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Pokemon Court Chapter 682

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 682th chapter of the power of the frozen sea, floating astronomy
    "Floating bubbles, freezing me up the entire sea!!"

    Terrance fell, and Ash, Xiaogang and Misty around him were instantly shocked, and then the incredible look of the gray Pokémon that suddenly flew out of the Poké Ball.

    The shape of the floating bubble is not outstanding, but in this case, its action to Soaring in the sky makes the Ash group inexplicably shocked.

    In the process of floating bubbles floating to Sky, the body of the floating bubble changes into a snow cloud form.

    Then, the snow clouds in Soaring in the sky began to condense!

    "Ah-choo!"Ash sneaked a sneeze, and the surrounding temperature seemed to drop in a moment, giving people a feeling of chill.

    At the Blue Pulchi Pier, a building that was washed down by the sea, people stood at the top of the building that was submerged by the sea, and looked at the huge waves that were once again beaten in horror.

    Not only this place, but many people on the high-rise buildings have gathered a lot of people. Their moods are different, but there is no doubt that no one can look at the more turbulent waters underneath. Still calm and calm.


    On a lifeboat floating on the sea, two women shouted out of tears. In front of them, a wave of a small size was being photographed. Although the waves were not big, they destroyed this small one. The lifeboat is enough.

    "Would you die?"

    The two were desperate, unable to close their eyes, slowly shed tears, and then felt that the whole world was quiet at this moment, only to hear their own rapid breathing and heartbeat…The sound of the waves beat disappeared.

    "Is this the feeling of death?"

    The two women in the lifeboat were terrified, but slowly, they suddenly found out that something was wrong.

    seaThe sea is frozen! ! ! ”

    At this time, I don't know who shouted, and countless people were shocked to see the sea where the huge Tentacruel was.

    The Region, which threatened the most violent seawater in the dock, was frozen by a huge layer of ice crystals.

    The huge Tentacruel and the countless Tentacool around it were temporarily blocked in the ice, and the endless Icirrus in Soaring in the sky slowly fell.

    Between the dock and the sea, the place where the seawater flows into the dock is also frozen. The raging waves suddenly have no access to the dock. A high wall of ice has become a barrier to the pier's defense against the waves.

    This momentary change has made many people open their mouths.


    An icy sound sounded, an ice ladder and a frost-shaped high platform were built, leading to the front of the huge Tentecruel, and then, as the twinkling flashed, Ash and his team had discovered that Terrance was missing.

    "Tentacruel, stop your destruction, I am willing to negotiate with you."

    The low voice came out, and Terrance was already sent by Gallade on a high platform made of floating bubbles using the power of frost, standing at the same height as the huge Tentecruel.

    With the huge Tentacruel roaring, it touched the ice layer with a tentacle and waved toward Terrance, but the next moment, the power of frost emerged, and the torrential water was destroyed again by the floating bubbles!

    At the same time, in the face of the huge Tentacruel hit, Terrance looked at each other with no expression. The next moment, a knife flashed, Gallade's figure appeared in the air, at this time, it is already a knife position!


    With the huge pain of the giant Tentecruel, its tentacles are repelled by the knives that are rushing out of the air –

    "It says that because humans first destroyed the place where they lived, it was necessary to give the human Punishment Rotto!!!"

    Rotom Pokédex quickly flew to Terrance after hearing the meaning of the huge Tentacruel roaring voice.

    "Tentacruel, we don't want to be an enemy of you, but please calm down. If human beings have something wrong, they will definitely give you a fair afterwards."Terrance shouted.

    Perhaps because of the power of the Gallade and the floating bubbles, the huge Tentacruel was shocked. This time, the huge Tentacruel did not act rashly.

    But with its next snoring, Terrance frowned.

    "Why do you have such a strong force to stand on the side of mankind, you are also my enemy!!"

    When I heard the translation of Rotom Pokédex, the huge Tentecruel Rage looked at the Gallade and the floating bubbles. The momentum of the attack was not diminished. I wanted to wave the tentacles again and fly them out.

    "Can't you calm down?" Or did I not show enough power to calm you down? ”

    Terrance's dark pupil looked and continued to say: "Floating bubbles, Blizzard!"

    The next moment, the tentacles that the giant Tentacruel waved over stayed in the air, and the gust of wind that swept the entire sea whizzed through all sides, controlling the power of nature. This time, the floating bubble broke out of its greatest strength!

    The ice and snow energy swept, Tentacool were frozen in the sea without exception, and the frightened Struggle was physically aware that he could not move at all.

    Even the huge Tentecruel, its 80 tentacles were frozen without exception, and it was impossible to exert the power to swing again.

    "Although the body has become so huge, the power has become very horrible, but in the end it is just a wild Pokémon that has just evolved."Watching the huge Tentacruel and the hundreds of Tentacool around it were restricted to action, this huge Tentacruel had to face the power of Terrance.

    "Now let's talk about it."Terrance said, "Everything needs a process of communication and understanding. Destruction can't solve the fundamental problem. Great Tentacruel. I beg you to tell me the reasons for destroying the city. Rest assured, human beings will show enough sincerity!"

    "吽!!!"The huge Tentacruel eyes stared at Terrance.

    "Tentacruel, please believe us, I also believe that you must have a hard time."At this time, Terrance did not pay attention, Misty climbed up from the ice ladder, choked and looked at the huge Tentecruel.

    "Pika, Picardikapi–" At the same time, a Pidegeotto flew up in the air, and a Pikachu stood on its back and shouted to persuade Tentacruel.

    "吽!!!"The huge Tentacruel screamed again, forcing the ice on the tentacle.

    "Since you want to know, let me know, but if you don't give a reasonable explanation, we won't give up on Rotto!"Rotom Pokédex Translated Road.

    With the translation of Rotom Pokédex, Terrance slowly learned the truth.

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