Pokemon Court Chapter 692

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 692th chapter of the battle of Kalos, floating astronomy
    Kalos, Camprrier Town, a round building, has been filled with spectators and is very lively.

    On the ground in the center of the round building, a full-length dress is white in color, with gold stripes on the cuffs and waist. The ends of the Chinese dress skirts extend almost parallel, and the beautiful female with wing-like decoration behind the shoulders slowly Go to the venue.

    Opposite her, a young man in a crimson cloak also stepped onto the ring.

    “Champion Diantha vs. Hoenn Top Coordinator!”

    "I didn't expect to see such a match in Camphrier Town, but the dress on the Trainer seems to be the Duke cloak of the Battle Chateau?"

    The audience looked at the seemingly heart-wrenching commentator, and their eyes turned from their own feelings to the two people on the field who had already stood on the side of the field.

    “It’s my pleasure to play against Kalos champion Diantha.”Terrance smiled and greeted with one hand on the chest.

    "You're welcome, Mr. Terrance."

    Diantha returns, she has heard from the assistant that it is the Wikstrom Elite that the young man defeated.

    For this kind of exhibition game, Dianta felt that Terrance should not be weak. While Terrance listened to the commentator's introduction to the two sides, I already knew how many times I had analyzed the next battle.

    "Gardevoir, you are here."Throw the Poké Ball and Dianta looks over to Terrance.

    "Appeared, Ms. Diantha's Trump Card Pokémon, Gardevoir!"

    The audience was excited and Duantha participated in any touring battle, and all of them made their own Gardevoir. This time there is no exception.

    "Sure enough, Gardevoir."

    As the leader of the Kalos Alliance, Diantha did not dare to have any sloppy in this match. He chose to send Beautifly, and Beautifly just got on the scene and let Totem sway around the body.

    "There is a mysterious gas field."In the VIP auditorium, a young man who looked old was listening to the housekeeper’s reminder and closed the books in his hand.

    "It turned out to be the Beautifly elf. What kind of temperament did he face in the face of Kalos? He chose this kind of race to be the bottom Pokémon?"Laocheng youth looked at Terrance under the stage with great interest.

    Although it is just a normal battle, will the Beautifly elves be too perfunctory?

    "Young Master, that Beautifly seems to be the representative elf of the other party. Not only has he won the Top Coordinator honor for the other party, but he also shined at a Coordinator celebration."Battle Chateau's butler Henessey Road.

    Beautifly's Ability is a hunch for the worm, and when Terrance just got on the scene, he found out that Gardevoir had given up on copying the Ability. Next, the opposite champion woman smiled and reached out and gestured, "You start attacking."

    "Then I will be welcome."Terrance replied.

    The next moment, Beautifly rolls the field of Gust, the source of physical strength opens, and enters the strongest Contest Condition.

    "A very strong wind…"Diantha closed her eyes slightly and realized that she was in the mood of Gardevoir, showing a surprised expression to Beautifly.

    It was not surprising that Diantha and Gardevoir were able to discover the true power of Beautifly's surrounding breeze. At the same time, Beautifly tentatively pulled out a wind-filled wind blade that attacked Gardevoir. In the face of this scene, Diantha gently In the blink of an eye, Gardevoir instantly appeared in other locations.

    "This is a unity of mind."Terrance had no time to feel, Beautifly had manipulated several wind blades to attack again, but the same scene reappeared, and Gardevoir continued to evade through Teleport, but this time, the attack on Beautifly changed.

    It was predicted that Gardevoir would use Teleport's situation, and Beautifly felt the flow of air at all times. In the short time that Gardevoir disappeared and appeared, it forced the wind blade to change direction and went to Gardevoir on the other side. !


    "Not useful."Terrance frowned, even though the wind blade almost twitched to the other side, repeated several times, but still did not keep up with Gardevoir's actions, he was the first to see Pekémon who is also proficient in Teleport than his Gallade.

    Gardevoir, who can understand the other's thoughts by sensing Trainer's eyes, is vulnerable to the attack of Beautifly. Even though Beautifly can predict the opponent's position every time, the action is slow.

    "Shadow ball!"As the wind blade chased, Diantha and Gardevoir seemed to be familiar with Beautifly's combat style, and Diantha began to issue orders.

    As Gardevoir waved the shadow ball, the shadow ball quickly crushed the wind blade and attacked Beautifly.

    “How long does Beautifly last for this Contest Condition?”Diantha smiled a little.

    The shadow ball is very fast and the power is even stronger, but in the face of the wind, Beautifly, it is not so easy to hit.

    Although there is no Teleport, the evasive technique is not as good for Beautifly as it is at Gardevoir.

    At the same time as the shadow energy condensed sphere came, a Confusion came, wanting to block and predict the action of Beautifly, but in the next moment, Beautifly preemptively, with perfect prediction and avoiding the escape of Confusion's Lock On, and again 甩A wind blade hit Gardevoir.

    However, the situation did not change much. Gardevoir once again appeared in other positions and hit a shadow ball. This time the attack time and distance control are perfect perfect. In fact, every time the tour, Diantha almost It’s a one or two attack tricks, because Rival is too weak.

    This time against Terrance, Diantha was serious. He used Confusion Lock On at the time of the attack, but Beautifly's strength was beyond Diantha's imagination. Even with Gardevoir's Confusion, it was difficult to capture the strange action of the other party. This situation made Diantha look unexpected.

    Gardevoir's attack, Beautifly also easily escaped.

    "Let's come up with strength."Terrance said, after he finished, he switched, Beautifly quickly flying, flying towards Gardevoir, and the speed was not slow compared to Arcanine's Extreme Speed trick.

    The meaning of Terrance is obvious. On both sides of the evasive ability, it is not bad, so don't kill time in this way.

    "Interesting Trainer."

    Both Diantha and Gardevoir embed the Evolution Key Stone on the necklace, and Terrance stared at their chest, but it seems that the opponent has no plans for Mega Evolution.

    Forced out the other's Mega Evolution, this is the idea of Terrance!

    At the same time as Beautifly's high-speed Flying, countless gusts of wind rolled into a wind cone, surrounded by Beautifly's body, while a huge Confusion was crushed under the command of Dianta.

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