Pokemon Court Chapter 687

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the reminder of the body 687 chapter Agatha Elite, floating astronomy
    Is your own path gone?

    When Terrance came back, the figure of the old woman had disappeared, and Terrance saw the direction of the exit.

    But the scene I experienced just now made Terrance convinced that he was not an illusion.

    "Why Agatha Elite will appear here…What does her mean? ”

    Terrance showed a blank expression, watched his battle with Lai Yue, and then decided that his path was gone?

    The top areas that the other party said should be the areas where the Elite Four is located.

    However, the reminder of Agatha Elite's intentions is to make Terrance a little confused.

    For reasons of time, Terrance didn't think too much about what he had just done, but continued to complete the process of the parent conference.

    After the end of the school-wide conference, Terrance attended the class meeting as a parent of Rina.

    Because of the previous appearance, Terrance's class in Rina was the focus of almost all parents. Everyone came over and said hello to him, and praised two Little Rina.

    When I heard so many people praised myself, Little Rina unconsciously showed a happy expression.

    But looking at her, Terrance reached out and licked her head. Little Rina woke up and knew what Terrance meant. She was not immersed in the compliments of these parents.

    Even in the different world, the parent-student process is not much different from the Terrance impression, from reception to reporting to future thinking, because it is the first school year, there are a lot of problems in the newly enrolled Police academy freshmen, these problems, are needed to react with the Guardian, There are also no students who are serious enough to study life at the Police academy, whether they need to continue to attend the police academy, and to see further choices from parents and students.

    But these questions don't have much to do with Terrance, although Little Rina is at the top of the culture class and the course on Pokémon, but it's also a medium level, not a poor student, and most of all, her passion for becoming Interpol with Terrance This time the parents will be even bigger, this change, let Terrance also do not know whether the impact of their coming this trip is good or bad.

    "Forget it, as long as Rina is happy, she will be fine."Terrance sighed.

    This time the parent meeting is more difficult than Terrance's imagination, maybe if you don't appear in Blue Pulchi, there won't be so many things.

    However, Rina seems to be very satisfied with this parent meeting. In her opinion, this parent meeting is a very good experience.

    "You are taking a long vacation after a week, right?"Asked Terrance.

    "Mm."Rina nodded.

    "After a week, I might get a trip, and let your Kathrine sister pick you up."Terrance.

    "Ahhhh…"As soon as I heard this, Rina said, "Okay."

    "be good."Terrance licked Rina's head and said, "I have something to do with White Rock Teacher. I should be able to go back to the Nepru Road Hall before you start school again. Take care of yourself in these few days."

    At the end of the parent meeting, Little Rina also knew that Terrance had to go, very sad, but there was no way for Terrance, there was an exhibition game at Kalos and Altaria was waiting for himself.

    Before leaving, Terrance found the Whitestone Teacher and asked about Agatha Elite, but didn't know if Agatha Elite came to the Cerulean Police School.

    In desperation, Terrance found the deputy dean who first saw him through Whitestone Teacher and finally got the information he wanted.

    Agatha Elite has been to the Cerulean Police Academy, but this time has already left. With this result, Terrance recalls Agatha Elite's reminder to herself, silently.

    My own path is gone, is it that there is a big gap between me and the Elite Four?



    After ending Kanto's side and bidding farewell to Rina, Terrance plans to return to Hoenn.

    There is still a need to deal with a little thing at the pavilion. After the completion of the process, it is time for him to go to Kalos to finish the exhibition match with Diantha.

    However, during his return to Hoenn, Terrance has been thinking about Agatha Elite's reminder.

    As the birthplace of Elf Alliance, the Elite Four of Kanto Region has always been recognized by the public. Agatha Elite is the oldest person in the Kanto Elite Four. Her reminder has always made Terrance very concerned.

    However, the other party did not seem to want to point out, just left this question to Terrance to think for himself.

    "If you want to really enter the top-level field, your own path is gone…"

    Terrance pondered over and over again. He always thought that he had entered the top-level field. Agatha Elite's perception of his own strength should be the public celebration. After that, no one knows his own progress, but still, Terrance But always feel that things are not that simple.

    PersonalReally a little worse?

    Whether it's winning against the previous Elite Four Laiyue 3vs3 or winning with Kalos' current Elite Wikstrom 1vs1, Terrance has a clear understanding of his strength.

    Maybe the 6vs6 full-player match is not the Elival's Rival, but like the 1vs1 match, the 2vs2 match, there is still a chance to win.

    This is Terrance's own source of confidence. He has grown to this height in five years and he has lost his direction.

    It is unrealistic to want to make greater progress in a short period of time. No matter what profession or field, the more difficult it is to improve in the future, this is not the same.

    Breeder's new team is one of Terrance's ideas, but it's still a purposeless approach to Terrance.

    So, because of Agatha Elite's words, Terrance suddenly suddenly got up.

    Recalling this way, starting with the Breeder family and using the Coordinator as a ladder, it has become a well-known Trainer who can play against the Elite Four. He has already reached the front of most people.

    In order to achieve this achievement, Terrance has already completed the purpose of traveling. Whether it is a good Breeder, Coordinator or Trainer, he has done it. Everyone at Olde Green House has started his own life, and then ……What about yourself?

    Just continue to continue to study in these three areas, to make yourself more perfect?

    "Or else, try a new field, like…Elite Four's position? ”Terrance looked at Soaring in the sky, and then he shook his head. He felt that he didn't qualify for the Elite Four before he understood the meaning of Agatha Elite's reminder.

    "If it is not necessary to play against Ms. Diantha before, then in order to solve my doubts, the battle with the other side must not be lacking."Terrance sighed.

    As a champion of the Kalos Region, Diantha is definitely a senior in his qualifications and strength. When he has a battle with the other side, he may find out what problems he may have.

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