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Pokemon Court Chapter 698

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 698 special Stealth Rock, floating astronomy
    Two hours later.

    Terrance has some regrets.

    Even if Jessica said she was more familiar with the mountain than her father, Terrance forgot to comment on Jessica at the Elf Center.

    The result of giving people a lead is lost, and the result of picking stones is a fake.

    Coincidentally, Terrance also encountered a similar situation. The other party wanted to lead Terrance. Terrance considered it and accepted it. After all, it is a serious matter to accept Carbink. If he can conquer a Carbink that suits him, he doesn't mind paying some. remuneration.

    But Terrance took it for granted. Since he was walking under the leadership of Jessica, not to mention the Carbink community, even a single Carbink can't see it.

    When he was looking for himself, he could meet two Carbink orders, but when Jessica looked for it in this mountain…

    No, no one.

    Terrance had a black line on his forehead and eventually reluctantly said: "I said…"

    That…Mr. Terrance, I feel that I will find it soon. Usually I can see the wild Carbink here. ”Jessica said seriously.

    In desperation, Terrance had to continue to follow the other side. Although the route was somewhat biased, the direction of the main direction of the march was not much different from the process marked on the map recorded by Rotom Pokédex. If it were not with this idea, Terrance would have turned away. People.

    "I saw another cave, Rotto!!"

    Just after Terrance took out a bottle of water and poured two, Rotom Pokédex suddenly found something and quickly flew in the direction of a cave.

    "The cave should have no Carbink."Jessica judged.

    However, the next moment, Rotom Pokédex quickly flew past, and screamed in pain.

    "be careful."Terrance shouted.

    "But I didn't see anything, Rotto!"Rotom Pokédex holds his head and looks around with tears.

    "Mismagius, what did you feel?"Terrance asked.

    Mismagius, who had been hiding around Terrance, appeared, and shook his head in confusion, but as Terrance and Mismagius headed for the direction in which Rotom Pokédex had just been hit, Mismagius slammed out a Mystical Fire and threw it forward.

    In the next moment, the flame burst and burst into the air in the air. The flames were scattered. After seeing this scene, Terrance swept away the Mismagius with Magical Leaf under a command. Numerous Magical Leaf seemed to have successfully cut something. And as the Magical Leaf cuts, the ray of light begins to dissipate.

    "Stealth Rock."Terrance unexpectedly opened.

    Stealth Rock moves: Suspend countless Rocks around, giving interference and damage to enemies.

    Terrance doesn't know how long these Stealth Rocks have been floating here, but the power from the damage given is not great, but it can't be said that there is no advantage. Stealth Rock hides very thoroughly, even before Mismagius does not have a close look. Did not find these Stealth Rock.

    "Mr. Terrance…"Jessica spoke openly.

    "Carbink is inside."Terrance said that although Jessica said that there is not a good chance of having Carbink here, how could he believe her ghost again?

    This Stephanie must have a special aura, a negative buff that specifically disrupts the actions of others.

    After destroying Stealth Rock, Mismagius opened the way and Terrance walked behind the cave immediately, but when they came to the cave, there were 7 big holes in Ground, and it seems that Carbink gathered together to detect Stealth Rock. The ruined movement ran away.

    InterestingTerrance faintly opened, and the Carbink that had been placed before was not so strong, he must see these Carbink.

    "Gallade."Quickly called the Gallade, Terrance put his hand on his shoulder, and then Gallade followed the traces of the hole, closed his eyes and began to sense the vibration of Ground, trying to judge the route Carbink escaped.

    Later, Jessica also chased it up. Looking at Terrance standing in the same place, Jessica just panted and just wanted to talk. Terrance suddenly disappeared. This scene made her take a long time to react.

    At the same time, seven Carbink carefully drilled out of the Ground and looked at the surrounding environment and then relaxed, and began to look for the next cave to stop.

    But at this time, a few figures appeared in front of them, and Terrance smiled at the Pokémon and said hello.

    In order to convey Terrance's mind, Rotom Pokédex flew out and comforted these timid Carbink with Terrance.

    "Jie Mi!!"

    However, Carbink did not seem to believe in Terrance and Rotom Pokédex. In the middle of the seven Carbink, one of the smallest Carbink stations came out and screamed angrily.

    Terrance looked at it slightly and waited for Rotom Pokédex to translate.

    "No, we didn't mean to capture you as a work of art."Rotom Pokédex explains.

    "Jie Mi!! Jiemi! ! ”Carbink, who came out, didn't listen. He condensed a Rock Throw and slammed them at them. Then he quickly set up a Barrier and covered the remaining Carbink to escape.

    In the face of the attack, Terrance was certainly not afraid. Gallade took a step forward and almost did not see the action of pulling the knife. He quickly cut the Rock Throw in half with a white track left in the air, and let Rock Throw Both sides bounced.

    So it isSeeing the reaction of these Carbink, Terrance probably inferred the cause and effect. He threw Ralts' Poké Ball and let Ralts use Confusion to control one of the Carbink who wanted to escape and moved it to his side.

    A Carbink was smashed back, and Carbink, who had just played the Light Screen and Reflect, who seemed to dominate the emperors, slammed his head as he fled and used his mind to recapture his companions.

    But the next moment, a black shadow fell, Gallade appeared next to it, holding it.

    "Well, Carbink, stop attacking," Terrance said.

    "Become my partner, how?"

    Although the attitude is tougher, Terrance is very fond of this Carbink. If there is no guess, the Pokémon that releases Stealth Rock outside the cave should also be this Carbink. This is only Carbink, the leader of several Carbink. special.

    "Jie Mi!!"

    "It said that it put its companions."Rotom Pokédex Road.

    Terrance shrugged and did what he said without hesitation. After Confusion dissipated, Carbink, who was only picked up by Ralts Confusion, quickly returned to his companion.

    For the decisiveness of Terrance, the Carbink leader was very surprised and called twice.

    "Ask me what purpose?"

    This Carbink is smarter than Terrance's imagination, knowing that he will continue to run away with his companions, and will directly negotiate with Terrance. The exchange of Terrance with such a smart Pokémon saves a lot of heart, plus the translation of Rotom Pokédex, Terrance. I also said my own thoughts and talked to each other.

    Terrance made an invitation to get Carbink to join himself and become one of his own Pokémons. This requirement is very common. Most Trainers will use this method to invite in addition to the battle when they encounter wild Pokémon.

    Since this Carbink seems to be the position of a small leader, and with a special personality, Terrance gave up the battle.

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