Pokemon Court Chapter 679

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 679th chapter with Ash, Xiaogang reunion, floating astronomy
    "Sorry, sorry…"

    Terrance glanced at the first contestant on stage.

    The girl on the stage wore a swimsuit and walked over while waving her hand. She looked at it carefully and Terrance recognized the other person. Isn't this Misty?

    With Xiao Gang’s exaggerated introduction, Terrance’s judgment was confirmed.

    Now, Terrance can finally conclude that Ash has already traveled.

    Moreover, he has formed a team with Xiao Gang and Misty and is working hard to challenge the Indigo Plateau Conference.

    Terrance swept the audience and tried to find the location of Ash, but there was a new change on the stage next time. Starmie and Squirtle performed with Misty, Starmie floated in the air, and Squirtle stood on Starmie. Simulate the combination of "UFO"…

    "UFO?"Terrance twitched at the corner of his mouth, admiring the imagination of others for the first time.

    But the next moment, the picture of Terrance's egg pain appeared. Misty's "砰" sound was pushed away by a woman with purple-pink hair. The other side looked proud and said, "The champion is ours."And so on, next to her, there is a person who has been watching Terrance for a long time and looks very familiar.

    Purple short hair, probably with a d cup…

    "James, what are you doing, you are a man!"Misty walked back in anger.

    Terrance : "…"

    Until I heard James say, "My beauty is not gender-specific~" Terrance suddenly saw a ghost expression.

    Is this the rich master of the book that he knows? ! !

    JamesWhat have you experienced…"Terrance looked at the farce on the stage silently, and with the Rockets' chaos, the back was even more chaotic. Father Oak's grandson Gary took the Rockets out with six beautiful women, took the stage and taunted. The wind holding Matt yelled Ash's name.

    Listening to Gary's satirical Ash, Terrance is helpless again. This is how much hatred…

    "Found Ash…Let me say hello. ”Suddenly, Terrance saw Ash's figure, subconsciously squeezed out of the crowd and walked over there.

    A few minutes later, when Terrance found Ash, Ash was bickering with Gary.

    "Be ridiculed by you, if I don't make a sound, then I don't have to be a Trainer!"

    "I am going to fight you now!"

    Gary sullenly waved his hand: "Unfortunately, I just came to take my girlfriend for vacation today, and I am not interested in playing with your weak Trainer."

    Watching the two almost pick up, Terrance shrugged and went out: "Ash, I haven't seen you for a long time, you can be more savage than you were when you were young."

    The sudden sound made Gary and Ash squint and looked in the direction of Terrance.

    On the other side, I saw that Gary and Ash were in a bad mood and wanted to come over and persuade Xiao Gang to stop and watch the shadows coming slowly.

    "who are you……"Gary speaks.

    "you are……"Not only Gary, but even Ash has an incomprehensible look.

    Terrance : "…"

    "Terrance, are you Terrance?!"Xiaogang ran quickly and eased Terrance's embarrassment. After seeing Xiaogang, Terrance smiled and said hello: "Xiaogang…Really good. ”

    "Sure enough, you, Terrance, I didn't expect you to remember me!"Xiaogang is very excited.

    Who is Terrance?

    Among the three people present, I am afraid that only Xiao Gang is the clearest.

    Only he has been paying attention to the dynamics of Terrance. What Xiao Gang did not think is that after five years, Terrance, who has such achievements, can still remember himself, which makes Xiaogang very moved.

    UhIs Xiaogang the person you know? ”Ash Road.

    Terrance : "…"

    Looking at the hat that Ash wore, Terrance suddenly felt familiar. Isn't that the one he gave to Ash?

    It’s been less than three years, and Ash has forgotten himself? !

    Terrance had a tic-tac-toe on his forehead, and when he was about to tell Ash who he was, there was a huge movement in the distance.

    The screams of the crowd came one after another. Terrance looked at them and found that a Gyarados rushed out of the sea and was attacking the crowd.

    Seeing this Gyarados, Ash quickly took the microphone and said: "Let everyone calm down, that is not true Gyarados, it is fake!"

    "Is the Rockets?"When Ash was persuading the crowd to calm down, Terrance looked at the Gyarados that had just rushed over.

    After carefully looking at it, it is not difficult to find that this Gyarados is full of Goldenrod. It should be mechanical, and people who can drum up such things…In addition to the Rockets, Terrance couldn't think of anyone else.

    "Please stay in the place and don't panic, fake Gyarados handed us the deal, everything is under our control, please rest assured!"

    As Ash calmed the crowd, he took out two Poké Balls, released Pidegeotto and grabbed Charmander, and the two elves flew under the stage to start counterattacking the machinery Gyarados.

    Terrance looked at Ash's performance quietly, and suddenly there was some accident. In this case, Ash was unexpectedly reliable.

    Following the advice of Xiao Gang, Ash asked Charmander to use flames to block the missiles issued by the mechanical Gyarados, and then the Rockets were defeated.

    Perhaps because of Attribute restraint, Ash easily drove the Rockets away…

    "Great!"Seeing that the Rockets were defeated, Ash jumped excitedly.

    At this time, Professor Oak, Ash's mother Delia, Misty also rushed to the stage.

    "Hey, isn't this Terrance?"

    Professor Oak's strange opening, watching Terrance standing on the stage, some accidents.

    "Ah, Professor Oak, I haven't seen you for a long time, you are also in the city of Lampurch."A glimpse of Terrance.

    "Yeah, I didn't think you would come to the Kanto Region, how about going to my Laboratory for a few days."Professor Oak invited.

    "Change the day, I will have something to deal with next. If there is a chance, I will definitely visit."Terrance smiles.

    "That's it."Professor Oak said that he had long wanted to study the Totem gas field of Terrance Pokémon.

    At the same time, Ash seems to have finally remembered something, stuttering and pointing at Terrance –

    "You…you……you……Could it be…"

    "Do you remember it?"Terrance can't smile.

    WhoMisty and Gary are still in the hair of the Contest Condition.

    "Terrance Big Brother?!"Ash screamed, mainly because Terrance's appearance changed a lot. Ash recalled for a long time. After recognizing Terrance, Ash was completely calm.

    After that, Ash took off his hat and said: "Terrand, you see, the Pokémon commemorative limited edition hat you gave me, I still have a save, now I am also a Trainer!"

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