Pokemon Court Chapter 683

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 683th chapter of the blue Puerchi disaster, floating astronomy
    These Tentacools are Pokémons living in the waters near the pier, but one day, the sea they inhabited was occupied by humans, built a sea restaurant, and unscrupulously drove out the Tentacools who lived in this sea.

    In the face of human guns and Trainer attacks, these Tentacool have no power to resist. They can only look at the humans who destroy their habitats, and they dare to stand up and resist. All of them have been attacked by humans. The consequences are seriously injured. death.

    It is for this reason that Tentacool intends to fight back against the human city in a frantic way. Since humans have taken their habitats, they have also destroyed human habitats.

    "it is as expected……"Misty tears have flowed out, and she has learned about it from a Horsea she met.

    Now Tentacruel himself, Rage shouted out, not only Misty, even Terrance felt an inexplicable grief, this grief, it is from Tentacool, Tentacruel.

    Rumble –

    Just then, countless helicopters flew over, and Terrance frowned and looked at the logo. It should be annoying media.

    "This thing is doomed to be reluctant to stop…"The chills in Terrance's mind, no matter how powerful or how much money is behind the people who have destroyed Tentacool's habitat, have caused such elves to attack the city. They are also destined to accept public opinion condemnation from all over the world.

    "Tentacruel, I understand what you mean, and I have already recorded Rotom Pokédex in your experience. I will definitely announce the beginning and end of this incident to the outside world."

    "No matter who you are, you will never forgive this act of wanton destruction of nature and the destruction of human and Pokémon friendship."Terrance must be open.

    If the people who have encroached on the Tentacool habitat are rich and powerful, and Tentacool has not made such a big disruption to the entire dock, then the culprit may be able to go unpunished.

    However, when the huge Tentacruel began to lead the tribes to fight back against humans, this matter is doomed to be hidden. This matter is too big, no need for tomorrow, I am afraid today, any Region in the world will look at the Blue Poole. Odd here.

    The relationship between human beings and elves and nature has always been a hot topic of discussion and concern in the world.


    "In this case, I will believe you again this time!"Rotom Pokédex Road.

    "Thank you Tentacruel, go to the deep sea, with your current strength, enough to shelter your people, not to wander in the human city."

    Terrance looked at each other intricately.

    Although I don't know what happened to Tentecruel, Terrance knows never to underestimate human malice…Although the world on the surface will certainly be forced to condemn the culprit, there must be illegal organizations that want to conquer this Tentacruel, which can only cause great destructiveness.

    When a Tentacool walked out of the dock city and slowly entered the sea, the Tentacool trapped by the ice on the surface of the sea, while floating bubbles called Sunny Day, slowly broke away from it. Sneaked into the sea. At the same time, this huge Tentacruel once again looked at the human city, looked at Terrance, looked at the floating bubble that Assisted the power of nature, and then slowly swam to the distant deep sea.

    This disaster ended like this…

    Ash and his group gathered around Terrance and looked at the broken city for a while.

    "Rotom Pokédex, translate the words of Tentecruel and organize the videos you just recorded."After a while, Terrance spoke.

    "Received Rotto!!"

    "Terrance Big Brother, how can I solve this problem?"Ash asked angrily, in his opinion, the Snatch Pokémon habitat to satisfy his own interests was too much too bad.

    "You don't need to take care of this matter. I won't intervene too much. The evidence is all here. Then I will hand it over to the police, Alliance and public opinion."Terrance pondered and said.

    This is really not Ash, they can intervene.

    "Ash, let's just say what Terrance said."Xiaogang put his hand on Ash's shoulder and said.

    At this time, the helicopters also slowly fell, not only Reporter, the rescue also rushed to the dock, but because Terrance has solved this problem, then all they have to do is finish the work.

    "This time human loss…At least it is calculated in billions. ”Looking at the towers of the devastated dock city that had fallen, Terrance shook his head, which was a self-sufficiency, but a poor innocent person.

    "Are you defeating the Tentacruels?!"The swarming media team did not get close to Terrance and Ash. They were restricted by the police. At this time, an official Jenny quickly came to Terrance.

    Looking at each other, Terrance took out his ID.

    "I am the Trainer of the Hoenn Region Fallabor Gym. I have already understood the beginning and the end of this incident. Let me cooperate with your work."

    Officer Jenny took the documents and looked at Terrance. "Thank you for your help and cooperation, Mr. Terrance."

    Terrance turned his head and said to Ash: "Do not worry."

    Ash, Misty, and Xiaogang looked at Terrance and nodded.

    At the same time, Ash and Misty were the first to hear about the identity of the Terrance Road Trainer, which made them squat again.

    However, at this time, they were destined to continue to communicate with Terrance, and Terrance had to resolve the incident with Office Jenny.

    The bad effects caused by this incident could not be concealed. The words of Tentacruel recorded by Rotom Pokédex in Terrance and the recorded video were the main evidence of this incident. After leaving Ash, the Terrance began with the police. A comprehensive analysis of the incident.

    Although not affiliated with the Indigo Alliance, but as a public official under the Elven Alliance system, Terrance's doctrine identity gave him full voice.

    Not to mention, Terrance is not an ordinary Taoist trainer. He is also a very important owner of the Contest Contest, Interpol, Breeder Association and other forces. The status is extraordinary, so in the negotiations with the police, Terrance Occupy a dominant position.

    After the video and the translation were submitted, after explaining the truth to the police, Terrance got the guarantee from the other party and did not want to pay too much attention to it.

    Inserting this complicated thing is not Terrance's intention. He just wants to open a parent meeting with peace of mind.

    One day later, Terrance arrived at Cerulean City.

    At this time, the news about the disaster of Lanpulch was thoroughly reported.

    The first thing to report was the media. There were quite a few people at the scene. Many people knew the truth in a vague way. Even if you don’t know the truth, it’s not difficult to investigate the cause according to the rare incident of the elf siege. .

    And shortly after the media published the matter on the Internet, Alliance also began to intervene in the incident and announced severe sanctions against those who illegally occupied the sea.

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