Pokemon Court Chapter 690

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 690th chapter, she is the exception, floating astronomy
    In order to verify his guess, Terrance was cheeky and connected to Steven.

    "It is true that when the elite Elite Four and the champion leader confronted some enemies, most of them were in the form of team battles."In the video call, Steven nodded and accepted this statement.

    "And sometimes in the case of the legendary elf riots, it is difficult to suppress them with the number of Pokémons, and only the team around the tactical system can play the power of some powerful legendary Pokémon."

    Steven knows that Terrance has touched the threshold of the top Trainer and has no reservations about these hidden secrets.

    "Why, is it frustrated for some reason?"Steven laughed.

    In Steven's opinion, Terrance is indeed an excellent Breeder home, and each of his elves' "individual styles" is obvious, but this also creates a drawback, that is, these elves cannot form a mutual complement each other. Defective groups can only fight for each camp.

    In the 6vs6 battle under the Alliance rule, the team like Terrance has been limited.

    If you play against the top Trainer who is well-versed, you can assume that the other side's Elf Breeder level is not much different from Terrance's elves. Terrance may be quickly defeated within 1 minute or even tens of seconds.

    "This is not."Terrance smiled, "just thinking about the new team that I plan to build next."

    "Where is the direction of the team battle?"Steven said, "It's better to come to the Masters. After you get the Elite position, you can learn more systematically in this area. It's very difficult to explore the tactical system of the team battle."

    Terrance shook his head. "There is no such idea yet."

    After talking to Steven again, Steven's tip gave Terrance a lot of help. In combination with Wicktor and Steven, the champions, Terrance's understanding of the team system is clearer.

    Regarding the team battle, Steven gave Terrance a simple example. The weather team is a formed team battle system.

    For example, in rainy weather, several elves can use the weather effect of rainy days as a tactical spindle to form a team. Rainy effect: Increased damage from Water Type moves. Lightning, Hurricane moves to change, brisk ability Elf speed greatly improved, dry skin ability, rain plate Ability elf battle can restore physical strength, moist body ability Elves can recover all status in battle condition, fire Type style damage greatly reduced, the sun's light, the Yang, the moon Light, Synthesis and other moves are restricted!

    Terrance thought about it. It is true. If the level of Breeder is not much different, the team and the rain team will fight together. In the original strength, the Assist rainy tactic will greatly enhance the combat power. The strength of the unilateral rolling Terrance side.

    On the contrary, even the six main forces of Terrance, even if they can cooperate, are only the cooperation between the two elves. Even this kind of cooperation may interfere with the play of other elves, which is not worth the candle.

    However, in Steven's mouth, the regular weather team is only a rough and well-known tactical system. Once there is no weather effect, the team will collapse.

    Only one type of tactical core team can make up almost every Elite Four, not a deep match.

    A team can have two, three or even four kinds of tactics that do not interfere with each other, do not affect each other and even integrate with each other, and become a truly powerful team!

    "If you can perfectly integrate more than a dozen tactics, the Trainer should be unrivaled under the premise of a strong foundation."Steven joked.

    "Can you really do this step…"Terrance is stunned. As far as the description is concerned, the weather team can easily defeat itself in the team battle. This is only the simplest tactical core team. How many teams with multiple tactics and mutual integration?

    "However, the above is only a theory. The theory of group warfare is nothing more than the experience summarized by the predecessors. It is not the truth."Steven Road.

    "There is still one exception to the above theory."

    "What?"Terrance asked.

    "Cynthia."Steven Road.

    Steven's words fell, and Terrance suddenly became inexplicably shocked and continued to ask.

    "Sinnoh's champion leader did not rely on this group tactical theory that almost all of the top Trainers are studying. The specific situation…I also don't understand that her situation is similar to yours, but this is not to say that she is not proficient in this group battle, but her talent has allowed her to cross this theory. ”Speaking of this, Steven also has some admiration for the female Trainer.

    "It’s a pity that I haven’t really played against her. Therefore, how to go, it depends on the specific choice of the individual, Terrance. ”Steven advised.

    Hmm, I see…Terrance nodded.

    Finally, ending the conversation with Steven, Terrance was once again immersed in contemplation.

    Master Wicktor wants him to concentrate on the research field. He is afraid that he will be distracted when he builds the team system. It is too long to waste, but the situation of Terrance is not known to Wicktor.

    Altaria's Fairy Aura is a tactical core!

    Under the influence of fairy Aura, not only can we excavate the potential of fairy Elves, improve breeder efficiency, but also make all fairy moves get the power to increase, this increase also includes other elves to play the trick, and this fairy Aura Unlike the weather, where it cannot be cracked by rival, Fairy Aura is already a perfect tactical core.

    Light built the Fairy team around this ability. Terrance has already formed the prototype of the team system, and it is a kind of team that can be formed quickly. With the development of Fairy Aura, there may be more specials. ability. If the Wicktor master knows the wonders of Fairy Aura, then he wouldn't think that Breeder needs a lot of energy for a new team.

    SiteEnhanceDefenseAttackrelay…InterferenceTerrance thought about what a team system team needs, and suddenly felt a bit of fun, as if to discover a new world.

    The Fairy team researched Fairy Aura, which was the early idea of Terrance. Now that I learned about the group battle theory, although I may not need to conduct a team battle, it does not affect my own team.

    If you can control a team system that all players play, then maybe there is Help for the improvement of your command ability. With Fairy Aura assistance, it is too boring not to try.

    "But according to Steven's comments, it seems that Cynthia has reached a very high level."Terrance looks a bit.

    Five years ago, Cynthia asked Terrance to look up. Five years later, the gap between the two did not seem to shrink. As Terrance progressed, the pride of the world was growing at a high speed, which reminded Terrance of himself. Out of college, the "big talk" that was spoken when Kanto traveled.

    "Let you have a good look for a while, then I will come -" Terrance whispered, scratching his cheeks, not thinking that he would be so second, but the idea Terrance did not dissipate.

    "The team system? It seems that my Fairy team has the direction of Breeder, and this is not a goal. ”


    The new team has actually been conceived, and the red tone of the author of the Sandstorm Elite next door is also taken.

    Known configuration: Altaria, Alola Ninetales, Gardevoir

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