Pokemon Court Chapter 685

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 685th chapter up to three meters of Arcanine, floating astronomy
    This…She is learning from me. ”

    Terrance and White Rock Teacher came in quite awkwardly.

    Seeing the coming, Little Rina blinked hard and looked incredulous.

    After repeatedly confirming that it was a real person, Rina was very surprised. The appearance of Terrance also made Little Rina more convinced of her response.

    Although she is most afraid of Terrance's Arcanine, but because of this, Arcanine is the most powerful synonymous in the eyes of Little Rina, if Breeder out of such Arcanine, I am afraid that no bad guys can escape the sanctions!

    It was this idea that made Rina after Growlithe firm the Breeder philosophy.

    "White Rock Teacher? And this one is? ”The purple hair Breeder's Teacher's brow wrinkled, but the next time his brow stretched out, showing a surprised look.

    "Mr. Terrance?"

    "Hello, Sangyuan Teacher."Terrance smiled and nodded. Just from the Whitestone Teacher, I already knew the name of the Breeder Teacher.

    "Sure enough, Mr. Terrance."Sanghara unexpectedly walked down from the podium, completely neglecting his students, reaching out and shaking his hand with Terrance.

    "I heard your rumors very early, and I am lucky to see real people today."

    He said, he turned his head and looked around, and said to the students: "To introduce to you, this is Mr. Terrance, a senior Breeder. His Breeder level is still above me. More importantly, he is also Breeder. The youngest senior Breeder family recorded in the Association!"

    The words fell and the classroom suddenly quieted down.

    In the end, Terrance took the lead in breaking the silence and simply said: "Hello everyone, I am the parent of Rina."

    For those of Rina's classmates, in the presence of Rina, Terrance did not say anything like "Rina is naughty" and "everyone understands". Think about it. If you are Rina, you definitely don't want parents to be a lot. When people say this, Little Rina is definitely self-respecting.

    Since it is time to open a parent meeting for Little Rina, Terrance just has to show his strongest side. Let Little Rina have enough pride and confidence. The parents without Olde Green House have grown up with other children. The environment is different, so there is no need for Terrance to be a parent with a traditional attitude and awkwardness.

    Senior Breeder home, Terrance.

    Under the introduction of Sangyuan Teacher, the students showed an incredible look. They didn't know Rina's family very well. Now it is the first time that Rina's parents are so powerful.

    To know Sangyuan Teacher, it is just an experienced intermediate Breeder home and retired special police.

    The senior Breeder family, they have never met before.

    “Rina’s parents, you just said that her Growlithe’s Breeder method is right for you?”At this time, a little pudgy girl stood up with her Vulpix.

    “Kehara’s Teacher has said that this Breeder method is not suitable for police officers. Have you not corrected her?”

    "Small smoke, you shut up."Rina airway.

    "Little smoked classmate, sit down."Sangyuan's brow wrinkled.

    "Small smoke, what do you do before you forget to ask questions?"Bai Shi was dissatisfied.

    It is no secret that the relationship between Rina and Xiaoyan is relatively poor.

    In the face of Rina's inquiry, Terrance smiled and said: "This Breeder method is not suitable for ordinary police officers. For ordinary police officers who rely on the team, the Breeder method that Sangyuan Teacher said is the most secure. wrong."


    "Rina's goal has never been an ordinary police officer. In the future, she will become a Region Interpol, and even an Interpol. How to come to the Breeder Elves, she has the power of her choice, and I don't think this Breeder method is not desirable. Where."

    When Terrance finished, the girl’s face sank. At the same time, most of the students in the class saw the changes in Terrance's eyes.

    When I heard Terrance, Rina instantly showed the color of surprise, confidently smashing towards the girl who called Xiaoyan.

    "Mr. Terrance is right. However, police officers are the basic positions of all police systems and the jobs that you are most likely to contact. Of course, if you have a clear enough goal, you can come to deeper communication with me. I am willing to share more Breeder experience. . ”Mulberry teacher has a dry cough.

    “It’s not like this. Mr. Terrance, I have a ruthless request here. You and Sangyuan Teacher will complete this lesson together, and take the theme of Grownie and Arcanine in the different police systems in Breeder direction.”Shiraishi's Teacher suddenly flashed his eyes and opened his mouth.

    Terrance is undoubtedly the best Breeder family, and more importantly, he is still a very powerful Trainer. Normal, even the police school wants to hire this level of the teacher will have to pay a great price.

    Taking advantage of this opportunity to make suggestions for Terrance to teach some of Breeder's experience, Shiraishi's Teacher felt that he had earned it. After such a class, the students will definitely get a lot of rewards. When the scores are up, the class teacher can follow suit.

    "This is a good suggestion."Sangyuan Teacher nodded.

    Oh…At the glance of Terrance, after looking at the Whitestone Teacher proposal, the expressions expected by the students were a little helpless. What is this…

    In the end, Terrance was reluctant to accept the warm invitation of Whitestone Teacher.

    In the outdoor venue, Terrance intends to give examples of these students with his own Arcanine.

    Don't look at his Arcanine fighting style, but the initial training tasks are all set by Joan Teacher, the old-fashioned Interpol, and the standard battle to the Interpol Breeder method.

    So just now, Terrance will be so sure when he says those words.

    "Come out, Arcanine."Terrance throws Poké Ball, and in the eyes of everyone, a huge Arcanine appears in front of people.

    When Arcanine appeared, the temperature of the surrounding air suddenly rose, looking at the behemoth, and everyone swallowed the mouth unconsciously.

    Arcanine is already a big elf, and the height of standing up is not much different from that of an adult, but the Arcanine of Terrance makes the students subconsciously take a small step.

    Rime table

    Solaceon squirted hot air, Arcanine walked to Terrance, at least when there were outsiders, it still knew to converge, but Arcanine's height of nearly three meters, but enough to let the two Teachers into shock for a long time to reflect.

    Three meters.

    "This Arcanine…"Sangyuan Teacher blinked, hair color, muscle distribution, body shape…Although it is so large, this Arcanine does not seem to have any sense of disharmony, which makes the original Breeder home of Sangyuan even more incomprehensible.

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