Pokemon Court Chapter 711

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 711th message, wake up, floating astronomy
    Returning to the Naplu Road Museum, Terrance entered a brief and peaceful life.

    However, how long this calm did not last, he got a strange message.

    The message was sent unidentified, but the signature was his own master, Master Wicktor.

    The message mainly conveys two pieces of information.

    One is that the Wicktor master himself may not appear for several years because he wants to participate in a top secret experiment, so that Terrance does not have to go to him.

    Second, Master Wicktor informed Terrance of where he placed his important research results, leaving Terrance free to take it and continue his research.

    These two messages make Terrance frown, too abnormal. What can't be said in person, do you have to use such a mysterious way?

    This is not like a message at all, but like…

    What's really going on?

    Terrance immediately contacted Wicktor Master, but no results, he used other methods, and even many people to inquire, but unfortunately did not contact each other.

    With a heavy heart, Terrance came to the location of the address given by Wicktor Master and took a few notes.

    The writing on this note is not clear, indicating that it was not recently sorted out. The main content of the note is about the major research results and direction of genetics. Terrance still doesn't understand it. After all, he doesn't even have the foundation of genetics. Get through.

    However, this is the case, and Terrance understands that these should be all the masters of the Wicktor masters. For those who are not even familiar with the foundation, why should the other party give all the research results to themselves so that they can continue to study? ?

    "What is the top secret experiment?"Terrance was so confused that it was like living and dying.

    The master of genetics, Wicktor Master, can even ignore his own research and give it to Terrance. This experiment is definitely very attractive to the other side.

    Somehow, Terrance suddenly thought of Ralts.

    "Elf experiment?"The talent of the Ralts is still exploding, and the speed is increasing. The Terrance, the Breeder family, is afraid of whether it will have any bad influence on the future growth of Ralts.

    For the origin of this Ralts, Wicktor's masters are vaguely unspecified, and Terrance has not asked much, but now a bad guess comes to Terrance's mind.

    "It’s not a master experiment that he will not do."Reminiscent of Ralts' emotional flaws, Terrance shook his head hard. Can't think of it this way, most of the elf experiments are against the law, and Wicktor is the top Breeder home. It shouldn't be so reckless.

    However, in combination with the situation of Ralts and the unusual behavior of Wicktor Master, Terrance is still somewhat puzzled.



    After returning to the Naplu Road Hall, Terrance struggled for a long time on the Wicktor Master.

    However, there has been a happy event recently.

    This incident made Terrance's heavy mood difficult to relieve.

    Going to Sootopolis City overnight, Terrance saw Bai Cheng who had awakened.

    At this time, Bai Cheng, the hair is all white, although the face is still the appearance of the youth, but it gives people a feeling of dying.

    Even if the water of life restores the vitality of Bai Cheng, it still inevitably leaves behind the aftereffects.

    "Not moving yet?"Terrance asked.

    "Not much strength."Bai Cheng, who was lying in the hospital bed, coughed a little and smiled a little.

    "I didn't think that in the end you saved me and thought you were going to hang up."

    "Know it."Terrance is helpless, Bai Cheng has been sleeping for half a year. In the past six months, there have been too many changes…

    "Hurry up and get back to the Contest Condition. I have gone further. I can't catch up with my steps."

    Terrance thought about it, and when he was celebrating, the strength of the two men was not much different. Even Bai Cheng, who has two powerful partners, Darkrai and Lucario, is even better, but after half a year, Terrance’s strength has changed dramatically. .

    Not only are Altaria close to the championship, but also Beautifly, Gallade, Arcanine, floating bubbles, and Mismagius. Each of them has made great progress, and Baicheng has been ruined for half a year, as Terrance said. It has been too far away for him.

    "My power of the waveguide has disappeared."Terrance's words, Bai Cheng did not rush to talk trash as usual, but some expressions uncomfortable to reach out, some feelings.

    "Disappeared?!"Terrance showed a confused expression.

    Isn't the waveguide the ability of everyone?

    "Oh, to be precise, I lost the ability to control the waveguide. This time, I am competing with you on the same level."

    Bai Cheng then smiled and didn't seem to have lost because he lost the power of the waveguide. Instead, he made a war against Terrance from another angle.

    "When I can walk down the ground, come back to a fight."

    With Bai Cheng finished, is Terrance silent, the same level?

    Holding the right hand with the Fairy mark, Terrance didn't know what to say. Even if Bai Cheng has the power of Waveguide, Terrance, who is under the Calm Mind method and Fairy's mark, will not be inferior to the singular ability.

    "Can't you come back to practice?"Terrance asked.

    "Should not work? After I have regained the Contest Condition, I will try again. Maybe some Assist items can re-energize the power of the waveguide. ”Bai Cheng suddenly eager to try.

    stopTerrance called him. "Forget it, losing the power of the waveguide is not necessarily a bad thing. Although the Hoenn Alliance may be disappointed, I am afraid that you will abuse it as before. No one will save you, Riean will also sad."

    "Don't dare."Bai Cheng smiled bitterly. He dared to abuse the waveguide. Before that, it was because of helplessness. Later, he broke the can and broke. Now it is hard to get back a life. He doesn't want to die.

    The previous thoughts that didn't care about death all dissipated. After regaining life, Bai Cheng felt that he had become "greedy and fearful of death."

    Only after one death has it been known to cherish the present life.

    "Not only do not dare, I have to live well, after all, my dream is the head of the elf."Bai Cheng smiled.

    "A very big goal, your goal is to remind me of one person."

    “Who…Who is that?”

    "It's a Rookie Trainer called Ash, don't underestimate him because he is a Rookie Trainer. If you want to be the head of the elf, I guess, he will be your most threatening Rival in the future."Terrance smiled and sold Ash directly.

    As for whether Ash can be the head of the elf, Terrance doesn't know, but since the original book set this dream for Ash, Ash should be able to achieve it.

    "When did you admire a Rookie Trainer? Is the other party so powerful? ”Bai Cheng was surprised that he was the first to see Terrance so respected others, and he was still a younger generation.

    "You will know when you see him."

    During the exchange between the two, time passes a little…

    After two days in Sootopolis City, Terrance bid farewell to Bai Cheng, who was in charge of the body, and went to the Kanto Region at the invitation of Mr. Raoul Contesta.

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