Pokemon Court Chapter 677

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 677th chapter light and heavy mode Larvitar! Floating astronomy
    The request of Fumiko did make Terrance stunned.

    Taoist apprentice?

    However, before deliberation, Terrance chose to reject the other party's request.

    Fallabor Gym was set up for too short a time, and the infrastructure was not perfect compared to other pavilions. It was indeed something that Terrance had not considered in recruiting apprentices.

    "Ahhhh…"Rejected by Terrance, Fumeizi showed a lost expression.

    Looking at each other, Terrance said: "Fallabor Gym has not officially begun to recruit apprentices. If you are interested, you can continue to pay attention to Fallabor Gym. When you have the news, come back to the assessment."

    After hearing Terrance's explanation, Fu Meizi said that he understood.

    "you are serious?"After Fumiko left the pavilion, Kathrine slowly opened.

    “Is it an apprentice in the Taoist Museum?”Terrance Road.


    "Okay, I didn't think about it because there are Scarlet and Aian in Fallabor Gym. They are responsible for daily chores, but this is not a long-term solution."

    "They will leave here sooner or later."Terrance Road.

    He doesn't want Scarlet and Aian to stay in the pavilion for a lifetime, so after they leave, it is impossible for the pavilion to be handed over to one or two people.

    After that, Bug Type Pokémon will only be more and more, taking care of Pokémon, cleaning, receiving challengers, etc. It is too much trouble to hand over to one or two people.

    Terrance has a lot to do, Saffron …Anistar …Petalburg, the number of apprentices in the pavilions is very large. In comparison, the people who manage the pavilion at Fallabor Gym are all acquaintances of Terrance, which is a very strange thing for a long-term stable development. .

    So after Fumeizi made this request, Terrance obviously hesitated.

    "When are you going to start recruiting apprentices?"Kathrine asked.

    This…Wait a few days, wait for me to conceive, and it is not a trivial matter to recruit apprentices in the pavilion. ”Terrance Road.

    After sending away two challengers, Terrance returned to the room.

    At this time, he began to consider the admission of the apprentices by Fallabor Gym. In other pavilions, the apprentices recruited by the pavilion are usually cultivated from an early age and graduated from the Taoist school.

    There are also places from recruiting Trainers who are traveling, offering them a place to practice.

    It doesn't matter if the two apprentices come from Terrance, but in the case of Fallabor Gym, the age of the apprentices in the pavilion can't be too small. After all, the Fallabor Gym is not on the right track for a long time to establish a systematic training system.

    For the time being, I took this matter first, and Terrance then returned to the previous life mode.

    Learn knowledge and train the spirit to repeat the cycle.

    In addition, after the Fumeizi these days, there have been trainers who chose the second challenge mode to come to the pavilion.

    Because of the lessons of Fumeizi, Terrance reduced the standard a lot this time. As long as he can fully grasp the basic version of the Breeder method, he can be approved by Terrance.

    In this way, the challenger who can get the honor Harmony Badge from Terrance began to appear first and second…





    Inside the Fallabor Gym, the back garden.

    Terrance looked at the Larvitar who was eating food, revealing a contemplative look.

    The food that Larvitar eats today is a special food formula.

    The core is a Rock called "Float Stone".

    Just like the name of the stone, Larvitar has long been eating Float Stone as the core food formula, and the weight can really be light.

    This Steven presents a special food recipe from Terrance.

    Although Steven is known as the "Oreburgh Emperor", he is also a top Trainer who is proficient in Rock Type. In the case of Larvitar, Terrance just asked the other side a little, and Steven sent a recipe suitable for this Larvitar. .

    The effect of this recipe is to allow the "Float Stone" to change the internal structure of the Rock Pokémon body, so that the Rock Department Pokémon has a special ability to control its weight at any time.

    Of course, this change can only change in the direction of weight loss, but it must be said that for some Rock-based Pokémon, this food formula can be regarded as a very precious Breeder method. If used properly, it is completely indirect. Increase the flexibility of Pokémon.

    “Either heavy or light has its benefits. This Larvitar is born with an amazing weight. If it has a temporary weight loss method, it can be no different from a normal Larvitar.”

    "Besides…"It is also possible to judge by the different situations of the battle, let Larvitar switch between 'light and heavy mode'! ”

    With the Breeder method of Steven, Terrance was completely relieved of the growth of Larvitar, but at the same time, Terrance was also suffering.

    Float Stone This stone is not cheap at all, the output is very low, the quantity is not much, it is not easy to buy, even if he is not short of money, he has not acquired Float Stone.

    "This kind of inhuman food recipe, I don't know how Steven studied it."Terrance smiles.

    The Breeder method for the sprite is one of the standards that can reflect the strength of the Trainer. A good Breeder method can make a great Trainer.

    Terrasil's four weather tricks are one of Terrance's heritage. There is no doubt that this Float Stone-based food recipe Breeder is one of Steven's own heritage.

    The ability to tell the Breeder method to Terrance without any reservations is enough to see Steven's lavishness.

    And you can study this Breeder method, you can also imagine how many pieces of Float Stone Steven has taken, and how many attempts have been made with other stones…

    The light and heavy mode is Terrance's main Breeder direction for Larvitar at this stage. After Larvitar can control his own weight, Terrance plans to continue to cultivate Larvitar with the “Sandstorm Weather” Breeder method and precious stones such as “Smooth Rock”.

    The two Breeder methods are not surprising enough to allow Larvitar to step into the Elite hierarchy and are the ones that are terrifying.

    "Light and heavy mode…Light represents skill, re-emphasizing strength, and expecting Larvitar to evolve into Banjila's strength in conjunction with Sandstorm weather in both modes. ”Terrance smiled and looked at the sturdy Larvitar, then came to the ice Vulpix.

    At this time, Ice Vulpix is practicing "Sheer Cold" and "Moonblast" tricks.

    These two tricks have been trying to master since they touched the threshold in Fairy Aura.

    In the past few days, these two tricks have been used by the ice Vulpix, but they are only the initial level of mastery. In order to use these two tricks in battle, at least the two tricks should be applied. Quite skilled.

    * * * * STOP!Terrance looked at the little Vulpix's practice and suddenly spoke.

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