Pokemon Court Chapter 695

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 695th chapter looking for Carbink, floating astronomy
    "Holy Diamond?"Terrance unexpectedly opened.

    Upon hearing the noun, he immediately remembered the experience that Kalos Ash told him about his trip with Princess Carink mutant Diancie. He remembers that it was in order to restore the holy diamonds that were on the verge of dissipating energy. Diancie went out of the diamond mining country and was looking for Xerneas with Fairy Aura to help him gain more power.

    "Jessica, how come you come back now, go cook."The owner uncle is impatient.

    "Dad, I know."Jessica replied.

    When the two of them answered one by one, Terrance had some accidents. "It turns out that both of you are fathers and daughters."

    "Hello, we just saw it at the Elf Center. My name is Terrance."

    Looking at the girl in a brown mountaineering suit, Terrance looked at the photo.

    "You just said that this stone is called a holy diamond, right? The piece of the diamond mine country? ”

    When the words fell, the owner uncle, Jessica changed his face at the same time, and looked at Terrance incredulously.

    "Do you know the diamond mine country?!"

    Terrance nodded. "Is this photo taken by the owner of the diamond mine?"

    The uncle of the shopkeeper said, "This photo was taken by me 30 years ago. When I traveled around Kalos, I strayed into an underground country…"

    InterestingTerrance was very surprised and said: "Boss, do you know where the diamond mining country is? I bought this information, what conditions do you open? ”

    "Don't think about it."The Terrance words, the owner uncle snorted, "I know what you are thinking."

    "It seems that you are also a well-informed person, presumably you want to conquer Diancie and use it to create diamonds to satisfy your ambitions."

    "But unfortunately, I don't know where the diamond mining country is. When I want to look for the entrance to the diamond mining country again, I can't find a way."

    “And, when I came out, I was in a position that spanned three cities.”

    "The boss you misunderstood."Terrance smiled. "Although I am really interested in Diancie, I also know that Diancie is important to diamond mines and holy diamonds and will not destroy their lives for a little benefit."

    "And, I am not short of money at the moment."

    "Then why are you looking for a diamond mine?!"Jessica Road.

    Terrance said: "I am interested in how Carbink evolved into Diancie, and what the power of holy diamonds is to maintain the operation of an elf country. This is something I am interested in."

    "Oh, I forgot to say my profession, this is my certificate."

    After that, Terrance handed out his two certificates from the backpack and handed it over to two people.

    The owner’s uncle holds the five characters of “Advanced Breeder Home”.

    Jessica holds the five characters of "International Researcher".

    The two looked at each other and exchanged certificates to see Terrance's eyes change.

    “It turned out to be a researcher.”Returning the certificate to Terrance, the owner’s uncle shook his head, and did not know if he believed in Terrance’s explanation. “But I really don’t know the location of the diamond mine. If possible, I hope to go again.”

    "After all, the Princess of Mines there helped me, I haven't repaid it yet."

    Terrance asked again and again, and did not get any valuable information. It seems that the other party really does not know where the diamond is, and even if the other party does not intend to tell Terrance, Terrance is not.

    Because of this, Terrance didn't have to find out, and after a while, Terrance planned to continue the original plan to see if he could meet a Carbink that suits him.

    Out of the scope of Geosenge Town, Terrance took out the hand-drawn map I just got and called out Rotom Pokédex from Rest in the backpack.

    "Record is completed, automatic positioning…"Rotom Pokédex took a turn and after it took the map, the way to find it was given to it. Terrance stuffed the map into the backpack and said, “Looking from the nearest place.”

    "Understanding Rotto ~"

    In fact, there are still a lot of people around Geosenge Town. There are many Trainers or Explorers who want to find a few rare stones around Geosenge Town and sell them for a good price, but there are not many people who can have such a good fortune.

    Terrance and Rotom Pokédex chose a lesser direction to enter the mountains and began to look for Carbink's trail.

    After the end of Altaria practice, Terrance's Fairy team breeder speed will be much faster, before that, if you can get together a team is the best, of course, with the status of the current Terrance, as well as his Wicktor Master pro-preaching disciple this relationship, It's no more difficult for him to get a baby born with great talent, Pokémon, and even to get Pokémon that has passed on a powerful trick specifically through a special breeder method.

    However, Carbink is special. This Pokémon was born in a high temperature and high pressure environment in the deep underground. Carbink has been developed by Soft Boiled. So far, no one has studied the scientific breeding method.

    It is said that since Carbink was born, he has been sleeping in the ground for hundreds of millions of years. If no one digs it out, or if he is aware of himself, he will probably sleep in the earth.

    No?Terrance came to a cave and frowned. There was no Carbink and no trace of Dig. It seems that Carbink is not in this area.

    Before coming here, he saw two Carbink orders, but it did not meet Terrance's standards, and there was no urge to let Terrance conquer.

    At the time of Terrance, I found a character that suits me. The Pokémon service is the first choice. Even if it is a talent, it is put second by Terrance. So, if there is not a huge number of Carbink to choose Terrance, I want to meet Carbink, a "love at first sight" and talented, is hard.

    "Rotom Pokédex, let's find a place to eat something, forget that we haven't eaten since the morning."Terrance opens the way.

    Rotom Pokédex nodded, and Terrance and it temporarily stopped looking for caves.

    Coming to a large rock, Terrance called Beautifly, letting it blow the dust away, and smashing the stone into a flat stone table with a wind blade.

    After the backpack pulled out the little elf food and dry food, Terrance reluctantly released the Pokémons.

    Beautifly, Larvitar, Vulpix, Ralts, Gallade, floating bubbles, Mismagius, Rotom Pokédex are all the Pokémons that Terrance brought. As for Arcanine, Terrance stayed at the Fallabor Gym alone because of the troublesome training equipment.

    Larvitar, Vulpix, and Ralts are currently in the high-speed growth period. The food is a nutritious food prepared by Terrance. The taste may not be good, but the strength is definitely amazing. During the eating process, the three Pokémon can also feel the body. The change.

    As for Beautifly, Gallade, floating bubbles, Mismagius, Rotom Pokédex, you don't have to pay attention to it. Although they are also rich in nutritious compressed foods, they have all been tasted to the most delicious taste.

    "After eating, take a break for half an hour, then train for an hour and then set off."

    During the eating process, Terrance said.

    Rest after meals Normal is the time when Terrance and Rotom Pokédex are responsible for planning training sessions and tracking training sessions for Pokémons, as well as chatting and talking.

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