Pokemon Court Chapter 681

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 681th chapter of the giant Tentacruel struck, floating astronomy
    Unlike Ash, Terrance needs to take the boat to Cerulean City at the dock, and Ash, they are going to the Little Girl Gorge.

    Because of the different boats, they travel different times.

    After arriving at the dock, Ash three people were desperate to discover that they missed the first boat and needed another three hours.

    Terrance The boat he needed to take was half an hour later, so the four people separated immediately after arriving at the dock.

    It was just an episode to meet them with Ash, but in retrospect, Terrance suddenly felt that Ash's travel style was quite interesting.

    Although the pace of travel may be very slow, it will waste a lot of time on the road, but it must be full of laughter along the way.

    Terrance's path to growth is different from Ash's, he is learning, training, and growing by squeezing his time, which is why he is comparable to Elite in five years.

    "Call, set off."

    Waiting for the boat he was going to take, Terrance sorted out the luggage and took it straight.

    The distance from the Blue Puerci Pier to Cerulean City is not too far away, and it can be reached in a few hours. However, God does not seem to want Terrance to travel safely. The boat has just entered the sea and it has changed.

    Terrance, resting on the railing, suddenly felt the ship turbulent, and the next moment he stood still a little unstable.


    Under the horror, Terrance frowned and looked at the sea, and he found a shocking picture.

    One, two, ten…Dozens, hundreds, thousands, and countless numbers of Tentacool spread all over the sea, and this situation, even the Terrance was shocked.

    This kind of elf collective riots should rarely happen, and now this situation is immediately devastating for the city.

    Even if there is a guard system and a Trainer in the city, you can't face these thousands of Tentacool.

    Although not as destructive as Gyarados, the same amount of Tentacool can also create a terrible wave that is powerful enough to drown the dock.


    Just as Terrance frowned, the ship was damaged by Tentacool and it was about to sink.

    Not only the ship, but the ships in the waters near the pier were damaged by Tentacool.

    “It’s not accidental, these Tentacool are well prepared.”

    "Fast, fast rescue, use lifebuoy, release water elves!"On the Terrance ship, the sailors quickly organized the boaters to escape from this disaster and then saved themselves. During this period, the entire sea was in chaos.

    Just as Terrance tried to figure out how to solve it, the change was regenerated. In the distance from a sea near the pier, a huge figure appeared in a flash. This is a Tentecruel, but its shape makes Terrance shocked. He finally remembered the story.

    Great Dragonite…Huge Tentacruel ……Giant BicyclesTerrance stunned his head, which is one of the few stories he only remembers.

    The body of this Tentacruel is at least a few tens of meters long, taller than the tall buildings at the pier. Under the slap of the huge Tentecruel, the sea is like a runaway Normal, and the waves are rising!

    Just a moment's effort, the entire dock was submerged, this scene directly makes Terrance pupils shrink, great destructive power!

    At this moment, countless tall buildings were washed down!

    "that is–"

    Just as Terrance wanted to fulfill his Trainer's obligations, he suddenly found that the huge Tentacruel tied three people.

    Ready to say two people and a Pokémon, James, Jessie, Meowth!

    Seeing that James was taken away by Tentacruel's tentacles, Terrance called Gallade directly, and the next moment, Terrance appeared on Tentecruel.


    "Who will save us!"

    The Rockets trio shouted in panic.

    "Catch us."Looking at the three people, Terrance immediately drank. The next moment, the trio, like a life-saving straw, reached out and touched the bodies of Terrance and Gallade.

    "Gallade, Teleport!"Terrance opening.

    With the huge Tentacruel and Rage's amnesty, the Rockets trio were rescued by Terrance, and then several people appeared in a distant high-rise.

    "This power is already comparable to the waves made by Assist Marine Force under the Contest Condition. Is this huge Tentacurel just just evolving?"Terrance has a dignified face.

    There is no doubt that the strength of this huge Tentacruel is terrible, and even Terrance feels tricky.

    "Attack, give me an attack!!"

    "Who can drive me away from these jellyfish, I will give him 1 million!! Trainer too! ! ”

    "Bastard, don't break my restaurant, die for me!!"

    After the violent voice came, after saving the Rockets, Terrance saw some people attacking the huge Tentacruel with guns. When he saw this scene, Terrance frowned again. With the strength of the Tentacruel, the gun alone was useless.

    "Thank you for saving us…"

    "Although I don't know you, thank you for saving…"Jessie patted her chest and was scared for a while.

    Among the three-person group, only James looked at Terrance in surprise, and he was not sure.

    "James, I haven't seen you for a long time, is the card okay?"What Terrance asked was James's partner, Growlithe.

    itIt is also good. ”James suddenly glanced, "You are Terrance?!"

    "Yeah, can't you recognize me?" It’s quite interesting to say that your clothes are very interesting. ”Terrance teased.

    "This…"James didn't know where to answer.

    From the top of the Kanto Region, the rich family, from the big family heirs of family and villas in Hoenn and Sinnoh, became a member of the Rockets. This transformation of identity did not let James know what direction to face. For Terrance.

    "I will talk about the old things later. It is imperative to solve these jellyfish first."Terrance took a deep breath.

    The next moment, Terrance saw a few familiar figures.

    Ash They came out, and in order to stop the huge Tentacruel from continuing to destroy the city, a number of Trainers stood up.

    "Gallade, let's go!"

    Terrance patted Gallade's shoulders, and the next moment appeared around the huge Tentecruel, while Rotom Pokédex flew out of the Terrance backpack and headed for Tentacruel.

    "Ash, Misty, Xiaogang, don't act rashly!"Watching the three have called Pokémon, Terrance speaks loudly.

    "Terrance!"The discovery of Terrance was still at the dock, and the three were obviously surprised.

    "Terrance, are you already there?"Xiaogang shouted.

    Terrance shook his head. At this time, the sound of the horn was heard in the dock: "Red disaster warning, red disaster warning, please go to the refuge immediately, please go to the refuge immediately!"

    “Now recruit a powerful Trainer to defend against the Tentacruel Legion, delay the time, and the rescue will arrive soon.”

    After listening to the radio, Terrance spoke.

    "Although I haven't thought of a solution yet, it can only be hard."At this time, the buildings in the dock city were all collapsed. I am afraid that someone should be killed. In this case, Terrance took a deep breath and was ready to negotiate with the huge Tentacruel.

    Rotom Pokédex was released in order to communicate with the huge Tentacruel, but because the violent waves had already rushed into the dock, Terrance had to stop the Tentacruel Legion before that.

    Take a Poké Ball from the waist and Terrance throws it directly –

    "Floating bubbles, freezing me up the entire sea!!"

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