Pokemon Court Chapter 689

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 689th group battle system, floating astronomy
    "If I didn't make a mistake, Agatha Elite is looking at your performance in Blue Pulchi and thinks you are a Trainer with the potential to dig, so I gave you a 'real top-level field' tip."Master Wicktor fainted.

    "But you don't have to pay attention, her theory may not be right for you."

    "How do you say this?"Asked Terrance.

    “She said that you want to step into the top-level field that she understands. What's the point, isn't it that you are stepping into the top-level realm of today's meaning, isn't the road going?”

    "The battle under the Alliance rules system, even the 6vs6 battle, is mostly the elves' single-handedly fighting, and the powerful strength of the elf individual determines the direction of the outcome in a big sense."

    "The tactical cooperation between the elves, because of the restrictions on the rules of a single elf and a single elf, many tactical effects can not be played out perfectly."

    "So at this time, the strength of the elf individual is a crucial factor affecting the direction of the winners and losers. This test is also the Brainer's Breeder level and the Elf's Breeder direction."The Wicktor master looked at Terrance, and the meaning was very clear. Terrance is such a type of person.

    Terrance understands this, and he has long since reconsidered that his elves have entered the Elite field through a special Breeder method, which is also related to Terrance's experience and his original heritage.

    "That is, as your Elle's Breeder becomes higher and your command level rises in a few years, you may not be able to catch up with the Elite Four in the 6vs6 battle under the Alliance rules system."

    "From the perspective of this Alliance rules system, there is nothing wrong with saying that you have the top Trainer strength. Most people know the same about the top Trainer, but Agatha Elite, the older generation Elite, is still more sought after. The kind of fighting theory that kills!"

    "The person who tried to kidnap me is the master of the team battle. In the case of no rules, even the spirits of the elves who are not inferior to the other elves are easily defeated by the other side, from here. It can be seen that it is not unreasonable that Agatha Elite advocates such a fighting theory."

    "But it is said that her theory is not suitable for you, mainly because with the establishment of the Elf Center, the rise of the grassroots Trainer, the development of science and technology, the forces that dare to confront the Alliance are really few, the kind of team battle, Killing Trainer as the core battle, has long since withdrawn from the historical arena, and then the traditional battle has become the mainstream."

    “Like the traditional Trainer and Coordinator can't look at each other, Agatha Elite, the old-fashioned Trainer who is well-versed in team battles, can't look at the Trainer in this rule system.”Master Wicktor smiled. "But if you want to contact the team theory, you must allocate time, which will be a very time-consuming and laborious way."

    I understandTerrance Road.

    No wonder Agatha Elite is so vague, the emotional side knows that this road is no longer suitable for the current social environment, so it gives a hint for Terrance to comprehend and choose.

    There wasn't much communication between Terrance and Wicktor, and Wicktor Master temporarily stopped talking to Terrance because of something.

    Turning off the video call, Wicktor Master is immersed in contemplation. To be honest, he is more apologetic to Agatha's old woman who interferes with the growth of Terrance. It is not something that Terrance should touch. It is dark. On the dirty side, Alliance Elite and special departments are enough. Agatha is a way to tap the potential Trainer. Wicktor is not very understanding.

    In the view of Wicktor, Terrance is the right way to develop in the research and Breeder field, instead of giving people the same guns as the Trainer. Today, the social environment is much different than it was decades ago.

    "That Ralts is a failed experiment, but it also taps the talent on the other hand. It is a pity that Solaceon can't help but give it to Terrance's boy Breeder."



    On the side of the Naplu Road, after receiving the Ralts from the Wicktor Master, Terrance is still thinking about the conversation with the Wicktor Master.

    This time, the inquiry was really rewarding. After all, the qualifications and insights of Wicktor Master were there. Agatha Elite made a tangled sentence and communicated with Wicktor Master for a moment.

    “The Wicktor Master wants me to develop in the field of research.”Terrance also heard the meaning of the Wicktor master.

    With Terrance's current Trainer strength, if you want to be safe and steady, you can't guarantee your safety. Master Wicktor just thinks that it is not very meaningful for Terrance to delve into the remains of the old times. After all, it is no longer the social background of the past when the personal safety is threatened, let alone the trainer who is proficient in this combat theory. Few, the road is extremely difficult.

    However, Wicktor's confession still has a place that makes Terrance puzzled. The other party said that the top Trainer in the Alliance system is mostly responsible for protecting the Region. The Elite Challenge and the Championship Challenge they experienced are far from being able to play. The full strength of a top Trainer.

    This point, contrary to the later Wicktor masters, the Trainer of the old generation of Agatha Elite is not inconsistent with the Trainer in this rule system.

    After all, the Elite Four and the champions were promoted through the Alliance rules.

    If the Elite Four had to perform some dangerous tasks, wouldn't the strength of the group war theory in Agatha Elite's mouth be stronger? Why does Alliance use the rules of war to pick the top battle?

    “Is it confidential?”Terrance began to guess that the core of the team battle lies in the tactical cooperation of various elves. This cooperation is undoubtedly the secret skill of Trainer. If it is known and cracked by the enemy through the Elite game and the championship game, it is likely to be targeted in the battle of life and death. Be fatally threatened.

    "The Trainer Foundation that can be region Elite Four is that there is, at least, trainer like me, where every elf has quite a strong individual strength, for such a trainer, The construction of a reasonable regiment system around their existing elves is also a very efficient way to speak, after all, from the region Conference, Masters, Elite Challenge, Championship challenge and so on to stand out from the trainer are talented, so, These games are all a link to the training system? ”

    "Team battle theory, that is the battle system that is qualified to contact and learn for some experienced Special Trainers who need to perform some dangerous tasks."Terrance suddenly realized that he was about to touch the truth.

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