Pokemon Court Chapter 697

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 697 team, floating astronomy
    Watching Vulpix write the three words of dissatisfaction on his face, Terrance laughed and called them three.

    "Still Vulpix, you are too sloppy."Terrance first criticized.

    However, the small Vulpix is also the first to see the "Confusion coordinates" and Larvitar's "light and heavy mode", the first battle did not respond and it is justifiable.

    But if the ice trick that I'm good at doesn't play out, it's a little wrong for the little Vulpix. The Iron Tail is broken by the object that has been bullied by Larvitar. It makes the little Vulpix very angry. It didn't think of the power of Larvitar Bulldoze. It will be so big.

    After "呜~~", Little Vulpix called to Ralts, but Ralts didn't pay attention to it.

    For this new partner who directs Larvitar to hurt himself, Little Vulpix loves and hates. The hate is that it always teases itself with love. It loves it because Terrance said that Ralts will fight with Little Vulpix in the future. Little Vulpix is looking forward to it.

    After this match, Little Vulpix was more convinced of the ability of Ralts. Although the opponent did not play against himself, the ability of the Ally Switch, which had a particularly good timing, allowed Little Vulpix to recognize it.

    "Well, starting today, you will learn about the control of Hail weather with floating bubbles."Terrance on the small Vulpix road.

    "After you have mastered Hail, it is time for you to evolve,"

    The best Ice Stone has been put on for a long time, Terrance can't wait to make the Vulpix more powerful. At present, the strength of the small Vulpix has exceeded the strength of the Growlithe and Missdreavus when Terrance just left the Tianguan Academy, chasing Swablu early. It has accumulated enough evidence.

    "呜~~" Little Vulpix nodded hard.

    "From the base?!!"Larvitar pointed to himself, overslept, and asked.

    “Haha, it says when it will follow the floating bubble to learn Sandstorm skills Rotto ~~” Rotom Pokédex.

    Terrance smiles, Vulpix and Larvitar have seen the weather tricks of floating bubbles, with the top cheats in Terrance's hands, plus the teaching of floating bubbles, based on the racial advantages of these two Pokémon, you can quickly grasp the Weather control.

    Ice Vulpix has reached the threshold to control the power of ice and snow, but now Larvitar is not enough.

    "I think about it, after you learn Crunch, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Hyper Beam, I will let you systematically learn Sandstorm tricks."Terrance laughed.

    Larvitar's Breeder time is still too short. Compared to the small Vulpix and Ralts, it has few tricks. Terrance guessed that Larvitar should be a younger kid before it became a fossil.

    Floating bubbles in front of Vulpix and Larvitar have shown control of Sandstorm's power and ice and snow. Whether it's ice spears or sandals, Vulpix and Larvitar are deeply attracted, so they are very yearning, but That level of skill, the two little guys have a long way to go to reach the level of floating bubbles.

    "Ralts, the best thing about this game is you."

    In the end, Terrance praised Ralts, and Ralts responded with a faint response, which made Terrance laugh and cry.

    Ralts is very strong and has a very good set of skills. It should have evolved long ago, but Terrance is not in a hurry, but continues to let Ralts practice spirituality through Calm Mind and want to see where its limits are.

    Although Ralts performed very well just now, the Confusion coordinates for the splits and the Ally Switch twice have consumed the energy of Ralts, which is why it did not launch an attack. The reason for assisting Larvitar, although the Confusion coordinate tactics are very different, Ralts is still not skilled.

    Beautifly, floating bubbles, Gallade, Mismagius, as a few old predecessors who have just watched the battles of the younger generations, are also very impressed with Ralts's clever Ally Switch, if the strength of Ralts can grow to their extent, the ability is out of the tender, with that When the Ralts teamed up, they felt that they would feel very at ease.


    Just as the Terrance team summed up the battle, Mismagius and Gallade quickly exchanged their eyes. When Gallade Teleport arrived at a tree, a blade appeared at the elbow and a figure came out.

    "Gallade, don't be so careful."

    Terrance said that although someone knows that they are peeking at them, but Beautifly, floating bubbles, Mismagius, and Gallade are all here, even if someone has a bad heart, they will not pose a threat to them.

    Of course, most of the time, this situation is only that some people pass by this place, and then they are attracted by the movements on their side, so they secretly watched a few more eyes.

    The same is true, when the Gallade blade was about to step out of a girl, Terrance snorted.

    "It turned out to be you."

    This girl, the wizard who met at Terrance in the center of the elf, gave the daughter of the owner of the Terrance map, Jessica.

    "Mr. Terrance, I am not malicious."Jessica was crying and raised her hand.

    At this time, Gallade also knew that this person is not an enemy, and a Teleport returned to Terrance.


    Jessica looked at Terrance and said, "Mr. Terrance, I finally found you."

    Find Me!Terrance sighed and said, "What are you looking for?"

    "I heard from Dad, you are looking for the Carbink community, I think I might be able to help you…I am more familiar with this neighborhood than my father. ”She is serious.

    “Is it just such a simple reason?”Terrance said, "I have something to say."

    "And, are you looking for a diamond mine?! I want to go with you, please. ”After that, Jessica bowed nervously and said: "I grew up listening to the story of the Diamond Mine and Diancie. I hope I can see them on my own, instead of just making the story purely a story. ”

    When the words fell, Terrance laughed and said, "You think about it. Although I am interested in the diamond mining country, I don't plan to spend a lot of time looking for it in Kalos unless there is no specific location."

    "Ahhhh…"Jessica glimpsed.

    "So you still go back, don't let your father worry, you are not suitable for traveling at such a young age."Terrance smiled, and Jessica, who was the guide at the Elf Center, was also in his early 10s. He might not even be 10 years old. Terrance didn't want to have such a drag bottle to follow himself.

    After listening to Terrance, Jessica looked dull and then smiled bitterly: "I am abrupt. Since Mr. Terrance, I will take you to Carbink as a gift."

    Originally thought of five more, the result of lazy cancer made emmm

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