Pokemon Court Chapter 707

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 707th Altaria changes, floating astronomy

    As the other party's voice fell, Terrance shouted, but the Xerneas figure had disappeared into the thick fog that emerged.

    "What was that?"

    Terrance stretched out his right hand and looked at the palm. The pink-like wave of the X-shaped imprint that I just saw was gone, but Terrance saw the impression in the air and then printed it on his palm.

    What is that? Accreditation of Xerneas? The blessing of Xerneas? or

    Terrance shook his head, forget it, don't want to be so much, compared to that…

    "Altaria."Terrance stroked Altaria's body and was about to ask what new progress he had made in the past two months, but the sudden change appeared. I saw that Terrance's right palm quickly showed a pink glow. Although the imprint was looming, it was still scared. Terrance jumped and took the quick handle off Altaria.


    As Altaria screamed, Terrance looked strange.

    HeCan you probably understand the meaning that Altaria wants to express?

    This is a telepathic but differently different Contest Condition. It is not a direct understanding of Altaria's language, but an understanding of what it wants to express. In other words, it is more like an incomplete spiritual connection.

    "You mean, there is no bad feeling just now, but it is attractive, is it a very intimate feeling?"Terrance wondered.

    As Altaria nodded, Terrance looked at his palm and was big.

    Then he called Carbink and touched his body with his right hand. This time, nothing changed, but Terrance felt the same Contest Condition.

    After letting Carbink say a word, Terrance called out a floating bubble…

    Unlike Altaria and Carbink, Terrance understands what it wants to say because he spends time with floating bubbles, but it is a different day from the Contest Condition that connects Altaria and Carbink.

    “Is this Fairy imprint given to me by Xerneas to help me connect with Fairy Pokémon?”

    Not only Altaria, Carbink also shows the changes in Terrance. At this time, Terrance, like it has an innate attraction and affinity, it makes it involuntarily want to approach Terrance. This change makes Carbink very strange, although it has already Recognized Terrance, but it feels that it is not so incredible to have a good impression on a human being.

    Terrance was also amazed, so he called out the Pokémon he was carrying again, and tried it in turn, and found that only Pokémon with Fairy Type could enter the Contest Condition.

    Only Fairy is Pokémon, and he has such inexplicable affinity for him.

    "This Fairy imprint is more like the wish of Fairy for me…"Terrance thought about it.

    The telepathy in Psychic can communicate with all Pokémons. The ability he acquired is like the telepathy of the castrated version. He can only understand the idea of Fairy Pokémon, but even so, it is an unexpected surprise.

    “This is the ability that Xerneas has given me. From now on, even if I don’t know any Breeder knowledge, I can do the best communication with the Fairy Elf!”

    Looking at the trees around the ruins, looking at Soaring in the sky, Terrance slowly returned to Altaria and said: "Altaria, with Rotom Pokédex, update your strengths."

    In order to better help Altaria to develop a training program, Terrance had to understand how much it improved in Xerneas.

    At this point, all the Pokémons carried by Terrance were released. A Trainer and his Pokémons looked at Altaria flying in Soaring in the sky.

    Altaria's first new ability to show Terrance changed Terrance's face, revealing an incredible expression.

    As the body of Altaria condenses, the body changes rapidly. In a short while, its shape is fixed, the whole body is broken, and the appearance of Mega Altaria appears in front of Terrance and his Pokémon.

    “咔?!”Gallade is a step forward and quite puzzled.

    "I did it…"As Terrance muttered, Mega Altaria flew down and looked at her face with a surprised Trainer, which seemed to be very proud of her performance.

    "Without relying on Trainer, Key Stone, Mega Stone, you can autonomous Mega Evolution…Xerneas not only teaches you the use of Fairy Aura, but also helps you gain a stronger life energy and how to use it? ”

    Terrance has speculated that the Pokémon Mega Evolution needs only life energy, which is the life-energy to unlock the most basic potential hidden in the body. As long as you have enough life energy and the means to control the life energy, you can complete the Mega Evolution. Thereby stimulating your potential.

    Those legendary Pokémon's autonomous Mega Evolution should be done this way.

    They have a much larger life energy and more subtle control than the ordinary Pokémon, so they don't need to rely on the power of the Trainer or the stone.

    Key Stone and Mega Stone are just the products of the magical ore that is enriched by the energy of Xerneas. In the Mega Evolution, Trainer and Pokémon acted as a means of controlling Pokémon's life energy. Helping Pokémon open the genetic lock and complete Mega Evolution, this is Terrance's speculation about Mega Evolution.

    After sorting out these, Altaria can understand it with the autonomous Mega Evolution Terrance.

    After all, it follows the Xerneas, which may be the origin of Mega Stone and Key Stone, and it is reasonable to get the means to control the energy of life.

    "Great ability."

    Terrance admired that with this autonomous Mega Evolution, Altaria itself can reach a new level of height.

    "The use of Fairy Aura…And the growth of strength? ”

    Compared to the autonomous Mega Evolution, Terrance is looking forward to the extent to which Altaria has achieved at Fairy Aura.

    After all, this is the unique ability of the legendary Pokémon, Altaria can master, has to say that it is a great blessing.

    What kind of dragon talent is almost the difference between heaven and earth compared with these opportunities. If Altaria's use of Fairy Aura can reach the level of Xerneas, it means that the Fairy is Pokémon, which is the original Swablu talent. Altaria can do this. Created in batches.

    Coupled with the Fairy imprint that Terrance received, he now does not want to be too simple for Breed to be Pyémon from Fairy.

    Fairy is far less aware of the Trainer community than fire, water, or even Ghost, superpower. In this Fairy department, there is no representative. Today, Terrance is well-deserved as the Fairy Master.

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