Pokemon Court Chapter 696

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 696 Confusion coordinates tactics, floating astronomy
    Small Vulpix, Larvitar, and Ralts stand on one side.

    Floating bubbles, Beautifly, Gallade, Mismagius They are on the other side.

    Rotom Pokédex floated on the shoulders of Terrance and watched them with Terrance.

    "Next, on the training plan just now, start the battle practice first."

    After a half-hour break, Terrance first divided Ralts and Larvitar into a small Vulpix to test the results of the ten days of training.

    Little Vulpix has already tempered the existing tricks, and Terrance decided to let the floating bubbles and Beautifly guide it through the two days of the ice and snow, which is the control of the Hail weather.

    Larvitar ate a special food for a month and could control his weight initially. Of course, it can only be controlled on the basis of Larvitar's existing body size and weight. If it grows and its weight becomes even more amazing, then Float Stone The special food for the core is still to be eaten, so that it can fully transform its body.

    As for Ralts, these days it was mainly the skill of learning Teleport with Gallade, and after playing against Dianta, Terrance also learned a little trick and taught Ralts.

    "The battle begins!"

    With Terrance, Little Vulpix looks at Larvitar and Ralts.

    At the same time, Rotom Pokédex began to record the game, and several other Terrans of the Terrance also watched the battle and planned to see the strength of these younger generations.

    At the beginning of the game, Ralts played the excellent spirit and divided the seven Double Teams. A closer look reveals that each Double Team is wrapped in a Confusion wave on the Ralts body, which is mysterious.

    Little Vulpix's Breeder time is far better than Larvitar and Ralts, and the strength is naturally much stronger than them. Facing the eight Ralts including the Double Team opposite, and the nine enemies with Larvitar, the small Vulpix tail is a glimpse. Ice Shard instantly condensed on six white tails and swept toward nine Rivals.

    Needless to say, these six Ice Shards are perfect hits, and Ralts and Larvitar will definitely lose their combat power.

    At the same time as Ice Shard fired, Vulpix's eyes lit up, using Extrasensory to control Ice Shard, giving the ice cubes more subtle control.

    In the face of six Ice Shards, Larvitar panicked. There was no Terrance command in this game. Before the game, Terrance had let Larvitar fully obey the command of Ralts.

    However, with the simple telepathy of Ralts, if you don't have a good understanding with Ralts, it's hard to understand its idea. This is where Larvitar wants to cry.

    Ice Shard hit, although Vulpix is stronger, but the battle is not so fast, the powerful computing power and the absolutely rational, calm brain give Ralts the clearest judgment of the situation, in the moment when Ice Shard just condensed, Ralts The Double Team started to move, and Larvitar followed it with awe.

    As for the ralts body, has been launched in ice Shard, Teleport to the small vulpix near, at this time small Vulpix again control ice Shard back is too late, can only roll up their own iron Tail, with six Oreburgh tail toward Ralt The direction of the s body swept, but the next moment, Ralts used the "Ally Switch" style, will be their position with the previous left confusion coordinates of the double Team interchange, by allowing the parting to bear this blow let oneself avoid iron Tail.

    At this moment, the six Ice Shard also broke two avatars, but the remaining four of the Ralts used this opportunity to surround Vulpix.

    Surrounded by avatars, Ice Vulpix didn't panic, because these Double Teams didn't pose much threat to it, but at this time, Larvitar suddenly launched an offensive. At this moment, it controlled the body changes, the weight became lighter, and even more flexible. It jumped directly and released the Rock Slide from the air towards Vulpix.

    Rime table

    A blizzard swept towards the rock Slide and the Larvitar that was about to fall, a blow that Blizzard could have frozen all the Larvitar and rock Slide moves, but with Ralts again using "Ally Switch", Larvit AR swapped positions from an instant in the air with one of the four separate ralts that surrounded Vulpix, a ralts split that, when Vulpix attacked Larvitar, had been flown to Ralts Sky by confusion control, after the swap position, Larvitar also naturally appeared in Vulpix Sky, see, Larvitar again change weight, change back to extreme mode, use bulldoze trick toward Vulpix hit.

    Blizzard broke the Rock Slide and Ralts avatars, but in fact the Ralts body and Larvitar are still good, this feeling of being teased makes Vulpix angry, facing the Larvitar from the air, it directly shakes Iron Tail to sweep away, but Assist Gravity acceleration and Mega's weight gain, the power of Bulldoze's trick is terrifying, breaking Vulpix's Iron Tail and knocking down Vulpix.

    “The nice combination, this Ralts is quite savvy, and I did this with Larvitar without my reminder.”

    Terrance eye-catching, will confusion attached to the double Team to cast ally Switch style is Terrance in Diantha there to get the inspiration, the other side will confusion attached to the body, is to be able to control the round tips issued by each body to increase and fuse, to Terrance here, Confusion split became an "alternative substitute", acting as a pawn of the Ralts ontology, to create by controlling the parting and teammate's position interchange, Tactical intent to pose a threat to the enemy.

    In fact, the combination of Ralts and Larvitar is quite good. The Larvitar, which has the ability to switch between light and heavy modes, can adapt to a lot of moves through weight adjustment, and maximizes the effect of the moves.

    This breeder method Steven should be from autotomize this trick to get the inspiration, autotomize, by cutting off the body useless parts, greatly improve the speed, this trick Larvitar can not learn, do not conform to the principle of the trick, and Pikachu Can not learn synthesis, but through the role of action, Steven has developed a breeder method of the same effect, that is, he gave Terrance this food formula, but this breeder method only rock type Pokémon applicable.

    Float Stone: Very light stone, elves will lose weight after carrying, Float Stone is a prop that all elves can use, is a more magical mineral than the fossil category of stone, this food formula built by Float Stone as the core, because Larvitar The body is made up of rock, which allows Larvitar to change the structure of the body, allowing float stone to subtly form an organ in the Larvitar body, Larvitar can do through this organ control whether to let float Stone effect and thus actively change the weight.

    Earl dervish form weight is the same kind of more than three times times the Larvitar, into the extremely light mode after the weight of only half of the same kind, suddenly narrowed several times the gap, far more effective than directly carrying float Stone, but this Terrance The amount of resources invested is also unthinkable, and float stone alone is a huge expense, and the price of the precious minerals that assist float stone is not cheap.

    In this battle, Larvitar successfully defeated Vulpix's Iron Tail with Bulldoze and won the battle with Ralts acting as the Trainer and Commander.

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