Pokemon Court Chapter 693

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 693th chapter of the five elements of the combination of technology, floating astronomy
    Confusion acts on the wind cone. At one time, the wind cone shines and seems to have a tendency to collapse. Confusion and the wind are intertwined, looking cloudy and full of shuddering breath.

    “Confusion did not crush the wind cone.”In the audience, the young man in charge of this tour showed a smile. The structure of the wind cone seemed to be very special. It was amazement that Diantha's Gardevoir Confusion had not collapsed.

    The wind cone that lingered Confusion protected Beautifly and became the most powerful attack of Beautifly, directly hitting Gardevoir and flying Gardevoir.

    "Satay -"

    The cone-shaped wind cone wrapped around Confusion drilled into the body, and the effect was excellent. Gardevoir's painful expression was shot and fell to Ground.

    “Unbelievable, adding the wind to this level should be a big load on the Beautifly body, but your Beautifly looks very relaxed.”When Diantha was surprised, Gardevoir stood up again.

    That being the case –

    Looking at Terrance Hot eyes, Diantha heart smile, with Diantha gently pull up mega necklace, Gardevoir Mega stone and Diantha evolution key stone slightly shaking up, the next moment, from evolutionary key stone, The sky shines into a number of light chain-like fluctuations with mega Stone emitting the same shape of blue fluctuations combined, and eventually, the two fluctuations into white, dazzling white light, symbolizing Gardevoir completed the mega Evolution.

    Just eating, I have already planned to let Diantha come up with real strength.

    After all, this is an open game. At this time, there are still many viewers watching, and it is the most important to ensure that their strength is strong.

    In the face of the beloved Beautifly, Diantha had to lament the Beautifly Breeder.

    "However, the general."

    When Diantha gestured, Terrance changed his face and saw three Gardevoirs appearing on the field. Four Gardevoir stood on the corners of the court and surrounded the venue.

    Every Gardevoir has a blue Confusion glow, which looks so solemn. With the cooperation of the four Gardevoirs, there is a special change on the field. It seems that the whole site is wrapped by a light screen on one side.

    "Beautifly, destroying the Double Team while destroying the Light Screen."Terrance opened his mouth and he realized that it was not good.

    However, when Terrance issued the order, the four Gardevoirs began to sing a special pink sound wave, which interacted with each other and quickly filled the entire Light Screen space.

    The wind blade that Beautifly waved out was undoubtedly destroyed by this pink sound wave. Over time, the sound waves circling in this space, eventually turning into a huge torrent that quickly swallowed Beautifly.

    Gardevoir Confusion is in a state of helplessness. In an instant, it instantly collapses, and Beautifly loses combat power directly.

    “Beautifly lost the fighting ability, Gardevoir won the victory, so the winner was Diantha.”As the referee announced the results, countless viewers stood up and dedicated their applause to Diantha.

    At the same time, Battle Chateau butler Henessey said: "Master, are you satisfied with this match?"

    "Alright, you can force the Gardevoir Mega Evolution and use a combination of five elements. This time the tour should be the most interesting one."

    Laocheng youth waved his hand and said.

    When Terrance took back Beautifly, he was still immersed in the combination technique that Diantha showed just now, and he was shocked.

    First, the separation of three confusion entangled physical parting, the use of fairy skin ability together to the normal system of the "echoed Voice" trick into a fairy attack, and then the use of that superb light Screen the nature of the trick changes, Further reflection and increase the "echoed voice" trick, so that echoed voice trick to achieve the greatest power, and eventually in the ingenious blend into a force, this combination of skills, including ability use, four mastery to the top level of the trick changes to complete together, a blow, Directly shattered the Terrance of the Beautifly wind field, even if there is the source of physical strength support, also failed to support the past.

    Thank you!!Taking back Beautifly, Terrance stepped forward and shook hands with Diantha, and the strength of the first time to win the championship was really well-deserved.

    As a champion standing on top of the Elite Four, the strength is much stronger than the usual top Trainer.

    Just a blow, not only Beautifly, even Mega Gallade, Mismagius, floating bubbles can never be picked up.

    "The power of that blow is much stronger than the power of the Giga Impact used by Mega Altaria."Terrance contrast in the heart.

    "A very exciting match."

    While Terrance was active, Diantha also stepped forward and Terrance made the final end, which was a perfect ending.

    Diantha's combination skills are amazing to Terrance. For the use of Ability and tricks, Terrance's Pokémon is much rougher than the other. The tricks of the previous game, Terrance is also thinking for a while to understand, I am afraid to change to other Trainer. Even at the level of Conference Champion, the combination technique that was just performed by Gardevoir was also a fog.

    With the exit and negotiations with the organizers, Terrance felt that the biggest significance of the match was not the appearance fee, but that he had learned several useful techniques from playing against Diantha, which was more valuable to Terrance than the 500,000 appearance fee.

    “Mr. Terrance is not going to stay for a while?”Laocheng youth invited, "I have a castle in Camphrier Town."

    Laughing and refusing each other, Terrance shook his head. He had arranged it. Before he returned to Altaria, he needed to continue to build his team of team systems, including finding and conquering the new Pokémon.

    There is one month left before the three-month deadline for Altaria to complete the practice. This month Terrance does not intend to leave the Kalos Region.

    For the team building the team system, Terrance already has several tactical ideas. He now needs to strengthen the strength of Pokémon around these tactics and expand the variability of the team system without destroying these core tactics.

    For Terrance, who is currently doing nothing, this is one of the few things that Terrance is interested in. There are both the Breeder process for you to enjoy and the opportunity to get into the higher areas of Trainer. Terrance can't try it. .

    Three days later, Terrance crossed the Cyllage City and came to Geosenge Town. Located on the edge of Kalos, Geosenge Town is a very small town, famous for its rock formations and surrounded by several mountains. Terrance came here mainly because it is said to have a Fairy elf group. Terrance wants to see if there is any The elf that suits you.

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