Pokemon Court Chapter 686

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 686, the road to go, floating astronomy
    Terrance's Arcanine Today's giant Breeder has been initially completed, and its size exceeds the average of more than 60% of the average. It is a typical behemoth.

    The huge body is filled with hot flames and explosive power. During the monster body Breeder, Arcanine's food intake and nutrient intake are several times higher than before, which is the main reason for its rapid growth.

    "Arcanine it…"Little Rina was surprised.

    “Is this still Arcanine?!”

    Not only do students have this question, but the two Teachers don't understand it.

    In the face of the shock of everyone, Terrance did not want to explain the idea, but simply described the Breeder system of Interpol.

    Near the evening, after the course, Terrance was retained by White Rock Teacher, and at the same time as White Stone's Teacher, there was a brown-haired suit middle-aged man.

    "Hello Mr. Terrance, I am the Vice-Chancellor of the Cerulean Police Academy. I wonder if you are willing to be a parent representative at tomorrow's conference?"

    "I have heard about the things in Blue Pulchi. You are not only the hero of Blue Pulchi, but also the role model of our police. The timing of your participation as a parent representative will have a positive impact on the students. What do you mean?"The vice president requested.

    The previous Blue Puerch City Elf Siege not only shocked the world, but the influence of this Region is even more extraordinary. Under the continuous improvement of the Law on Pokémon in Alliance, it has rarely appeared under the continuous strengthening of the defense system of human cities. This kind of elf siege also caused great damage.

    A mutated evolution, so that things that haven't happened for a long time are repeated again.

    Terrance as a party, as a Trainer who dismissed Tentacool, is at the center of public opinion. His practice of combining violence and understanding elves has been well received by many netizens, so if you let Terrance be a parent representative, attend this Cerulean police. The school’s parent meeting will be of great significance.

    "I think about it."Terrance gave an answer.

    The original parent representative was a Teacher at the police school. His children were also studying here, but now that he caught up with the Lanpulch incident, Terrance became the best candidate.

    During the consideration of Terrance, the Cerulean Police School gave Terrance a number of specific benefits to do so.

    "It turns out that it is not just the meaning of the Cerulean police school, but also the meaning of the interests of all parties?"

    After seeing a few planning plans, Terrance squinted at the corner, which was to pack him into a hero, packaged into a heroic Trainer to protect human habitats and protect ordinary people.

    In the large-scale registration of Trainer, Alliance is now in need of many Trainers of this quality.

    The conditions for registering Trainer now are less than the time when Terrance has just started traveling. However, Trainer has certain benefits, but also has to fulfill certain obligations, such as responding to disasters in certain crisis situations.

    Terrance's experience in the city of Lanpulch coincides with the idea that Alliance wants to set up for the Trainer community.

    Now Terrance is invited to "accidentally" reveal his thoughts at the parent meeting of the Cerulean Police School tomorrow to influence the Trainer group. In doing so, he can not only gain fame and fortune, but also become a more influential hero. Trainer.

    "Do you want me to read this?"Terrance is boring, and he hates this kind of MLM-like speech.

    "Forget it, as a parent representative, a speech can be, but what to say is determined by me."

    In the end, Terrance didn't talk about it, just rejected the other's speech.

    The kind that sounds like a brainwashing statement. He listens to his own very fake speech and wants him to read it. Terrance is hard to do.

    Ask yourself, Terrance feels that he has not yet reached the noble character of the hero that the other person wants to shape. This is the main reason why Terrance refuses. He just wants to be himself and do something within his ability. Only.

    Terrance's insistence also made it very helpless. They couldn't force Terrance anything. In the end, if you wanted Terrance to attend the speech, it became a requirement to listen to Terrance.

    The next day, the parents will proceed as scheduled.

    This police school parent will be divided into two parts, one of which is of a general nature and will highlight some important things. There will be videos at this time. Another one is carried out in the form of a class, which is mainly linked to the individual's individual assessment results and usual performance.

    Terrance did not have the same admission process as other parents because of its particularity.

    At the same time, a heavyweight Trainer came to the Cerulean Police Academy.

    Although this time it was only a small parent conference of a police school, it was originally an interactive activity that could not be used on the countertop, but it would be a bit special because of the presence of one of the protagonists of the previous Blue Puerci event.

    Under the leadership of an old man, the gray-haired old lady looked at the stage in a corner, facing Terrance, including thousands of students, parents, and teachers. "Terrance…Lanpulch’s Trainer. ”

    "Mm."The old man nodded. "It’s another potential Trainer, but it’s a pity that I missed a good opportunity to be 'packaged'."

    The gray-haired haired granny Black’s pupil looked over there and said, “This is the benefit of youth.”

    "As a public figure, if you follow the rhetoric given by Alliance and then reveal it, there should be many new generations of Trainer influenced by him and establish a heroic mindset, which will promote the overall development of Trainer. Role, but this child does not seem to like to influence others in this way."Listening to Terrance's simple and clear speech that revealed his personal ideas, the old man shook his head.

    "It is not always good to stand in front of the stage. His choice is not wrong."The old lady smiled with a cane on her knees.

    Terrance's speech is completely in accordance with his own heart, standing in the perspective of Rina's parents. Although the school's intentional guidance, it is inevitable to talk about a few blue Puerqi things, but Terrance does not exaggerate what ingredients, This kind of perfunctory speech has made many people helpless.

    It wasn't too dark to walk down the podium to the outside. After all the things I wanted to express to Rina, Terrance walked silently away.

    The only purpose of his standing on the stage was to give Rina a correct and simple idea in such a grand way. As for other people, it has nothing to do with him. Rina wants to take the road of Interpol. Terrance is still not at ease. However, he can only choose support and then give Rina the biggest Help.

    "Is the export yet?"Terrance suddenly felt that the martyrdom was too long, and it didn't feel like Mikey when he came over.

    Not so short, can you get lost?

    “Faller of the Fallaboro Gym, Terrance…”Suddenly, Terrance came over in front of a widowed lady, and when she saw this, Terrance looked awkward.

    "Interesting Trainer, I have seen your battle with Lai Yue before. This time I mainly remind you that if you want to really enter the top field, your way is gone."

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