix the scales in the wind, and the rhythm of the opponent was disturbed by the scale powder.

    However, the plot did not develop as Terrance imagined. Beautiful's Beautifly obviously couldn't control the scales, and the speed of learning could not keep up with the rhythm of this battle. This made Terrance want to take a forehead and he subconsciously put All challengers are treated as geniuses who can make a breakthrough.

    This is the most deadly problem with the Trainer, and must be changed! !

    With Terrance's judgment mistakes, he could only lie on his face and continue to go through the competition at this rhythm. However, beyond the strength of the opponent's strength, Beautifly could not persist. The ability to fight is lost under the cutting of scale powder in the chaotic airflow.

    “Why?”Looking at his own Beautifly fell, Fumeizi sighed slightly.

    Why do you have tried your best to train Beautifly according to the points in the Breeder manual, or can you not pass the hall?

    When Kathrine to the outcome of the battle, Terrance retracted Beautifly, hard-headed way: "Beautifly squamous powder is its best weapon, not only can increase its own contest condition, but also can interfere with the movement of airflow, Wait for your beautifly to master the control of squamous powder before you challenge it, give you a reminder, you can start from the silver wind trick to learn. ”

    These skills are the main points in the Breeder method of the promotion direction of the promotion. Because their mistakes have not passed the test, Terrance has no choice but to guide the other party, so that the other party can work hard and challenge the pavilion again.

    When I heard Terrance's instructions, I was immersed in the failure of the Fumiko. When she carefully recalled Terrance's words, she suddenly opened her mouth and felt like she had caught something.

    "Thank you."Grateful, Fumeizi took back his own Beautifly.

    At this moment, Shinji stood up and said, "That, can I play against you?"

    "You are also the Trainer of the Ballabor Gym. If that is the case, then there should be no difference between the two of you and the two of you."

    Because of the strength that Terrance and Beautifly showed, it really made me fight.

    He saw that Terrance and Beautifly had a very special fighting style, but it was because of this that he wanted to challenge Terrance.

    EhTerrance scratched his head and looked at Kathrine, meaning that this should obviously be your challenger?

    Innocently looking at the field, Kathrine also looked at the truth with amazement, saying: "You are just on the field anyway, it is better to finish it together, or you have to wait for you to serve as a referee."

    Kathrine's words made Terrance unable to refute it. Yes, Aian and Scarlet are not there. Waiting for Kathrine to play down, can't he stay as a referee? !

    Compared to being a referee, it is better to continue playing a game and end the hall race early.

    "All right."Reluctantly shrugged, Terrance shouted: "But, are you sure to challenge me? I am very strong. ”

    ConfirmShinji nodded.

    Terrance continued to stay in place, and Shinji replaced the position of Fumiko.

    After Fu Meizi stunned, he again released Beautifly, simply took out the power of Potion to restore it, and then stayed down to plan to watch the game.

    "Beautifly, look carefully."Fumiko stared seriously at Terrance, facing his own Beautifly road.

    I really watched the characteristics of the battlefield, and then recalled the battle style of Terrance just now, throwing my own Poké Ball.

    What appeared was a Swellow. Looking at the elves sent by Shinji, Terrance smiled, the interesting guy, even sent Beautifly's natural enemies?

    Ignoring the opponent's target, Terrance still chose to send Beautifly.

    Enemy meets, extraordinarily jealous, even if it is not the same Trainer after being trained by Trainer, this situation will not improve.

    The beginning of the battle –

    "Swellow, Quick Attack!"Really shouted.

    "Beautifly, blow it away."Terrance Road.

    This Swellow is very fast. Quick Attack is turned into white light and slams over, but Beautifly moves faster, Gust's trick is almost instantaneous, and a reverse airflow directly forces Swellow in Quick Attack to stop. Hard to resist the wind.

    WasteWatching Swellow being blocked, he snorted.

    A bird elf was blocked by the wind blown by a worm, which was useless.

    The sincere words fell into the ears of Terrance, Fumeizi, and Kathrine, and the three of them were obviously stunned and their brows wrinkled.

    “Follow the wind and use Aerial Ace to find the attack opportunity again.”Shinji continued to command, heard instructions, Swellow no longer resist, through the wind back out, and then fly to a higher altitude, let himself smooth down.

    "Your elf seems to be afraid of you…"Terrance looks at Swellow's expression and speaks to Shinji.

    "That is it is too weak."Shinji shook his head.

    It turned out to be a problem child…

    In the heart of Terrance, there was no trial of the mind, saying: "Beautifly, let's end the battle."

    When the words fell, Terrance hit a Yawn room. Beautifly blew out the wind and the source of physical strength. Under the package of Totem gas field, the body was like a phantom through the air of Swellow, the flying speed, even surpassed the Swellow just now. Ten times that can't be captured with your eyes!


    As Swellow landed, Terrance signaled that Kathrine could announce the outcome of the match.

    Seeing this picture, Fu Meizi’s heart was shocking. All the shocks accumulated before were not shocked by the performance of Terrance’s Beautifly.

    "What is that?"She is amazed.

    As for the sincerity, although the obvious shock can be seen from his face, he quickly converges.

    "Come back, Swellow."This time, he did not criticize or even insult Swellow, because he knew, not that Swellow was weak, but that Rival was too strong.

    After a slight nod, I really did not say a word, and left the pavilion directly.

    "Do you do this?"Kathrine walked down from the referee.

    "The only way he can better understand his Pokémon."Terrance Road.

    The conversation between the two clearly ignored the Fumiko, but with an exclamation, Terrance found that his arm was suddenly hugged and a scent.

    "Mr. Terrance, please let me stay as an apprentice at Fallabor Gym. I want my Beautifly to be as strong as your Beautifly."

    Quickly pulled his arm out and Terrance twitched his mouth and said, "I refuse."

    Fifth, ask for a monthly pass.

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