Pokemon Court Chapter 694

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 694th holy diamond, floating astronomy
    At the Geosenge Town Elf Center, Terrance came to the task notice after registering the temporary room here.

    There are often Trainer or some merchants who post tasks, and people who have the ability to do it can pick it up. Terrance is not here to pick up any tasks. The rewards of these tasks are not enough to make him feel, he is on the taskbar. Sweeping, Terrance mainly wanted to see if I could get any useful information from here.

    "Search for Soft Sand…"

    After seeing this task, Terrance looked at the small words that were specifically introduced to the task. It was discovered that an ancient underground ruins was discovered outside Geosenge Town recently. Although there is nothing valuable in the ruins, it has collapsed and destroyed. The sand of the ruins of the underground remains is mixed with a special kind of sand, Soft Sand.

    This kind of sand contains powerful earth energy, which is a treasure that Ground is very popular with Pokémon. It acts like Water Type's Mystic Water and Ice Type.

    Now, the underground remains have been contracted, and they are still being explored and developed. They need the Ground Department Wizard and the Super Elf to help find and collect Soft Sand.

    "This gentleman…"

    Just as Terrance looked for some information on the taskbar, a girl in a brown mountaineering suit came over. "I am a free guide to Geosenge Town. You can call me Jessica. Most of the things around me know." Is there anything that can help you?"

    WizardTerrance glanced at it and then reacted. The girl in front of me was a local who wanted to make some tips.

    "Haha Jessica, don't hang out, have you forgotten the last time you brought two Trainers into the mountains and lost your way?"

    "Yeah, there is something to sneak a fake stone for someone!"

    In the center of the elf, two young people sitting on the sofa laughed and sneered at the girl named Jessica.

    Upon hearing this, Jessica's face turned blue and white, and he resisted the reversal of the impulse and turned away.

    What happenedTerrance shook his head slightly, continued to look at the taskbar, and suddenly found a task that was of great interest to him.

    "Conquer a Carbink that uses Psychic in the mountains of the North."

    The description of the mission is very simple and the rewards are good. It is estimated that most of the Trainers will be excited, but Terrance wants to know where the Carbink community is compared to the mission rewards.

    The purpose of his trip was to hear about the Carbink community near Geosenge Town. He wanted to build a team system. Carbink was an indispensable part of Terrance's original tactical system.

    “The employer is actually the owner of a stone shop.”

    After seeing the information of the task publisher, Terrance left the wizard center and began to go to the store where the task publisher was located.

    In Geosenge Town, buildings are almost all shops selling special stones, evolutionary stones or stone art. This place is a paradise of stone. The mountains around the town are treasures of ore. It is this strange The environment has created the style of Geosenge Town.

    After a few corners, Terrance came to the door of the store. Compared with other stores, the location of this store is relatively remote. There is no stone sample outside the store as a sample to attract customers. It is very doubtful. Can the store sell something?

    Excuse me

    Pushing the door open, a snoring sound was immediately introduced into Terrance's ear, there was only one person in the store, and at this time he was still screaming on the table.

    BossTerrance's mouth was pumping and he continued to scream.

    "Ahhhh…"With the faint nasal sound, the uncle's shopkeeper slammed Smelling Salts, "Hey, welcome, what do you want to buy?"

    "Boss, the Elf Center's mission to conquer Carbink is what you posted?"Asked Terrance.

    "Do you know where there are Carbink ethnic groups?"

    Oh…The uncle of the shopkeeper blinked his eyes, and this just saw the clear face of the coming person. "What, it is not to buy a stone."

    ThisTerrance scratched his head. "If I can find the Carbink community, I don't mind buying something back."

    "Buy stones first."The owner is the uncle.

    "That line."Terrance nodded and then Solaceon glanced.

    There are many evolutionary stones, but the quality is relatively inferior. Terrance doesn't even have the desire to collect. The treasures like Smooth Rock and Icy Rock are not seen in this store.

    Huh…?Float Stone. ”

    It was hard to find a stone that was useful to him at this store, but he had a good luck and found a Float Stone in an inconspicuous corner of the store.

    "Oh, that's it, I thought no one would look at it."The owner uncle hit a Yawn. "Although there aren't a few Trainers in the stone, I don't want to sell it cheaply, so it's been a long time, a price, this number."

    After that, the owner uncle extended his finger.

    "So be it."Terrance agreed without thinking, a Float Stone, a little cheaper than Terrance's tolerance, this is just a ration of Larvitar, no need to care so much.

    "Silly people!"The owner uncle haha smiled, but also did not know which corner to take out a map.

    "Carbink has a timid personality. He usually lives in a dark cave to avoid people's eyes. When encountering enemies, he will escape by digging holes. The habitat is constantly changing. Here are some of the most likely places to inhabit Carbink. It took a long time to discover."

    The Carbink's habit Terrance, which the other party said, is of course known, so he has to collect information in advance to save some effort.

    Satisfied with the uncle of the store owner, Terrance suddenly saw a photo in a photo frame on the other side of the table, suddenly showing an unexpected expression.

    this is the

    The photo looks very old. It is a pink stone floating in the air. Now it has not seen the original appearance under the scouring of the years, but Terrance has never seen a magical stone that can float in the air.

    "Okay, the deal is done -" Solaceon glanced at Terrance looking at the photo, the owner's uncle did not want to answer.

    “The stone in this photo is very similar to a gem. Is it a variant of Fairy Gem?”Terrance opening.

    "It's not Fairy Gem."The owner is the uncle.

    "Well, although I don't know what Fairy Gem you are talking about, its name is Holy Diamond."Just as Terrance communicated with the owner's uncle, a female voice came in. Terrance saw the self-proclaimed girl Jessica coming in at the Elf Center.

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