Pokemon Court Chapter 704

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 704 is guarded by me, floating astronomy
    “To convey information to the keeper in Geosenge Town, you must not let this person escape!”

    In the chaos of the Mountain Region, the leader of the poaching gang was quickly flying away with a smart suspension device. After successfully recovering from the shoulders of Natu's Teleport, he escaped from the mountains and fled towards Geosenge Town.

    The mountains are close to the ocean, and it is more dangerous to cross the ocean with his ability. It will undoubtedly become a trapped beast when he escapes to the depths. Only Geosengge Town can get him out of the enemy's pursuit and escape to several hidden bases safely.

    There is still a warning ahead, and he is already prepared, but years of experience have given him confidence that no one can leave himself without touching the top Trainer.

    If Alliance sent two top Trainers to deal with them and blocked them in all directions, he could only accept the fate.

    On the outskirts of Geosenge Town, four special operations personnel waited for the enemy to appear in all directions. They watched the flying genie in the air and observed it. After a while, one found a poaching gang leader who was wearing a smart suspension device and wanted to fly over Geosenge Town. Start to notify other players.

    But what he didn't think was that as the other party threw a Poké Ball, a Cryogonal appeared quickly, releasing the black and white entangled mist, which covered the surrounding light and made it impossible to see anything.

    "Staraptor, blowing off the fog."The special action officer quickly shouted.

    However, it was difficult for the fog to blow away, which cost him a lot of effort, but as the fog dissipated, there was only one other person in front of him, leaving only one Cryogonal to stay here.

    The special operations personnel looked around and the other party had already discarded the smart levitation equipment. In exchange for a Dragonite as a mount, it has crossed half of Geosenge Town. The leader of the poaching gang has no worries, and then only need to escape as much as possible. At this time, the speed has become the first.

    Until now, the leader of the poaching gang is not afraid to reveal his whereabouts. He wants to break through the Geosenge Town blockade with Superpower. As long as he leaves the place of smoking, with the size of Kalos, he does not believe that Kalos Alliance can look at him with his hands and eyes.

    The other three special operations personnel, Lock On took the position of Dragonite and turned around together. When they saw a chase, Soaring in the sky began to slowly rain.

    The rain was so violent that everyone was surprised. The head of the poaching gang was wrinkled, but he couldn’t help him think more. It’s the most important thing to get out of the big army before he catches up, but he hasn’t waited for his thoughts to recover. The ice and snow energy spread along the raindrops to the entire Soaring in the sky, and the weather changed instantly!

    Huge ice and snow force along the water droplets, frozen the entire soaring in the sky, this snow and ice, like out of thin air, a road palpable frightened snow and ice with exaggerated spread of the speed of the Dragonite to the edge of the body, with the wings frozen, and then to the body, hands and feet, and finally Dragonite The discovery of fear, in addition to the head, has been nailed in the air by ice and snow!

    Not only Dragonite, but also the leader of the poaching gang behind it, except for a head exposed outside, all over the body frozen by the ice and snow energy, together from the ground straight soaring in the sky like a ladder of icicles, became nailed to Dragonite and his walls, At this moment the infinite chill stimulates the whole body, only a few seconds, the Dragonite and the leader of the poaching gang will be blue, they have been difficult to bear such cold energy.

    "I thought I couldn't use it. I didn't expect a fish to slip through the net."

    As several special operations personnel arrived, they only saw a brown-haired youth on Ground who was boring and playing Yawn.

    Next to him, a floating bubble floats in Soaring in the sky. In addition, there is a Carbink on the Ground and a Gallade standing next to it.

    "I am Terrance, I am entrusted by Wikstrom Elite, and I am guarded by this place."Terrance didn't return his head. He reached out and pointed his finger at the center of the elf behind him and the half of the Geosenge Town. He spoke to the special operations personnel who came over.

    Non-Thank you very much.

    They already know that there is a Terrance character. Now, after communicating with Wikstrom Elite through the communication device, they have confirmed that the whole team of the Spades A poaching group has been captured, and they have also harvested a carrier of the aircraft carrier. Said to be a great success in combat.



    "Mr. Terrance, thank you for your help."Kalos Elite Four alternately reached out and smiled and shook hands with Terrance.

    "It’s just a matter of doing it, and I haven’t done anything important."Terrance reached out and shook the other hand.

    "But then, is the Mega Stone released as a bait true?"Asked Terrance.

    "The Mega Stone is just a counterfeit."Green shook his head. "Don't you want to collect Mr. Terrance's Mega Stone?"

    “I am only interested in Mega Stone and Key Stone.”Terrance, these two stones that allow Pokémon to carry out the Mega Evolution, in Terrance's view, should contain a powerful life energy, it is Assist's life energy, Pokémon can open the most basic potential hidden in the body.

    The Mega Evolution, in Terrance's view, can be done without relying on two stones.

    In theory, as long as Pokémon has enough life energy and the means to control life energy, then you can complete the Mega Evolution and stimulate your potential.

    This is the three examples of the Diancie with the autonomous Mega Evolution that he met with Ash, the Primal Reversion of Hoenn's two ultra-ancient elves, and the special Greninja of Kalos Ash, and then the conclusion of the establishment of the Bratano Professor. Guess on the ground.

    Just as Terrance studied the Totem gas field of the Z power system, his Altaria practiced with the Pokémon Xerneas, who is in charge of life energy, and he also studied the Mega Evolution system.

    “If you are interested in Mega Stone, don’t miss the Lumiose City auction one month later. I heard that there should be a set of Mega Evolution items.”Green is open.

    When I got the news, Terrance had some surprises. After nodding, he said: "Thank you for your message, but Mr. Qing, if you have the chance, we might as well talk about it. Your Alola Ninetales's ice reflection technique and one of my spiritual goals. Very similar, maybe we can exchange experience."

    ThisI was a bit green. If I didn't guess that Terrance should have left Geosenge Town, how could the other side know about the situation in the mountains?

    After just squatting, Qing quickly nodded and said: "No problem, I also want to communicate with your powerful Trainer."

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