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Pokemon Court Chapter 699

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 699 chapter gambling and illusion tempering, floating astronomy
    "Jie Mi!!!"

    However, Carbink's reaction was more intense than Terrance's imagination, and he rejected the invitation of Terrance with a firm attitude.

    In this regard, Terrance showed such a look, saying: "Is it because I want to protect your companion?"

    Terrance's guess made Carbink stunned and nodded.

    This Carbink ability is much better than several other Carbinks. From Stealth Rock alert, double wall manufacturing Barrier blocking Rival, and Telekinesis, Terrance can see that Carbink is very expensive to protect his companions. A lot of thoughts, the personality and talent of the other side, let Terrance appreciate it.

    However, Terrance also knows that it is best not to accept a Pokémon in the position of the leader, but it is rare for Terrance to encounter a carbink that fits the mind and can only think of it from other aspects.

    "But your strength, you can't protect your companion at all, isn't it?"Terrance Road.

    "It's better for us to make a bet. Let me train your companions for 7 days. After 7 days, your companions will have the strength to overcome you. If you lose, you will prove that they don't need you. The protection, and you, come to be my Pokémon, if you win, I promise not to interfere with you."

    "In this way, there is no harm to you, isn't it?"

    At this time, Terrance dominated. In the case that Carbink is not as strong as Terrance, they have no room for rejection. Terrance's gamble is intended to convince Carbink's leader to convince himself, and the second is to help Carbink leaders solve their worries. .

    Terrance stood there quietly watching the Carbink, Ralts stood next to it, Mismagius also floated aside, as for Rotom Pokédex, no longer speak, Terrance and his team are waiting for Carbink's answer, creating this The battle is also to give Carbink some pressure.

    "clean…mum! ”

    The headed Carbink looked at his companions and looked at Terrance, nodding his head reluctantly.

    It didn't dare to refuse. If it refused, it could prove that they could not escape with the strength of several Pokémons just like Terrance.

    With this response, Terrance smiled. If this Carbink is really tough, Terrance has no way. The twist is not sweet, but if you can get along with Carbink further, Terrance believes that you can do it with your own skills. Let it recognize itself.

    Just then, there was a shout in the distance. It was Jessica who was looking for Terrance in the surrounding area and found this side.

    "In a sense, the amount, it is also the credit of her lead to find this Carbink."Terrance sighed and he felt that this should be said to be forced to accept the other's labor.



    Taking back Gallade and Ralts, Terrance followed a few Carbink back to the cave. Of course, Jessica was gone.

    Just Terrance proposed the idea of giving some remuneration, but was quickly rejected by the other party. Jessica claimed that he only wanted to help Terrance find Carbink for compensation, instead of asking for a guide to ask for compensation. For Jessica, Terrance I can only express my gratitude.

    The other party saw Terrance successfully found Carbink, understood that his mission was achieved, and did not bother to continue to disturb Terrance.

    Jessica’s departure made Terrance feel a lot more comfortable. No one was there. The whole person was a relaxed Contest Condition. As several Carbink returned to the cave, Terrance began to negotiate and bet. approximately.

    There are seven carbink in front of the eyes, seems to be a small team, one of them is the leader, is Terrance Fancy that one carbink, the remaining six carbink, not only the character is timid, the ability is not admirable, to a more experienced rookie Trainer Can be dealt with, the six carbink through training for a week, so that they can overcome the strongest one, is Terrance the next task.

    It is not difficult to make these Carbink beat the strongest Carbink in 7 days. It is rare how to let them accept their training with willingness and finally fight with their companions.

    However, this problem Terrance just thought for 3 seconds, there is a solution.

    Mismagius slowly showed his physique, and at the reminder of Terrance, he had just returned to the cave of seven Carbink, six of which were about to receive the first training from Terrance.

    The head of Carbink looked at Terrance and wanted to see what Terrance had to train the six companions, but what the Carbink leader didn't think was that with the Mismagius curse, the six Carbink entered the illusion space without any resistance. , fainted in the past.

    In the illusion space, there are countless things in the outside.

    In this short period of time, six Carbink experienced habitat destruction, companions and themselves were captured by poachers, and then processed into a short life of art and eventually life.

    In the face of the spirit of the Mismagius Elite level, none of these Carbink realized that they had fallen into the illusion. In the illusion, they experienced pain, separation, death, weakness and helplessness. Go back to the most desperate experience.

    "clean!! mum! ! ”Looking at the companions falling down, Carbink leader Rage shouted.

    However, after Terrance gestured a little more, he was surprised to find that the companions stood up again.

    However, when the Carbink leader looked at the eyes of his companions, they quickly discovered that they had become a little different. It was a look that had just experienced despair and could not see any hope.

    "Mismagius, help them recover."Terrance said that with the spell of Mismagius making people happy, the six Carbink quickly restored the Contest Condition, but the experience just now became their shadow.

    The six Carbink that came back to the Contest Condition looked around and looked at them. As they looked around, they gradually remembered something.

    Those awkward experiences and their current Contest Condition made them suddenly more awkward.

    "Don't be surprised, you have all experienced illusions, but maybe one day will become real. I ask you, do you realize the helplessness brought by your weakness?"Terrance said softly.

    "If you realize that you want to get rid of the weak, wait for me to start training with me."

    The six Carbink expressions are still blank, but soon, the memory is once again recalled by them. As soon as they think of the powerlessness they have experienced, these Carbink shake their heads and look at their leader. They have been helping them. That Carbink.

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