Pokemon Court Chapter 701

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 701th chapter re-enacts Wikstrom Elite, floating astronomy
    After conquering Carbink, Terrance returned to Geosenge Town.

    However, Geosenge Town was a little different from the atmosphere two days ago.

    Just the day before, Terrance had just replenished at Geosenge Town, when Geosenge Town was far less lively.

    It seems that within a day, the number of Geosenge Town has doubled Normal.

    "Mr. Terrance?"A familiar voice came, and Terrance leaned over and turned to Jessica, who had a bad luck halo.

    "You are still in Geosenge Town, I thought you were gone…Wait a minute, are you also coming for Mega Stone? ”She spoke very quickly, but Terrance caught the key message.

    "Mega Stone?"Terrance wondered.

    “It is said that there are traces of the evolution of Key Stone and Mega Stone near Geosenge Town.”Jessica realized that Terrance didn't understand the matter and quickly explained it.

    "Why did this kind of news spread?"Terrance doesn't understand. Even if someone discovers Mega Stone, like this top-level strategic resource, you should be tempted to let yourself be swallowed up, and let the message flow out to attract so many Trainer aggregations.

    "I don't know, most people have this doubt, but everyone has the luck to get Mega Stone."Jessica Road.

    "It turned out that even if the news is difficult to distinguish, Mega Stone is too attractive, as long as there is a possibility, you can't miss it."In Terrance's heart, the Mega Stone is such a thing, even if he is Covet, it is Steven's local tyrant who can take the Mega Evolution props.

    "Thank you, I have seen it."After talking to the other party for a while, Terrance bid farewell to the other party and has no plans to learn more about Jessica here.

    The birth of Mega Stone haunts the heart of Terrance. Intuition tells Terrance that it is not easy, but Terrance is not clear where it is.

    I am afraid that the Trainer who heard the news has this doubt, but can't resist the attraction of Mega Stone. After coming to the Elf Center, Terrance handed Carbink's Poké Ball to Nurse Joy and asked her to help her Carbink recover. physical strength.

    "Mr. Terrance…You are Mr. Terrance. ”

    After resting on the sofa for a while, Terrance came over and handed over his Carbink Poké Ball to him, and asked.

    Terrance was puzzled and said, "I am."

    "There is someone inside who wants to see you."Nurse Joy.

    Standing up, Terrance nodded and followed Nurse Joy to a special room that was different from the other rooms in the Elf Center that served as Trainer. It looked special and more like a place to live. Strategic Center.

    In the room, Terrance saw two people, one of whom was his acquaintance, but the acquaintance was very different from Terrance's impression at this time, and if it wasn't for Terrance's careful observation, it was almost unrecognized.

    "Master Wikstrom."Terrance opens the way.

    This person is one of the Kalos Elite Fours, the steel master Wikstrom, Terrance has played against the other side in the Battle Chateau, and the Mega Gallade dominated the opponent's Aegislash.

    "Haha, it really is you."Wikstrom laughed. "I didn't expect the Trainer of the Hoenn Region to come to the Kalos Region again. Are you afraid that the Hoenn Alliance will send a prosecutor to assess your hall's performance?"

    "I have naturally arranged this."Terrance also laughed.

    Next to Wikstrom, there was a young man in a white royal gown. He smiled after seeing Terrance and said hello.

    “Master Wikstrom, why are you here?”It was doubtful to bring Terrance to Nurse Joy, and it is even more confusing to see Wikstrom Elite.

    "Compared to that, Terrance, are you also attracted by the news of Mega Stone?"Wikstrom Road.

    Terrance shook his head and said, "Is it related to this news?"

    Wikstrom and the royal gods glanced at each other and nodded. They said to Terrance: "This news should be a bait. The person who released the news is probably the international poaching organization Spades A."

    Spades ATerrance asked, “Is it an international wanted criminal?”

    "Spades A is a code name, referring to this poaching gang, they take snatch Trainer Pokémon as the main goal, is a group of poor and vicious criminals, this time Kalos Alliance according to their past in other region The style of the crime, as well as information from the secret department, was heard in advance, allowing Geosenge Town to gather so many trainer mega Stone messages that could almost be concluded that it had been released by the other party. ”

    Wikstrom Elite solemnly said: "I am the leader of the special action team dispatched by the Kalos Alliance, who is mainly responsible for this mission."

    Terrance understood it and said, "Is it necessary to arrest the Spades A gang?"

    "Although this is one of the purposes, but the main purpose is to recycle the aerospace mothership, spades A has a separate spaceship, the spaceship is very threatening, has been the Region Elves Alliance for the headache of things, Although the spades have so far not done anything too much with the spaceship, no one wants to let such a dangerous weapon out. ”

    Terrance is dumb: "Why does a poaching gang have such a thing?"

    Wikstrom Elite said: "Of course, this spaceship is not their own manufacture, this spade a gang, born Kanto Region the largest underground organization rockets, they are rockets defectors, the spaceship is also from a rocket R & amp; d base Stolen, So not only are they wanted in white road, but they are also wanted by the Rockets on the underworld. ”

    After listening to Wikstrom Elite, Terrance nodded and said, "So you called me through Nurse Joy, would you like me to assist this recycling?"

    Wikstrom Elite smiled: "This mission was led by me and Elite Four, the best Trainer in the new generation of Kalos Region, and the team also had 24 special personnel with experienced Trainer experience. If the Spades A dare to show up, there is absolutely no return."

    “Nurse Joy is transferred to the Geosenge Town through the Wizard Center backstage system. The Trainer is also mainly used to help us detect intelligence, but your appearance is really unexpected. Although you don’t need to help us with the task, if there is The top Trainer like you is in Geosenge Town, and we will be more at ease when we perform tasks there."

    "Of course, the specific security work of Geosenge Town will be handled by the police system such as Officer Jenny. The battle should be concentrated in the mountains. You just need to sit here to prevent some accidents."As Wikstrom Elite fell, he continued: "If you stay in Geosenge Town, you will probably encounter some unexpected situations. Considering your strength, I will let you know if you let me know in advance. ."

    The words, Terrance's Poké Ball moved, it was the movement of Carbink.

    “Wikistrom Master, you are saying that the mountains are likely to trigger large-scale battles?”

    "Do not rule out this possibility, but according to the original plan, the spade A is not a Gust wave, and the probability of a major war is less than 5%."

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