Pokemon Court Chapter 700

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 700th to accept Carbink, floating astronomy
    Until they realized the powerless encounters, they knew how much their companion paid for them.

    When they can only escape, the companions in front of them have already tried to help them avoid various dangers through hard training, and this painstakingly, until now they really realized it.

    "Jie Mi! Jiemi! Jiemi! ! ”

    When I looked at Terrance again, these Carbink were willing to train. After desperate, they didn't want to rely too much on others, but wanted to take their fate in their hands.

    "Since you are already determined, you will have to work hard for the next 7 days."

    Terrance has no mercy.

    As the six Carbink agreed to cooperate, the Carbink leader looked at them inexplicably and looked at Terrance at the same time.

    "I want to know why they are willing to train…And made such a big change? ”Terrance looks at the leader of Carbink.

    "Although you can protect them as a companion, this is not a long-term solution. Maybe one month, maybe one year, you will encounter stronger enemies sooner or later, or you will encounter rudeness and fight rudely. The Trainer that will convince you, when they can, they can still be safe?"

    "I want you to join me. The way to gamble is just to solve your concerns, so I have to come up with such a way…As for what they have experienced, Mismagius, let it be shown again. ”

    Terrance turned and Mismagius had once again built the illusion space and pulled the Carbink leader into it.

    After the Carbink leader experienced everything that Carbink had experienced, the recovery speed was very fast, and it was not awakened with Mismagius. Smelling Salts came over alone, but looking at the expression, the Carbink leader was equally worried and afraid of what he had experienced in the illusion space. Very incomparable.

    It looked so complicated. When looking at Terrance and Mismagius and his companions, I finally realized why Carbink would be willing to train and gain more power.

    “How can there be too much pray for power without suffering and despair?”Terrance shook his head slightly, and it was this psychology that allowed him to let Mismagius mobilize the enthusiasm of the Carbink to gain strength.

    In fact, this approach was quite successful. Not only did the six Carbinks take the initiative to become stronger, but even the Carbink leader looked at Terrance.

    It has met many humans, Trainer, bad guys, ordinary people, but never seen a special person like Terrance.



    Seven days of training time.

    Terrance arranged a reasonable training plan for the six Carbink.

    The first is the ability to courage and the ability to respond to dangerous reactions. This is the most important quality. As a wild Pokémon, it is essential to avoid danger in the wild.

    The training method is to exert illusion pressure through Mismagius.

    Second, their ability to interfere, Terrance mainly teaches its Double Team, a move that can both escape and fight.

    And in the end, the most important means of demonstrating combat capabilities, Terrance trained them in three moves, Harden, Sharpen and Gyro Ball.

    There is no Rock attack attack that Carbink will use, but two variants and a trick to attack from scratch. Gyro Ball, familiar with these four tricks, is the 7-day mission. .

    Harden, can enhance Carbink's tyrannical defense.

    Sharpen strengthens the sharpness of Carbink's body, which is to enhance the attack power.

    The combination of these two moves indirectly enhances the threat of Carbink's body to the enemy. When such a Carbink hits, anyone will have a headache. This is not finished yet. With the mobility, the Gyro Ball can be attacked and defended. Will further take advantage of Carbink's advantages.

    Training with these four tricks as the core, seven days passed quickly.

    Of course, it was impossible for Terrance to put all his thoughts on the Carbink in the seven days. He also continued to train Larvitar, Ice Vulpix and Ralts.

    In addition to Larvitar playing the foundation, ice Vulpix learning floating Hail with floating bubbles, Ralts practicing the Teleport with Gallade, these three little guys often practice battles with Carbink, so that both sides can accumulate combat experience.

    When Terrance trains six Carbink, the only Carbink leader is not here. It seems to be looking for a local special training. In order not to be easily defeated by his companions, it is not sloppy, not wasting this seven days, the same effort With.

    However, it was trained alone. There were certainly no Carbinks with Rotom Pokédex, Mismagius, and Terrance's Breeder Three Gravity Help. On the day of the match, six Carbink took turns playing against the Carbink leader.

    As a result, under the six Carbink Gyro Ball, what defense Barrier, what Stealth Rock, has no effect, directly destroyed in the face of absolute power, the strong rotation force, let Carbink once again Defeated the Carbink leader.

    The result, without the surprise of Terrance, made the Carbink shocked. They didn't expect that they would be able to get such a powerful strength after only 7 days of training.

    "How, now convinced, they just show part of the strength."Terrance looks at the Carbink leader.

    The Carbink leader went through six defeats and lost to six companions who had to take care of themselves before. It was in a low mood.

    "Go with me, follow me, you will be able to gain stronger strength."

    The facts are in front of them. Terrance is right. In just seven days, his companions don't need their own protection. Each of them has more strength than themselves.

    "Jie Mi!"

    "Jie Mi!!"

    "Jie Mi!!"

    At this time, Carbink also persuaded them. After 7 days of training, they also recognized the essence of Terrance. This is a very good human being, can be seen by Terrance, they really envy their companions, and they I also hope that my companions can go to the larger stage with Terrance.

    They don't want to delay the future of a partner who has been protecting himself before, instead of staying here to protect them.

    "Jie Mi?"Carbink leader.

    It was very complicated, remembered the gamble with Terrance, and listened to the persuasion of his companions. After considering it for a long time, it finally raised his head.

    "Jie Mi!!"

    The next moment, it shouted excitedly. After listening to the translation of Rotom Pokédex, Terrance smiled and said:

    "No problem, I will definitely make you the strongest Carbink."

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