Pokemon Court Chapter 706

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 706th Fairy imprint, floating astronomy
    "Carbink, Gem Pokémon, Rock and Fairy Type, Ability is the body of constant net…"

    "The mastery of the move is…"

    After a few days of getting along and training, Terrance is also very familiar with his new companion.

    Ability: It won't be reduced because of Rival's moves or Ability. In other words, if it's not a big gap between the two sides, like Arcanine's threatening Ability or Growl trick, Carbink can immunize.

    And this Carbink's move, due to its special experience, most of the masterpieces are defense and escape.

    Reflect, Light Screen, Stealth Rock, Safeguard, Rock Tomb, Rock Polish…

    Of course, these are the superior tricks that it masters, and some of the basic moves of Carbink, it will.

    Terrance didn't waste its talent in this area. He continued to train it, and he also gave it several tasks, that is, mastering some new tricks.

    These moves are all that Carbink can learn. Although learning is difficult, under the guidance of Terrance and Rotom Pokédex, learning is only a matter of time.

    The simpler ones are Gyro Ball, Ability Exchange, Guard Split, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam.

    Less easy to master are Earth Power, Magic Coat, Gravity, Ally Switch…

    There is no doubt that Carbink's superior resistance will be even stronger if it is specially trained.

    This is Carbink's racial advantage, but in contrast, its attack ability is much weaker, but Terrance does not want to make it Breeder into a Pokémon known for attack. Just like the Breeder Beautifly, Breeder's ability to attack and resist is not a wise choice. Taking advantage of Beautifly's advantage, Breeder's flexibility is the right path, and Carbink is the same.

    Carbink is also currently in the basic stage. The specific Breeder method Terrance has to be further optimized and changed according to its growth. Of course, Carbink's general positioning and Breeder direction have already been clear in the mind of Terrance.

    Rotom Pokédex, Mismagius, these two elves are the best helpers for Terrance training and Breeder Pokémon.

    They provide great convenience for Terrance, both in terms of data and mind, and the two Pokémons play an irreplaceable role in the Terrance training wizard.

    In this way, Terrance passed through one city after another, and after more than 20 days, Terrance returned to the remains of the girl stone statue.

    On the mountain, Terrance was excited.

    For three months, Altaria has been practicing with the legendary Pokémon Xerneas for three months.

    In the past three months, how big is its strength?

    Can you learn the essence of Fairy Aura from Xerneas?

    Terrance is looking forward to it. Even if he trains, Altaria can make some progress in three months. Now trained by Xerneas, Altaria will definitely have more progress than training, so what kind of Altaria is now? In the realm, Terrance can hardly wait to know.

    Of course, the most gratifying thing about Terrance is that he can immediately reunite with Altaria.

    "Rumble rumbling ~~~~~~~~"

    When I set foot on the ruins, there was a sudden and intense vibration around me, which made Terrance twitch at the corner of his mouth. It seemed that he had been here since he last came here. What is this time?

    At this time, Terrance looked into the cave, only to see Altaria fly out, seeing Altaria flying towards him, Terrance laughed and greeted the past.

    Compared to two months ago, Altaria's size growth is around Khoury. Although not as exaggerated as Arcanine, Terrance can see that its body is more powerful.

    This type of growth not only does not make Altaria as muscle-relaxing as Arcanine, it needs to continue to train intensively to adapt to the new body, but it makes Altaria's body look more explosive.

    "Long time no see, Altaria."

    Speaking again, Terrance looked at Altaria and had a different feeling.

    He feels that Altaria's breath is more extraordinary, like the detachment of ordinary Pokémon, and it becomes like nothingness.

    Didn't care what the shock was just now, and now Terrance has only the joy of reuniting with Altaria.


    As Altaria screamed, Terrance gently stroked its head as if Altaria had just touched it when it was just hatching.

    "Human, I am leaving here."

    At this time, a blue figure appeared in the cave, and Xerneas slowly walked toward Terrance, while telepathy conveyed his embarrassment.

    "I have two things to ask you."

    "Please speak."At the glance of Terrance, he was amazed at the request of Xerneas. With the strength of Xerneas, do you still need to ask him?

    "The external force on it is perfectly absorbed by my help, and it has become a part of its strength and is integrated into Fairy Aura."Xerneas Road.

    “The Totem gas field has disappeared?”

    Terrance said after a glimpse that this means that the Totem gas field has been completely digested by Altaria, rather than Arcanine and they are used as a change move.

    "External forces are powerful, but they are not their own strengths."Xerneas said, "I have explored the nature of that power. It should be that there is a power that is far greater than my existence. In its case, I will continue to investigate, and you humans must be prepared."

    "This planet belongs to both humans and Pokémon. Whether the advent of aliens will destroy the balance of the world is still unknown. Everything needs to be prevented."

    "I know.Terrance nodded hard.

    Investigating the situation of Lucas, Necrozma, etc., the Interpol party never stopped moving.

    "And in the near future, there may be a disaster in the Kalos Region. I have heard the grief of the Kidd's cell, the ecology of Kalos…An alert is being issued. ”

    "The reason behind this is probably what you humans are doing, the disaster of Kalos, and hope that you can calm down and not spread to the ecology of the Kalos Region."

    Two of Xerneas's please, Terrance is deeply in mind.

    What the other party said is far more serious than what is to recover the spacecraft and capture the poaching gang. Terrance is not sloppy.

    But what Terrance is more curious about is what Altaria has grown to now, and what inherited from Xerneas has allowed Xerneas to trust them so much.

    Finally, looking at Altaria and Terrance, Xerneas nodded. As it whispered, a Fairy light became a mark that merged into Terrance's palm and then gradually dissipated.

    "Goodbye humans, I look forward to your growth."


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