Pokemon Court Chapter 678

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the new team of Terrance, Chapter 678, Astronomy
    “Woo~~”Ice Vulpix heard Terrance's call, paused and stopped, turning to look at Terrance.

    "Add a training task to you."

    Terrance shouted at Rotom Pokédex and said: "From today, Rotom Pokédex will oversee the power of your tail and the skill of using the tail."

    With the introduction of the control of energy by Little Vulpix, Terrance intends to let it know how to use its tail before Vulpix evolves.

    As a Coordinator, Terrance understands that Pokémon is not the only trick that can be relied upon. Some special body parts are sometimes weapons that are more dependent than the trick.

    This is the case with the tails of Vulpix and Ninetales.

    And for the small Vulpix, Terrance gave it a position to favor the Contest contest, so the skill must not fall. In the Contest contest, the use of Pokémon's charm features is a key point of scoring. One of the charms of Vulpix is naturally It has six tails.

    “Woo~~”The little Vulpix stunned again and moved the lower tail.

    "Compared to your limbs, your tail can exert more strength."Terrance laughed.

    At the end of the water column, Iron Tail, if the ice and snow energy is added to strengthen the first two tricks, then in the melee, the small Vulpix also has a very good attack.

    After the evolution to the Ninetales, the nine powerful tails simultaneously cast their talents, which can definitely make Rival a headache and become a unique trick of the small Vulpix.

    When I heard Terrance explain how to use the tail for myself, Little Vulpix realized that Rotom Pokédex had a video to learn about the techniques of using the tail.

    As for Terrance, explain the small Vulpix one by one according to the main points of the teaching.

    An hour later, Ice Vulpix began initial training under Rotom Pokédex, and Terrance returned to his room.

    Beautifly, Gallade, Arcanine, Mismagius, and floating bubbles have entered the Elite field. If you want to improve, you won't be able to do it overnight. They are not very dependent on Terrance's guidance on how to improve.

    In other words, the current Terrance heritage is not enough to guide Beautifly to go further.

    The Elite level is already a bottleneck for Terrance, which just touched the top Trainer threshold, and is a bottleneck that doesn't see any breakthrough hopes.

    Terrance's personal level has been unable to keep up with the growth of these Pokémons. This is not only the common shortcoming of the Breeder elite to the team's Trainer, but also the common shortcoming of many current Elite Fours.

    So next, Terrance plans to start a new Breeder team and try to make a breakthrough.

    Ice Vulpix and Larvitar are the two great generals that the new Terrance team has already booked.



    “After three days, will the parents meet?”Terrance glanced at the calendar and snorted.

    For this kind of meeting, Terrance has a very complex feeling.

    He was an orphan in his previous life. Naturally no one came to open a parent meeting for him. However, looking at his classmate’s face that would be abhorrent to his parents, Terrance estimated that his peers should not realize his own despair.

    At that time, he still hoped that someone could open a parent meeting for himself because he was a student.

    Little Rina's parent meeting, I have to go, but Terrance is wondering why a police school will have parents to do this kind of thing…

    This doubt, it is estimated that it can not be solved before going.

    The police school where Little Rina is studying is located in the Kantou Region Cerulean City.

    The police school had a good teaching ability. It was ranked in the top three in Kanto. Sending Little Rina to study there was arranged by Terrance after he asked Joan Teacher.

    In other words, Joan Teacher has an acquaintance in this police school, Little Rina is here, it is a relationship…

    This relationship also solved a lot of unnecessary troubles and cumbersome procedures for Terrance, and easily sent Rina into it.

    So going to the police school to open a parent meeting for Rina, Terrance had to rush to Hoant from Hoenn.

    Booking the flight in advance, Terrance set off today.

    One day later, Terrance arrived at the Kanto Lampu Airport, and there was no Airport in Cerulean City, so Terrance wanted to go there and had to go there alone.

    The distance is not very far, but now Terrance's Altaria is not around, I am afraid I can only go by boat.

    Lampuqi is the largest resort city in Kanto and a well-developed tourist destination. There are planes flying all over the country, and countless tourists come to enjoy the vacation time in this city of Lampurch.

    After getting off the plane, Terrance looked at the atmosphere and made a Yawn.

    He suddenly wants to take a vacation, do nothing, just salted fish.

    However, it was doomed in a short period of time. Although it came to Kanto's largest resort city, Terrance had to continue to book the SS Ticket to Cerulean City.

    I want to take a boat. Terrance had to go to the small dock, but after coming out of the Airport, Terrance was subconsciously attracted by the crowd.

    "Beauty at the seaside?"

    "Makeup Elf Beauty Club?"

    Terrance accidentally got a poster, looked at the promotional cover, and bit his thumb.

    “It looks very interesting. It’s better to take a break in this city. It’s time to arrive in Cerulean City the day after tomorrow. Time is more than enough.”Terrance didn't say that he put the poster into his pocket and then came to the place where he would sell iced drinks.

    The weather here is quite hot, and just after getting off the plane, Terrance is thirsty.

    "This gentleman, what kind of drink do you need?"The uncle Hu, who sold the drinks, smashed his hand and smiled.

    No wayTerrance saw the price of the drink and twitched his mouth.

    “So expensive?”

    An iced drink here is enough for him to have a good lunch and dinner in other places.

    "Sir, here is Rampucci, it's all about the price."

    Looking at Terrance's surprised expression, the singer Hu Dashu explained.

    It makes senseTerrance sighed, and the place where the tourism industry is developed is not the case.

    "So, sir, what do you want…"The eight characters Hu Dashu said.

    "This, this, and this, um, and this, each one has a copy."Terrance pointed to the finger.

    The drinks are looking good, and all try the taste.

    The singular character Hu Dashu has been stunned for a long time. Terrance is still surprised that the price of the drink is expensive. The next second will be all over again. Is there such a fickle person…

    There is a drink in the left hand, a drink in the right hand, and two in the backpack. After drinking a few mouthfuls, Terrance feels comfortable and comfortable. During this time, he has already arrived at the seaside beauty and makeup elf beauty contest that he just heard. location.

    "You have been waiting for a long time, and now you will start the Beauty and Makeup Elf Beauty Club, and the first player is…"

    The familiar sound was passed into the ear, and Terrance's drink almost fell to the ground.

    The black skin and blink of the eye, isn’t it just Xiao Gang? !

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