Pokemon Court Chapter 691

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 691 Ralts situation, floating astronomy
    These days, a new door opened for Terrance.

    The team battle system revolves around a fighting concept developed by the core elves.

    This group battle system is almost a compulsory course for all Elite Four, but in fact, there are also Trainers who study this kind of teamwork. However, because there is no close to the top Trainer, it is difficult for some Trainers to make the real effect of this team configuration.

    Rookie Trainer, even the commanding elves are struggling, ordinary Trainer, their Pokémon may not be perfectly understood and executed after issuing the order. Some experienced Conference Trainers can only control one or two Pokémon at the same time…

    Undoubtedly, this is a road to test the skills of Trainer, mainly in the construction of team tactics and the Wizard's Breeder.

    However, although this road seems difficult, Terrance is confident to take him.

    Since they can breeder out Beautifly, Gallade, Mismagius, floating bubbles, arcanine them, it shows that their breeder Foundation is not bad, and at present, Altaria is already a team core, The next thing he needs to do is build a team that contains a variety of tactical systems around this core, but this pre-condition has reduced a lot of obstacles for Terrance.

    Fallabor Gym.

    Terrance released Ralts, and as the Wicktor master described it, this Ralts is a bit different.

    “First time meeting, Ralts…”

    "My name is Terrance."

    After a greet by Terrance, Ralts looked up and looked at it blankly.

    After a while, Terrance received a telepathy and looked awkward.

    Ralts' response is simple and concise, and Terrance can't quite understand what it wants to express, but Terrance can guess that Ralts is responding to his own greetings.

    "Is ability telepathic? ”Terrance is in the dark.

    Terrance would like to talk to Ralts very much, but this Ralts is a little talkative, even if the response to Terrance is only the simplest and most succinct answer, which makes Terrance very helpless.

    At the same time, this Ralts lost its emotional expression ability is true, Terrance gave it food, although Ralts replied very much, but from its expression and conveyed telepathy, Terrance did not find any joy of the other side.

    In the face of this whispering, expressionless Ralts, Terrance couldn't understand the inner feelings of his heart.

    Fortunately, this Ralts can understand that Terrance is its Trainer, able to understand what Terrance said, because of this, barely let Terrance be particularly desperate.

    "Ralts, I am your Trainer from today, and please advise me in the next few days."Terrance looked at Ralts. For a long time, Ralts nodded and reached out to touch the fingers of Terrance.

    Terrance has seen a lot of special Pokémons. Most of his own main elves have special existences, but the Ralts sent to them by Wicktor Masters makes Terrance not know how to get along with it.

    I can't understand the heart and emotions of the other person, making the Terrance Trainer very awkward.

    "Let me try to help you find your emotions…"Looking at the Ralts, Terrance was silent for a while and finally decided.

    At the call of Terrance, Rotom Pokédex flew and recorded the specifics of Ralts.

    For now, this Ralts masterpiece makes Terrance very scared. No wonder Wricktor said that this Ralts is a top talent that surpasses Swablu.

    Confusion, Teleport, Lucky Chant, Double Team, Magical Leaf, Heal Pulse, Calm Mind, Psychic, Future Sight…Basically, the Ralts elf can be learned through normal growth, this Ralts will all.

    What surprised Terrance most was that this Ralts had two moves that Ralts couldn't learn, namely Skill Swap and Ally Switch.

    “Is it a genetic trick? No, in the genetic moves collected by Wicktor Masters, how do Ralts inherit these two tricks has not been included, is it the new findings of Wicktor Master? ”Terrance scratched his head, but for the next moment, Terrance stared at the Ally Switch trick.

    You can use Psychic Lock On to exchange the coordinates of both sides by Teleport.

    This trick, like the extension of Teleport, instantly interchanges its position with the position of another creature.

    Terrance touched his chin and suddenly showed a very interesting look.

    "Teleport?"Terrance suddenly came up with a good tactic.

    This tactic can be perfectly integrated into the group battle system with Altaria as the core, acting as a means of coordinate interference.

    For the rest of the day, Terrance was spending time with Ralts. In order to better understand the situation of Ralts, Terrance left time to accompany him, talk to it, introduce himself, and tell the story.

    This ralts in addition to the loss of emotion, talent reflected in its huge mental strength and computing ability, Terrance through Rotom Pokédex, and Ralts did some small games, through these tests of computational power, reaction awareness of the small game, Terrance more surprised, The computing power of this ralts is too frightening, or the loss of emotional interference, so that it can enter a "absolutely rational" contest condition, this contest condition, nothing can interfere with the operation of its mind.

    At the same time, Terrance also tested the mental level of Ralts.

    The average level of evolution can be achieved without training…This innate level had to surprise Terrance.

    Probably understanding the situation of Ralts, Terrance has the direction of Breeder, which is perfectly integrated into the team system built by himself and serves as the Breeder direction of the second tactical core.

    “From today on, after the small Vulpix and Larvitar, there is a new Pokémon that needs Breeder.”Terrance looked at the silent Ralts and suddenly sighed. He thought of a word, three nos, that is, silence, and little emotional fluctuations. This is a character, but in Ralts, it seems to truly reflect the three. The meaning.

    “Is this a defect?”Terrance is immersed in meditation. "Because emotional volatility is almost nothing, I have gained absolute intellectual thinking. How do I understand it? What will happen to Ralts next…"

    Shaking his head a little, Terrance took out a Poké Ball and released the Gallade.

    In this case, Ralts is still suitable for Gallade with similar experience to get along with it.

    At the same time, Terrance also has an intent to let Ralts follow the skills of learning Teleport with Gallade.

    When the ceremonial and swordsman and the expressionless Ralts, like the girl Normal, looked at each other, Terrance began to introduce them to each other…

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