Pokemon Court Chapter 705

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 705 chapter before and after, floating astronomy
    Wikstrom Elite also met with Terrance after handling the things over there.

    Although Terrance didn't do much in this mission, after all, there was some effort, and the Kalos Alliance would like to thank you.

    Presented by the mayor of Wikstrom Elite and Geosenge Town, Terrance gave a set of high-quality evolutionary stones as a thank-you, and Terrance accepted it.

    These evolutionary stones are not as good as the Ice Stone that Steven has given, but they are also top-notch. Even if Terrance is not used for a while, stay at the Fallabor Gym collection.

    The chain reaction and subsequent processing caused by the recovery of the mothership incident was not what Terrance wanted to know. After this incident, Terrance asked the Carbink and asked if they would leave with him.

    If you continue to live here, you can't avoid accidents. Terrance is currently a big family, and there are no problems with taking care of a few Carbink. However, in the face of Terrance's invitation, these Carbink refused.

    They said that they didn't want to leave, and Terrance didn't regret it. They taught them how to train themselves in the future and left Geosenge Town.

    After leaving Geosenge Town, Terrance began to walk towards the remains of the girl stone statue in order to train Carbink, Ralts, Vulpix, and Larvitar.

    In addition to the new elves, Terrance's Beautifly, Gallade, Mismagius, Floating Bubbles, Arcanine are also progressing. Their strength in the Elite field is not low-level, because of the special Breeder style, they can also be used in the Elite field. Occupy a place, it is considered to be a superior Pokémon.

    As Terrance continues to Breeder, they are gradually gaining a foothold in the Elite field, and their strength is more stable, but the strength is to be further improved. If there is no adventure, it will only rely on years of accumulation.

    At present, in addition to training, they also have the task of teaching the younger generation.

    Beautifly, Gallade, Mismagius, floating bubbles, Arcanine can grow to the present strength, Terrance can be said to have paid a lot of effort, these five elves, including Altaria, are the crystallization of Terrance Breeder level, they are six The elf, in a sense, is the embodiment of Terrance Breeder's ability.

    So, Terrance wants Breeder Larvitar, Vulpix, Ralts, Carbink, and the Breeder method, although innovative, will choose different Breeder routes based on their racial talent, but in general, they can't get rid of his first six. The shadow of the main elf.

    For example, Larvitar, although with the special ability of the mode, but still grows, still have to learn the use of Sandstorm, so that it can not be called the name of its desert monarch, but to learn Sandstorm, naturally rely on Terrance according to the Weather Institute data and itself Inspiration, experience summed up the Sandstorm tricks.

    Vulpix's Hail secret, Larvitar's Sandstorm secret, not only with Terrance's efforts, but also with the experience of floating bubbles, and the power of Beautifly's airflow skills, so their rapid growth is largely based on floating bubbles. Beautifly on the shadow of these predecessors.

    The more Trainer's experience, the stronger the Pokémon's strength. There is nothing wrong with this sentence. Now that Terrance Breeder has gotten up with the new Pokémon, the process is not as difficult as it used to be.

    Vulpix is the first to follow the floating bubble and Beautifly to learn the Hail moves, while Larvitar is now the basis for further practice.

    Terrance wants Larvitar to continue to accumulate evolutionary heritage. Currently, nutrient-rich minerals are ready for it. It is only a matter of time to evolve in the most perfect posture. Terrance wants to wait for Larvitar to evolve into Pupitar and then let it follow Vulpix's footsteps and float bubbles. Beautifly learns about the use of Sandstorm.

    "When you evolve into Pupitar, although the whole body is covered with a hard shell like a rock disk, it does not affect your strength and speed."Terrance Road.

    "And, you will get a special ability."

    As Larvitar just finished training, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex came to it.

    "Yes Rotto!!"Rotom Pokédex followed Terrance and then switched to the introduction function: “Pupitar, the bullet Pokémon, will compress the body's gas and then squirt it out for Flying. It doesn't matter if the body hits Oreburgh. ”

    With the introduction of Rotom Pokédex, Larvitar understands it, and when it evolves, it can make better use of gas. When it is then controlled by Beautifly, and Sandstorm with floating bubbles, the efficiency may be more significant.

    “Pupitar form is the stage of accumulation. At that time, your main task is to train Sandstorm and Absorb nutrition. Fighting is not so important.”

    "If you master the power of Sandstorm in the Pupitar form, then you can evolve directly after the evolution, with extremely horrible destructive power."Terrance opening.

    As a senior Breeder, he is a Trainer who has fought against the Elite Four. The Banjara from Breeder is definitely not the same as the ones he used to encounter.

    If Banjara from the ordinary Trainer Breeder is a flower shelf, then Terrance really wants Breeder to make a desert beast!

    Only in this way can he be worthy of the huge resources he invested.

    In addition to the two guys Vulpix and Larvitar, the talent of Ralts once again surprised Terrance, the talent of the three no-one guys can be said to be the best of the current Terrance Pokémon.

    Any one of his Pokémons, talents, and the Ralts that the Wicktor Masters don't know come from.

    Of course, talent determines only the speed of growth, and can not determine the combat effectiveness, but grows fast, in a certain sense, it is powerful. Ralts's Calm mind efficiency and the rapid progress of teleport skills, simply let Gallade shame, even if it practiced under the waterfall, subjected to external force hammering, Calm and no ralts mental strength to enhance the efficiency of terror, as for its superb teleport, That is a big part of the hard practice of the credit, which like ralts casually practice the degree of mastery will be a clatter of ascension.

    Of course, this may be related to the current strength of Ralts, but its speed of progress, let Vulpix, Larvitar they envy for a long time.

    Double Team Confusion coordinates, Teleport Ally Switch These are the main trainings for Ralts after Calm Mind.

    At present, Ralts has great potential, and its mental strength can be improved by training. This shows that it can grow fast even without evolution. This situation makes Terrance wonder for a long time, it is hard to be Ralts. Is it comparable to the spirit of Gardevoir with its current form?

    After that, after it evolved into Gardevoir, how terrible is the mental and computational power?

    "I really curious about the origin of this little guy…"Terrance looked at Ralts, who was like the player Normal on his Double Team layout, and was amazed.

    Three Pokémon steady growth, Terrance new took demon Carbink feel the strength of their new companions, naturally also eager to gain strength, it is still too weak, Terrance team any Pokémon can easily overcome it, As a result of the previous and Terrance that bet, now carbink very much trust Terrance's breeder ability, the training tasks he left behind can be perfectly completed every time.

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