Pokemon Court Chapter 703

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 703th chapter of the powerless poaching gang, floating astronomy
    Outside the Geosenge Town, in the mountains.

    Wikstrom Elite stood on one side, his side, and four elves stood up.

    Probopass, Klefki, Metaglos, Klinklang, and Wikstrom Elite's Stealth Rock, made with Probopass, eliminates traces of its existence until it detects an enemy, and Wikstrom continues to order.

    The next moment, Probopass, Klefki, Metasross, and Klinklang interfered with most of the spacecraft's functions with electromagnetic force through the previously prepared materials. At this time, countless Poké Balls began to fall, and one was jointly exhibited by Probopass, Metasols, and Klinklang. The huge Gravity field suppressed the past, and the space carrier quickly sank in an instant.

    The powerful lift interfered with the Gravity of the three elves, and Klefki moved.

    The pink undulations of the sky emanate from its body, turning into countless chains, going straight to Soaring in the sky, dozens of Fairy locks, turned into a shackle, absorbed by the electromagnetic force in the spaceship On, once again restricted the other party's actions.

    "The next step is the harvesting work."

    Wikstrom Elite threw a Poké Ball and a red elf appeared instantly.


    "Damn, what's going on!"

    On the space carrier, a group of poachers looked blue and looked at a row of uncontrolled functions. They were so angry that they hammered the hammer button with their fists.

    "Boss, the mothership is out of control, and it will sink in this way!"

    A blue-haired female Trainer looked at the middle-aged man who was headed and said: "We must retreat. This time we are counted by Alliance."

    The middle-aged person headed by the display looked down to the situation, saying: "It may also be calculated by the boss of the board."

    "The mother ship's configuration is only clear to the rockets, the other side can perfectly block our attack, protection, self destruct, detachment and other functions, the odds are too small, Alliance what developed this technology?" ”

    After saying the guess, the leader of the poaching gang also gnawed his teeth, he was the Rockets research base of the security personnel origin, in order to achieve their own ambitions he has been lurking for 20 years, although he joined the Rockets when he also had great ambitions, very heartfelt, but the Rockets in office, the dead do not give him a chance to show his ambition, It made him gradually begin to resent.

    The mothership function was blocked. The first thing he thought was that the Rockets had revealed the information to Alliance. It was only this possibility that the blockade against them would be so smooth. Otherwise, they could not stop them by ordinary means. Mothership.

    Moreover, only the Rockets have this energy to negotiate with Alliance. As one of the top Trainers in the world, Banmu is also the leader in the manufacturing technology of the Elven world, producing a large number of world commercial Totem used by Trainer. Silph Co. The core of the high-level, such a position makes Alliance even know that Banmu is the boss behind the Rockets, do not dare to easily start with him, the Rockets as the underground organization with the greatest armed forces, Alliance, if not handled properly, will eventually trigger a The turmoil throughout the Region.

    The wrist of Banmu makes him have great energy in the business and black world and can also have the identity of the official pavilion. It has to be said that Banmu is the most terrible man seen by the leader of the poaching gang, so that he is worried about himself. On the day when the Rockets never made a difference, they finally decided to defect.

    "That man is scarier than anyone thinks, and sooner or later the Silver and the alliance will be played by him in the palm of his hands, working with the wood, and they are undoubtedly conspiring with the tiger." ”Speaking of this, the leader of the poaching gang looked at the mother ship system with a gradual decline in performance, and changed his face: "I ordered to abandon the mothership. We left here by the escape plane, and then we will be able to escape at the Kalos Z17 base. The Kalos Alliance is in the fight."

    Yes Boss

    The order was issued, the middle-aged leader was stunned, and after leaving the Rockets, he was both wanted. He did not expect to act in the end because Alliance and the Rockets colluded with each other to make them fall into desperation.


    Soaring in the sky.

    Countless Trainers looked at the falling Poké Ball and couldn't tell which one was their own, and the order was more chaotic.

    Miss Junsha organized the masses to calm down and looked at the huge mothership controlled by Fairy's lock, Gravity field, and electromagnetic force.

    Soon, the change took place, and the escape routes of the motherships that were jointly smashed by the three forces were opened. Countless planes began to escape from all directions, but they were disturbed by Gravity field and electromagnetic force, even if the power was not mainly directed at them. However, the poachers are still subject to considerable restrictions in their escape.

    This restriction provides a good opportunity for the special operations team to counterattack, one of which is the most active.

    A young man in a white royal gown, with a smile, accompanied by an Alola Ninetales, and as Ninetales twirled his tail, numerous mirrors of ice came to the air.

    "Ninetales, Dazzling Gleam."

    When the words fall, the infinite rays are reflected from the specular acceleration. The indiscriminate ray attack in the sky ruthlessly sweeps the poachers who want to escape. He and Ninetales alone limit the majority of poachers. This picture allows the underlying action personnel. They are all together.

    "Wikstrom seniors, I will accept the credit."

    Elite Four alternately smiles toward the red figure in the air by electromagnetic force, Confusion, and the armored Wikstrom Elite standing on Metatags.

    "Don't let them escape."

    At this moment, the poaching gang also took care of nothing, throwing out their own Poké Ball together, and intending to abandon Pokémon also to escape from the Alliance.

    If they are caught, waiting for them is a permanent imprisonment. Compared to that, as long as there is a chance to escape, they have to fight for it.

    "Abandon Struggle, you are just a bunch of people."Wikstrom Elite screams out loud, Scizor is like a red phantom, flexible shuttle in the sky, driving Bullet Punch to collapse one after another, the speed is only let people see Flash.

    The power of Elite Four Wikstrom and the alternate Elite Four Green completely suppressed the poaching gang. The special action personnel underneath became the nanny of the Trainer. They could only organize the order with Miss Junsha if they did not enter the battle. At the same time, monitor the situation and prevent fish from leaking.

    After a while, the poaching gangs were almost completely destroyed. The special operations personnel swarmed up and tied the falling poachers. The huge spaceship, also by the joint efforts of several steel systems Pokémon of Wikstrom Elite, slammed from Soaring in the Sky squats, completely blocked.

    At the same time, however, a special operations officer ran over and whispered and Wikstrom Elite and Qinghui reported: "There were two people missing after counting the number of people. They should have not left the mothership at first, and then took the opportunity in the chaos. ran away."

    "Don't worry, I have already blocked this area. All of the Pokémons except Ninetales are arranged around."Qing said.

    At this time, a Scyther flew. After it sent two messages to Qing, the face was stunned. "The arrested one was a poacher who wanted to escape to the depths of the mountain. One of them escaped through special equipment." The blockade of my Pokémon fled in the direction of Geosenge Town."

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