Pokemon Court Chapter 684

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 684th chapter she learned with me, floating astronomy
    Not only that, but in this incident, there are also many other information, such as photos of the huge Tentacruel, and…

    The photographs of the frozen sea and the hundreds of iced Tentacool, as well as the photos of the wall that protected the pier from being invaded by the waves, were captured by the masses using camera equipment. On the high platform, the Tentacruel Legion attacked and rescued the photos of the Trainer in the rear of the city.

    "What is the hero of Blue Pulchi?"When Terrance heard Rotom Pokédex, he shook his head in a boring manner.

    At this time, the citizens of Lanpulch City knew that a trainer, the Trainer, had protected them and prevented the disaster of the Blue Puerqi from the thousands of Tentacool and their giant Tentacruel.


    Terrance took out the communicator and looked helplessly. It was the police number. He said that the prize was not needed, and the other party could not understand it.

    The perfunctory reply a few words, Terrance had a lot of headaches, and now really don't have time to talk to them in detail.

    Compared to the awards, it is clear that Little Rina's parents will be more important.

    Right now, the afternoon is about to pass. Although tomorrow is Little Rina's parent meeting, Terrance went straight to the police school.

    As a privileged person, he had already contacted Rina's class teacher through Joan Teacher and planned to get to know Rina's school life in advance.

    To be honest, Terrance is very worried about this gimmick. After all, she didn't have to worry about it at Olde Green House. Now she is going to school, and she is still a police school known for her discipline. Terrance is afraid that Little Rina can't adapt to life here.

    Because she was too busy, she did not understand her learning situation. This is her own dereliction of duty.

    Unlike the Tianguan Academy, the Cerulean Police School has some teaching content related to Trainer, but more of it is more professional knowledge…

    For example, reconnaissance, law, internet, psychology, etc. Of course, these are just the foundations to be learned at the beginning, and then they will be assigned to different fields according to the talents of each student to learn more professional and deeper. Ability.

    "I remember that Little Rina is ready to go to Interpol…"Terrance thought about it.

    Interpol, this is also the most dangerous and most demanding police category.

    The Cerulean Police School is one of the best police schools in the Kanto Region. The scale and strength are unquestionable. Although it is not as rich as the University of Rainbow University, the Cerulean Police School is also one-of-a-kind. Complete progression system.

    Rina – is a freshman of the primary school.

    "Mr. Terrance."At the entrance to the Cerulean Police School, Terrance saw Mr. Whitehead, who was waiting for himself.

    Mr. Bai Shi is the head teacher of Little Rina.

    "Let you wait for Whitestone Teacher."Terrance smiled and shook hands with each other.

    "Where, I just heard about the things in the blue Puerci, but you did something amazing."Shiraishi Teacher smiled and said that although he was a lot older than Terrance, he used a respectful name for this admirable young man.

    "It’s just a matter of raising your hand."Terrance smiles, where I think the speed of the event will be so fast.

    "Let's go ahead."Shiraishi's Teacher held out his hand and made an invitation.

    "After You."Terrance Road.

    The two registered at the door and entered the Cerulean Police Academy. On this road, Terrance was learning about Rina with White Rock Teacher.

    "This child…There are some situations in some areas, or my Teacher is not competent. ”White Rock Teacher is bitter.

    "You are polite, I know the character of this child is the best, or she is too naughty."Terrance laughs, and that's it.

    This made Terrance very helpless, and all went to the police school. Did Little Rina still have no plans to converge?

    "No…I mean this child is very special. From her, I can always see something different from other children. ”Baishidao.

    After that, he and Terrance raised examples.

    Between the two people talking, Bai Shi put forward the idea of taking the class to watch the students with Terrance.

    This time, it is the Breeder Teacher that guides students such as Breeder Pokémon how to train a course that can only be the most helpful to their partner.

    “In the middle of the semester, the school unified the Elf eggs for the students, let them start their own partners from scratch. Now the Pokémons have grown almost the same, and will receive more rigorous training in the next school year.”

    "It turned out to be the case."Terrance nodded.



    "As we all know, in some special actions, the most powerful help we can rely on is our Pokémon."

    "The strength of Pokémon is one of the standards that reflects the ability of a police officer. In the future, if you want to become a full-time police officer, Pokémon's strength must also meet certain standards."

    “The assessment that reflects this standard is the actual record and the level of Breeder.”

    A purple-haired middle-aged man from Gao Mada is looking at the twenty-four students and twenty-four elves below: "Today we are talking about the degree of Breeder."

    "Squad leader, stand up!"

    He fell, a black-haired boy quickly stood up.

    "Just take the example of Magnemite of Hui Ye, the actual assessment will not be mentioned here. As for the degree of Breeder, it mainly refers to the direction of Breeder."

    "The so-called Breeder direction means Pokémon as a police officer. How to use Breeder to get the most help in your work in the future."

    “In other words, our Breeder method for Pokémon is not the same as the traditional Trainer.”

    "Magnemite is one of the best helpers for police officers. They can control metal and interfere with electrical appliances. In some intrusions, it is already a common strategy for Magnemite to forcibly unlock the device by using magnetic force. Therefore, in Breeder, the magnetic control level of Magnemite and the Thunder Wave manipulation level should be mainly trained."

    “Given the example of Growlithe, the most common partner of police officers, Growlithe is characterized by a sensitive sense of smell, strong alertness, and a very loyal Pokémon. In the confrontation with the enemy, the best Breeder method is Assist. The main Breeder Growlithe's degree of flame control, long distance and enemy guerrilla warfare – Li! Nano- Stand up

    As said, the purple hair Teacher frowned and looked at the Rina airway that slept again: "This example is for you. How is your Growlithe Breeder?" In the previous actual training, Gastly, who chased the classmates, made Take Down a trick. ! ”

    Oh…Rina woke up in confusion and stood up next to Growlithe's reminder.


    After repeating the Purple Hair Teacher, Rina was dissatisfied: "I am absolutely correct with this Breeder method. When it is time, Growlithe will be very powerful."

    "you……"Zifa Teacher painfully grabbed his forehead and said: "Which is the Breeder method, who did you learn with?"

    Many students and Pokémon are snickering, looking at the headache of the Teacher and the innocent Little Rina, which is quite interesting.

    Just when Little Rina hesitated to answer, there was a helpless voice outside.

    This…She is learning from me. ”

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