Pokemon Court Chapter 702

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 702th spaceship appears, floating astronomy
    Terrance knocked on Poké Ball with his hand and gestured to Carbink not to worry.

    Feeling the outside movement, Carbink knew about the conversations of Terrance and Wikstrom and others, and began to worry about its companions.

    Considering Carbink's mood, Terrance was silent.

    During his training of several other Carbink, he learned about the past experience of Carbink. At the beginning, this Carbink was not a member of the Carbink group, but was added later.

    The Carbink that Terrance conquered, who had been raided by poachers in the habitat, as the only one to escape, it is not surprising that Terrance has such a strong sense of prevention, and now for those who want to hurt their companions, this Carbink Still very strong hostility.

    If Terrance didn't train those Carbinks better than it, it would definitely not go with Terrance.

    "No problem, let me sit in Geosenge Town."Terrance opening.

    After spending 7 days with the few Carbinks, Terrance and they also had a bit of affection, even if it was unlikely to reach Carbink, but Terrance did not want to gamble.

    However, if the main target of the poaching gang is Trainer's Pokémon, it should not openly damage the town. If they do, they can't bear the anger of the Elf Alliance. When it's time to hunt, it's not a simple Elite Four. Configured.

    Terrance chose to stay, and wanted to take the Carbink over and take care of it for a while. If they were involved in the battle, it would be wonderful.

    After talking to Wikstrom Elite, Terrance left and went back to the cave where Carbink was.

    After the departure of Terrance, Elite Four, named Qing, alternately said: "Wikstrom seniors, is this Terrance reliable?"

    Wikstrom nodded. "The other party is not only the Trainer, but also has some relationship with Interpol. The elf siege of the Kanto Region a month ago was solved by this person."

    If it weren't for these layers, Wikstrom Elite didn't dare to trust Terrance easily, and said the mission. After all, Alliance wanted to recycle the spaceship for a long time, and there was no risk.

    "Geosenge Town is not a big problem here. It is mainly on the other side of the mountain. You and I are prepared. This time, we must clean these tumors!"



    After communicating with Wikstrom Elite, Terrance also got a communication device, which was temporarily a non-staff of the action team and was responsible for guarding Geosenge Town, mainly to prevent the battle from spreading here.

    "Mr. Terrance, don't be nervous, just a poaching gang, and Wikstrom Elite will come to you."Elite candidate green sends voice through the communication device.

    Although he knew that Terrance was not weak, he also worried that Terrance had not experienced such a scene, so he said that he was comforted.

    "Do not worry about me."Terrance replied, he himself was in the center of the Elf, but at this time his Poké Ball was empty inside. This is the Poké Ball of Mismagius, which has been dispatched by Terrance to fully observe the battle. From this point, you can see the heart of Terrance. How big is it.

    Six Carbink, also arranged by Terrance in the Elf Center, Terrance's move, and the carbink that Terrance conquered gradually changed the attitude of Terrance and recognized Terrance.

    Illegal trafficking of elves has always been a profitable Black area. To know that the most common Pokémons, such as Magikarp and Catterpie, the lowest price of other Pokémons is worth more than half a month for ordinary workers.

    If it is a rare Pokémon such as Vulpix, Froakie, and Ralts, the price will be higher in the black market, and it is hardly for the families of ordinary families to spare the purchase, but it is because of such high profits that everyone is taken care of. .

    At present, the only place to legally trade Pokémon is the regular breeding house identified by Alliance. However, because it is the Breeder family who is a small Breeder, the price is often not cheap. The family in the ordinary family still can't afford the precious Pokémon. The poachers are drilling. This empty space was approved to target the illegal Pokémon and Trainer's Pokémon all over the country.

    The largest Black organization that relies on illegal trafficking of elves as its main means of profit is the Kanto Rockets.

    One day later, when Terrance was at the Geosenge Town Elf Center, a Mega Stone appeared on the other side of the mountain, causing a lot of Trainer competition, no one would let anyone.

    There really is Mega Stone!

    With this news, Terrance looked at the many Trainers who rushed to the mountains and couldn't help but frown.

    Could it be that the poaching gang has purposely gathered the bait that the Trainer deliberately throws?

    It may also be fake. After all, if you can't detect Mega Stone without checking the instrument, it is very easy to make a fake stone that is similar to Mega Stone but has no effect.

    More than a hundred Trainers gathered in the mountains, and they all looked at the Mega Stone, and no one wanted to give up.

    In this case, if not alliance law and some moral values in the suppression of them, Trainer may have long been for Mega Stone Big shot, this kind of unowned thing, naturally who gets who is, but because of Trainer too much, Mega Stone competition, Fell in the ground, many people look at, no one dare to act lightly, afraid to become a target.

    "Everyone stopped."Just as the Trainer looked at Mega Stone, a young lady riding a motorcycle, Junsha, came to an end and quickly ended the farce.

    When Miss Junsha arrived, the Trainers had a lot of peace, even a few violent Trainers did not dare to continue to make restless moves.

    At the suggestion of Miss Junjun, the Mega stone will be used as a prize to give the capable trainer by holding a matchup match in Geosenge Town, in which the winner of the final race will be given the right to belong to Mega Stone, an offer that was immediately trainer , after all, there is no better way than this, and there is Miss King Shah as a guarantee, this competition is also very convincing.

    Most Trainers still trust Miss Junsha. As for the few people, there is nothing to say when they see the trend.

    Some of the Trainer crowds were special operations personnel who performed the mission. As the chaos was calmed down, they began to wonder. The Trainers also gathered here. Why did the Spades A poaching group not appear? sign?

    "Slightly safe."The secret communication devices uploaded the sound of the blue, and these senior Trainers began to wait quietly.

    Soon after, the crowd slowly formed an order under the organization of Miss Junsha. When I was about to leave this place, a huge transparent shadow of the Shadow was slowly emerging in the clouds. No one saw this ghost, but it was specially acted upon. The group prepared the detection device in advance to detect it.

    Shadow Fly, a huge area, a wide range of large network from the soaring in the sky down, directly in the direction of the crowd to cover the past, this change let trainer shocked up, the next few special operations personnel want to quickly call Pokémon, but they found the same Poké Ball's release system has been closed by an unknown radio wave, and with the special suction from the sky, the pokéball below, in addition to dead by the trainer held down one or two, the rest of the autonomous liftoff, by the spaceship attracted the past.

    "I have been waiting for you for a long time."

    In the other direction, a middle-aged uncle wearing a silver armor laughed and said:

    "Pull it down."

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