Pokemon Court Chapter 709

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 709th chapter of Kalos (the sixth volume), floating astronomy
    When she heard someone calling her name, the woman calmed down after she was shocked. She slowly took off her sunglasses and saw the appearance of Terrance and then opened her mouth: "It turned out to be Mr. Terrance."

    At the same time, she also saw the fruit tea on Terrance's hand and smiled: "How is this fruit tea very delicious?"

    "Yeah, the fruit tea that can make the champion Diantha disguise to buy it, it looks very attractive."After Terrance smiled, after he again said Diantha's name, the opposite Kalos star was obviously nervous and made a sly gesture.

    "Mr. Terrance, let's go there."Diantha pointed in one direction.

    In order to prevent someone from recognizing Diantha, the two came to a street with fewer people. At this time, Diantha said: "Did Mr. Terrance not return to Hoenn after the exhibition game?"

    "Not yet, but I am planning to go back in the near future."Terrance Road.

    After the words, the atmosphere between the two people suddenly silenced, and after taking a bite of fruit tea, Terrance took the lead: "Ms. Diantha, can you play an elf battle with me again?"

    Terrance's invitation made Diantha a glimpse. After hesitating, she said, "I have escaped for a long time. Then my secretary may worry about me…"

    "This way."Terrance was slightly lost. He was trying to get the return of Altaria and the top Trainer to see how much progress. When he met Ms. Diantha, he was excited for a long time, but he did not expect such a good opportunity to be missed.

    "But if it is a 1vs1 match, it will not be a big problem to seize the time."

    Diantha saw that Terrance was a little behind and smiled and said, "Look at the fact that you also like this fruit tea."

    "Really?"Terrance finished the fruit tea in one breath, and there were some surprises. It was not the experience that anyone could have to play against the champion twice. He took it down after this battle experience!

    Because they had to fight against the Kalos champion Diantha, the two naturally couldn't play against the battlefield in Lumiose City. If it was bad, it would be bad, so they went to the nearby forest.

    "One-on-one, I am Gardevoir here."

    This champion lady likes to send her own Trump Card Wizard Gardevoir, but this is exactly what Terrance meant.

    “Ms. Diantha, this forest is where the Trainer often passes. In order not to be seen by passers-by in the wild, is there something to be done?”Terrance opens the proposal.

    In fact, it is.After thinking about it, Diantha nodded.

    "Since the battle is what I proposed, then this work will be handed over to me, the mission is coming, Mismagius."After calling the Mismagius, Terrance commanded: "Set the illusion enchantment around, and if someone is attracted to the battle, let him go around a few distances."

    “Whee~~” Mismagius said that after understanding, the hidden figure disappeared here.

    After seeing Mismagius leave, Terrance can finally fight with Diantha with peace of mind, taking out Altaria's Poké Ball, and Terrance is in a thrill: "Miss Diantha, this time I will send the elf to my current Trump Card."

    "Go, Altaria!"

    Poké Ball throws out, Altaria, which is a combination of azure body and white feathers, appears in the air. Both sides are their own Trump Cards. Obviously this will be a more intense battle than the previous show.

    Both Terrance and Diantha are not simple Trainers. Naturally, they can see the extent of each other's Elf Breeder. After observing Terrance's Altaria, Diantha was shocked for a long time.

    This is a fairy that Goredevoir is not inferior to her Breeder level!

    After getting this conclusion, let Diantha look dignified, and of course Terrance is also very vigilant. As the two look at each other, a bang, the battle begins! !

    At the beginning of the battle, Altaria screamed, and the powerful Flamethrower spewed out and turned into a majestic dragon of fire dragons to bite into Gardevoir!

    As a fire-fighting trick that Altaria is not good at, after Altaria has a Fairy Type, Terrance also makes it a strict practice.

    However, in the face of the powerful Flamethrower that most of the Trainer needs to take seriously, Diantha and Gardevoir showed their full strength at the beginning. The huge Confusion fluctuations were directly crushed, and the Flamethrower was crushed by Superpower. The champion strength was revealed!

    "Use a continuous shadow ball after avoiding the attack."

    Taking advantage of the aftermath of the explosion, Flying came to condense Fairy's energy. Using Take Down, Altaria, who wanted to attack Gardevoir, accidentally let Gardevoir hide, but in the face of the shadow ball that came in from the shot, it was not afraid.

    With a bang, the whole body gleams, and in just a few moments, Altaria completes the autonomous Mega Evolution, which gives Diantha a step back and an incredible look at Terrance.

    “Don't rely on Trainer?”

    When the shadow ball didn't come, Altaria had already completed the Mega Evolution, and at the same time, the sound waves were annihilated, and countless shadow balls crashed into nothingness, as if they had been erased, and there was no wave of ripples.

    "Altaria, Dazzling Gleam !"

    The shadow ball was annihilated, and just as Gardevoir was shocked, Altaria's whole body shone, and countless Fairy rays shone from his body and turned into dozens of dazzling rays to attack, smashing Gardevoir into a sieve.

    The magic of annihilation shocked Diantha, but the trainer could not allow the Trainer to think too much.

    "Use Light Screen!"

    “Take Down!”

    The next moment, the huge energy cover covered Gardevoir's body, facing the horrible Dazzling Gleam, Diantha's face changed, but what made her unimaginable is that Altaria's physical fitness is exceptionally strong, and the reaction is even faster than Gardevoir.

    Under the Fairy Skin Ability, Take Down is a Fairy-style move, and with the Fairy Skin Ability addition, it's even more powerful!

    "The speed keeps up."Terrance opening.

    Altaria twisted her body and turned it into a glare. Although Gardevoir wanted to escape, Mega Altaria was very fast, and Take Down tricked directly on Gardevoir and flew it!

    In the face of such a strong Altaria, Dianta took a deep breath and picked up Key Stone: "Gardevoir, Mega Evolution."

    With Altaria's autonomous Mega Evolution, Diantha concluded that Gardevoir would not be able to withstand more attacks if he continued to do so.

    This Mega Altaria is very strong and has made her feel the threat of losing the game.

    When Gardevoir Mega Evolution is completed, Diantha uses the combination of display in the exhibition game, three confusion winding double Team and Gardevoir ontology, four Mega Gardevoir Surrounded by altaria, while using light Screen to turn this place into a closed space, the next moment, fairy skin ability under round trick began to show, but in the face of this second kill Beautifly attack, Terrance but without changing big hand a wave, Altaria used Fairy Aura for the first time.

    One of the ways in which Fairy Aura can be used can not only increase the power of the Fairy system, but also reduce it! Fairy Aura is now a field of Fairy, and Altaria is the king.

    In the face of the fascinating Fairy energy torrents of countless sound waves, Altaria, through the increase of the gas field, once again shot countless light through Dazzling Gleam, and the ray of the ray was directly confronted with this exaggerated combination technique!

    In less than a minute, Altaria showed offensive and special abilities that made Diantha sweat drip!

    "You are very strong!"Diantha spoke to the young man while admitting.

    As Altaria launched a fierce attack, the strength of Mega Gardevoir began to liberate. Terrance was equally under pressure, but he was excited because he felt that he was qualified to touch Kalos.

    Intense confrontation, countless energy condensation, disintegration, Kalos's strongest force Dianta and the new generation of top Trainer Terrance launched an unknown peak matchup –

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