Pokemon Court Chapter 708

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 708 unexpected encounter, floating astronomy
    Seven days later.

    Terrance appeared in Lumiose City.

    It’s been a week since Altaria returned, and during this week Altaria’s strength data has been updated by Rotom Pokédex.

    In addition, the effectiveness of Fairy Aura has been summarized by Terrance as one of the new means of Breeder Fairy Pokémon.

    The cumbersome data all point to the idea that today's Altaria is so strong that it is beyond the reach of Terrance.

    This strength is not only the combat capability, but the combination of Fairy Aura application, Ability application, Fairy energy application, autonomous Mega Evolution and so on.

    In the three months of the practice of Xerneas, Altaria completed the true reinvention.

    And according to Altaria, it has not completely digested the teachings of Xerneas, and its strength may still increase substantially as it continues to practice.

    This makes Terrance look forward to it, but Terratelli is not sure what the specific Altaria can achieve.

    The specific positioning can only be judged after he has played against a top-level Trainer. This Trainer can be a senior Elite Trainer or a Region champion…

    "Altaria …Can you be comparable to the championship now? ”

    Terrance has seen Cynthia's live broadcast, and the strength of the other Garchomp is far stronger than any Rival that Terrance has played against.

    The Elite Four-level Trainer faced the Garchomp and couldn't even interfere with each other's actions. In other words, like the Telite Elite, the Trump Card Electivire, the Brick Break, Cynthia The Garchomp can just wrinkle the frown and harden it, then quickly counterattack to kill each other.

    Power, speed, defense, consciousness, in Cynthia's Pokémon, Terrance saw that this is almost the training of the limits of the quality, it is this tyrannical qualities, so that the opponent has never been in a desperate battle.

    So even after Altaria's strength increased, Terrance still had no confidence to beat the top powers like Cynthia, but Cynthia was 18 years old and he was a champion. He still has a certain time from 16 years old. If he doesn't count his psychological age, then chase The top genius of Cynthia is still a bit hopeful.

    Now Terrance, with a little expansion, is subconsciously trying to stand up to the same height as the top geniuses.

    The current stage has not been able to satisfy Terrance, and even if it is against the Elite Four, it will not make Terrance feel any fun.

    Terrance is confident that if he is given more time he will be able to reach the level of Region Elite Four, but the Region champion is not so easy to achieve.

    Terrance, who only wants to make himself and his people better, has unwittingly reached a peak, whether it is climbing to the top of the mountain or on the edge of the mountain, and then watching Terrance's own choice.

    Lumiose City, the cosmopolitan city in the heart of the Kalos Region, is at the heart of this Region and is also the most populous city in the world.

    Lumiose City's auctions for the Trainer community naturally attracted countless people to come to watch, and Terrance is no exception.

    "One day before the auction, I need to liquidate the liquidity I can transfer."

    Although Terrance hasn't known what kind of Mega Stone is, there is also a fight for it. Although it is unlikely to be photographed, he still plans to try it.

    And even if the competition for Mega Stone fails, he may be able to encounter other good treasures.

    After getting the tickets for Terrance, I just need to wait for the start of the auction. The next day, the auction will be held as scheduled, and Terrance will enter the game as usual. However, with the auctions coming on stage, Terrance has a flat interest and has not seen it. Go to the item that has help for him.

    Until Mega Stone appeared, but the Mega Evolution prop was Venusaur. After seeing the category, Terrance's interest was also reduced by a large margin, but in order to study the life energy in the Mega Evolution stone, Terrance tried to take a shot.

    But Mega Stone's competition is more crazy than Terrance's imagination, and countless local tycoons are starting to offer, and Terrance has to give up after a few rounds.

    Although he is not short of money now, he still has a lot of trouble with the rich second-generation Trainer who owns various businesses in his home.

    At the last auction, Terrance only bought one item. This item is the one that no one is asking for. It is a yellow bead filled with electrical energy and about the size of a marble.

    Even the auctioneer can't say its specific effect, but the electrical energy contained in it is not false. The electrical energy inside can be measured by various instruments, but the electrical energy inside is not too much. Valuable things, so the original owner of the item will hold the idea of the auction to see if it can be sold at a high price.

    However, his hopes are lost. There is no Trainer who is willing to pay a high price for this unintentional item. Even Terrance is no exception. He only bids at a price range that he can afford. For things whose meaning is unknown, He has a natural curiosity and wants to study it.

    The auction concluded that in addition to spending a price that is not high or low, and bought an electrical energy bead that does not know the purpose of the study, Terrance is nothing to gain.

    "Thank you for coming, please go."

    Lumiose City, Terrance took a look at the time after picking up the fruit tea at a tea shop, and he has already planned to leave the Kalos Region in the near future.

    In the Kalos Region, there is nothing to attract Terrance beyond the disasters that Mega Evolution and Xerneas said.

    But no matter which of these two things, Terrance can't spend a lot of thoughts at the moment, so he plans to go back to Hoenn and make a clear study of Altaria's own Mega Evolution, while Breeder is good to those new elves.

    The life energy in the Altaria Mega Stone has been fully absorbed by Altaria, so it has mastered the capabilities of the autonomous Mega Evolution. There are many doorways worth studying, maybe you can help Altaria get better power and even get some from it. Inspired to discover new research results.

    Taking a sip of fruit tea, when Terrance was leaving, he suddenly passed by a woman wearing Black clothes and a black top hat.

    "This feeling is…"Terrance's mental power suddenly changed, stopped and turned his head. After he glanced at it, he opened the door and walked out of the tea shop.

    However, Terrance did not leave, until the black woman came out of the tea shop, Terrance came to the other side, smiled and whispered: "Ms. Diantha, we met again."

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