Pokemon Court Chapter 710

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 710 is close to the champion, floating astronomy
    After the end of the battle with Terrance, Diantha contacted her secretary. She wanted to make a quick decision with Terrance, but the situation basically did not develop as she expected. Diantha underestimated the difficulty of Terrance.

    Looking back at the trail left by Terrance on the forest trail, Diantha then looked up at Soaring in the sky.

    The noise of the helicopter flying came, indicating that her secretary had found it.

    "Miss Diantha."

    The helicopter landed slowly, and Diantha's female secretary looked at her with a look of anger. "You missed another important trip, but I will not be responsible for the consequences."

    "ok, ok, I got it."

    Diantha smiled helplessly, and this was no way. When she decided to sneak out to drink fruit tea, she gave up the next trip.

    Please waitThe secretary of Diantha looked at the surrounding environment and was suddenly shocked, followed by a scream.

    "Miss Diantha, you are fighting against outsiders in this place too!! Do you know that if you want to be seen, it will have a big impact on the movie you want to perform next? ! ! ”

    Diantha's personal secretary really broke her heart, but Diantha smiled and turned the subject elsewhere, denying the other's guess.

    However, when the two men boarded the helicopter, Diantha's secretary still had some peace of mind.

    "I really didn't fight against people?"

    IndeedDiantha is serious.

    As the helicopter took off, Diantha looked at the underlying environment caused by the battle and suddenly fell into meditation.

    so close.

    The battle between Mega Gardevoir and Mega Altaria has been carried out in a situation where there is no difference.

    Until the end, it was because Mega Altaria suddenly lost strength and could not maintain the Mega Evolution Contest Condition, Gardevoir to win.

    Even if Terrance and Altaria persist for a long time, in order to win, she may have to expose some cards that have not been exposed in the usual game to win.

    In this battle against Terrance, Diantha felt a deep threat. Terrance's Altaria's ability, if not yet mature, might indeed have the combat power of her Gardevoir.

    “The potential is infinite—” When the forest has turned into a black spot, Diantha's gaze is withdrawn from the glass window, and the heart silently.

    At the Lumiose City Elf Center, Terrance sneezed and shook his head.

    After playing against Dianta again, Terrance has a clear understanding of Altaria's strength positioning, and he has also planned to return to the Hoenn Region.

    But before that, he still wanted to meet someone.



    Seven days passed by, and after completing the event in Kalos, Terrance had returned to the Napru Hall.

    Fallabor Gym, Kathrine walked to the back garden and watched the Terrance doubts that had been sitting on the stone looking at Pokémon's Play Rough.

    "How have you been absent-minded since returning from Kalos?"

    “Thinking new skills.”Terrance opening.

    "It’s very hard…"Kathrine shook his head, and with Terrance's current strength and vision, the new skills that made him embarrassed, naturally Kathrine couldn't help, so Kathrine didn't ask much.

    “The research equipment you applied to the Hoenn Alliance has been transferred. Which place do you want to use as a Laboratory?”

    "Just in the Fallabor Gym, wait for me to make room."

    Terrance jumped from the huge stone and gave up the entanglement of the new skills. As Steven said, it is difficult to integrate multiple tactics into one whole and gain each other.

    Obviously, the concept was well-conceived at the beginning, but it was at the time of implementation. Because of the strength and coordination of the elves, the tactics could not be perfectly integrated, which made Terrance uncomfortable.

    Out of the Fallabor Gym, Terrance came to the farmland that was remodeling in the direction of Hanada. Suddenly said: "Rotom Pokédex, do you have the ability to stand on the top stage of the Trainer?"

    Of course You are already a Trainer who is only a little down to Miss Diantha. If Altaria can fully grasp the results of this three-month practice, then the victory of that battle is likely to belong to Terrance. Rotto! ”

    Rotom Pokédex did not care about the Pokémon training, but was called out by Terrance as an object of communication.

    For Terrance's Pokémons, Rotom Pokédex is also a training aid, absorbing Terrance's many Breeder crystals. In a sense, it is another Terrance.

    "Altaria is strong now, but it is not my credit. In addition to Altaria, Arcanine's strength is far from the top Elite level. ”Terrance understands that Altaria has the power to catch up with Lady Diantha's Trump Card Wizard, a large part of which is due to the training of Xerneas.

    As a legend of the ability to give life to Pokémon, Xerneas may not be the strongest Legendary Pokémon, but when it comes to training Pokémon, Terrance thinks it should be very powerful.

    After Altaria's high-intensity special training, Altaria is healed and restored with life energy, which is more effective and beneficial than any Potion.

    This method, directly chasing the source, three months of special training, under this advantage, the training effect can even be expanded by 10 times.

    Moreover, Xerneas also owns Fairy Aura. On the development of Altaria's potential, I am afraid that no one can match it. At the same time, the use of Fairy energy, Xerneas is also one of the few Pokémons above Terranc's Mega Altaria.

    This lived thousands of years of Pokémon, exudes a little insight and experience, it may let altaria use, not to mention the other side also under the blood to teach their own exclusive ability Fairy Aura application of the way to Altaria, with this opportunity, altaria strength should soar, And with time to digest, it is more powerful than Ms. Diantha's mega Gardevoir, Terrance also feel not so difficult.

    After all, there aren't many Trainers and Pokémons who have been recognized by the legendary Pokémon since ancient times, but they all have very high achievements.

    Terrance and Altaria are now recognized by Xerneas, and now he has the Fairy mark from Xerneas.

    Knowing the power of the Fairy imprint, Terrance did not give up on its research and development, and wanted to explore more secrets.

    "Forget it, go back first, today's homework has not been done."Terrance didn't stay outside for too long, and he was still learning, except for the daily massage of the elves, tracking the training process, and trying to build a team battle system.

    Learn Breeder knowledge, learn elf knowledge, and learn genetic knowledge.

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