Pokemon Court Chapter 688

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 688th chapter of the real top field, floating astronomy
    When Terrance arrived in the Hoenn Region, Olde Green House and Fallabor Gym were business as usual, nothing special happened.

    However, due to the previous Blue Puerci incident, the companies that had traded with Terrance wanted to continue working with Terrance to shoot advertisements.

    Now that Terrance is in the limelight, they give a very high appearance fee, but Terrance still rejects these commercial activities.

    This situation is obviously not the first time. After Terrance performed well in the celebration, this kind of business activity did not find it.

    This time, the refusal was made, and then Terrance would be busy. After Terrance returned to Hoenn, he was contacted by Master Wicktor, the master of Breeder.

    At the Nepru Hall's Elf Center, there was a lot of confusion in the heart of Terrance, with the Poké Ball sent by the other party to Breed's elf.

    "This elf has a physical defect for some reason. I have something to deal with here, so I will hand it over to Breeder. Although it has some problems, it has far exceeded the super talent of Super Swablu."

    Master Wicktor was busy with his own work after the Terrance senior Breeder family. In addition to giving Terrance a bunch of genetic information to let him study alone, the other party did not actively contact Terrance.

    This time, the Wicktor master suddenly sent a Pokémon over and said that it was handed over to Terrance to Breeder.

    "Is Ralts?"Terrance is weird.

    "Well, Psychic and Fairy's Ralts, this Ralts is very strong, and it's comparable to the ordinary Kirlia without training. What's more, its computing power is amazing, enough with Psychic. Compared to the Pokémon, which is known for its computational power."

    “Why does such a talent lose its emotional ability to express?”Terrance showed a confused expression.

    At the end of the video, Master Wicktor shook his head and said, "I don't know, but if you have the experience of Breeder Ralts, I think it would be a good choice for this Ralts to be handed over to you."

    Terrance took the Poké Ball that was sent and nodded. Ralts had a Fairy system, which was a very good choice for Terrance who wanted to get more Fairy Pokémon.

    The specific origins of Ralts Wicktor had a feeling that he didn't want to reveal. Terrance didn't ask much after he noticed it, but after the mentoring exchange, Terrance suddenly thought of what Agatha Elite said to himself.

    "Agatha Elite?"The Wicktor master over there meditated.

    Terrance originally wanted to think about what the other person's reminder meant. For this reminder, he thought of several meanings. The other party wants to express that Terrance is simply not sure. This is the root of his entanglement. the reason.

    He had wanted to see if he could get confused through the battle with Diantha, but now the Wicktor master contacted himself and he tried to ask.

    Although Wicktor is not a traditional Trainer, it is a top Breeder home. The understanding of Trainer is not bad. Wicktor is much more experienced in the Breeder field than Terrance, and has more contact with the top Trainer. After this problem, Terrance looked at the other side waiting for the answer from Wicktor Master.

    "I remember that your birthplace was Kanto Region Cerulean City, right?"

    "Yes.Terrance nodded. He pushed the body forward for three generations, all of them in Cerulean City.

    Wicktor Master's eyes flashed: "The real top-level field that the other party refers to is probably a choice. It is better for you to comprehend yourself. It is more like a road you have not touched."

    Terrance looks awkward and combines his own many conjectures. In fact, when Master Wicktor said this, he already had a judgment.

    "What is the difference between a regular system battle and a life-and-death battle?"Terrance hesitated and slowly opened his mouth.

    "That's probably what it means, Normal, and most of the top trainer in the Alliance system are responsible for protecting region's safety, and the elite Challenge and championship challenge they're going through is a lot more brutal than a performance exhibition, But still belong to the rule system under the battle, far can not play a top trainer real strength, even if it is the 6vs6 of the battle-"

    "For example, the Lanpuerqi incident you solved before. In fact, from the perspective of disaster level, any top Trainer has the possibility to solve it. Although there are many spears in the siege, including the huge Tentacruel, the strength is actually Not too strong?"

    Terrance nodded. The huge Tentacruel is powerful, but it is just Superpower obtained through mutational evolution. If you rely on floating bubbles, Pokémon, which has a large-scale attack, he can easily defeat the Tentecruel.

    "I was kidnapped when I was young."Master Wicktor recalled the past, "the other side sent only 3 elves, breeder level and I at that time the Pokémon Breeder degree difference is not big, but my six elves together, but in the other side of the fiasco, even the rescue of the road hall trainer to stop, Also failed to pose a threat to each other, several elves were also easily broken by each other's three elves. ”

    And what happens when we moved on?Terrance was surprised and didn't expect Wicktor Master to have such an experience.

    "Despite the reluctance to escape, there are still a few Pokémons who are killed and injured in the other hand."Having said that, the master of Wicktor sank. "After investigating the identity of the other party, I hired a top Trainer to go to Revenge with the results of Breeder, which dragged the other party's organization together."

    “At the same time, I also understood the meaning of the top Trainer after that time.”Master Wicktor shook his head.

    “So, while Agatha Elite has raised the 'real top-level domain' thing, the rough road to that road is not something you can imagine.”

    A few decades ago, Trainer's resources were still in the hands of the many high-powered families that made up the “Alliance.” The grassroots Trainer was far from being suppressed by the current Trainer, when it was against the underground organization of the Elf Alliance. It is much more than now.

    The struggle between Alliance at the time and these underground organizations was carried out through Trainer.

    Trainer is equivalent to the commander, the elf, the equivalent of the army, the killing of both sides, everything is carried out with the primary purpose of killing the enemy Trainer, the kind of battle, not a 1vs1 or 6vs6 one elf Queued to play in the game, but a kind of battle-style killing.

    "In the eyes of the older generation of Agatha Elite, only the mastery of the battle-style combat theory can truly be called the top Trainer?"

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