Pokemon Court Chapter 712

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 712th chapter of the insect trapping Troie, floating astronomy
    When invited by Mr. Raoul Contesta to participate in the Contest contest, Terrance did not hesitate because he was also planning to conduct the Contest contest.

    Just like Wallace and other Top Coordinators, the Race Contest Contest!

    But now, Terrance's elves in the Contest will be dominated by new elves, especially the small Vulpix.

    Just like Beautifly, this time the Contest contest, Ice Vulpix is his representative elf.

    Its ice and snow control will mature in the tempering of the Contest.

    As for Carbink, Ralts, and Larvitar, Terrance doesn't need to participate in the Contest contest too much, just one or two experience.

    Upon arriving at the Kanto Region, Terrance came to the vicinity of the city of Nibi.

    Here, the first stop of the Kanto Region Contest competition, which Terrance will challenge, is not as well developed as Hoenn, Sinnoh Region, Kanto, Johto Region Region's Contest competition, and the recognition is not Broad, it is because of this, Mr. Raoul Contesta invited as the current coordinator the second dazzling star of Terrance to participate in the Kanto Contest competition, want to drive through the popularity of Terrance Kanto this side of the contest Competition development.

    If you know that Terrance will challenge this Kanto Grand Festival, I believe that many Coordinators will come here.

    At that time, as the number of participants increases and the level of the game rises, Kanto's Contest competition will be more widely recognized, and then continue to drive the development of the entire Contest competition.

    "The time is three days later. Before that, special training for the small Vulpix is required. Although it has excellent coordination ability, it is safer to rehearse in advance than on the spot…"

    After telling Mr. Raoul Contesta to arrive in Nibi, Terrance stayed in the hotel arranged by the other party.

    Then, with a small Vulpix came to the vicinity of Changchun Forest, and planned to conduct special training.

    This time Terrance went to the Kanto Region with 6 elves, which is a standard Trainer configuration.

    The Poké Ball hanging around the neck is Altaria, and the five Poké Balls hanging around the waist are Vulpix, Larvitar, Carbink, Beautifly, and floating bubbles.

    Even Rotom Pokédex was left in the Napru Hall by Terrance and was responsible for assisting Mismagius and Arcanine in training.

    Ralts, followed by Gallade at Mt. Chimney practiced Teleport. According to Gallade, I am afraid that it will take a long time for Ralts to turn all of Teleport's experience into something.


    Looking for an open space, let the Vulpix squat on the shoulder, Terrance said: "You warm up first, special training will start later."

    The so-called warm-up is to let Vulpix take the tricks that have been learned to take a few turns and look for the Contest Condition.

    The warmth of the small Vulpix is also very interesting, and various tricks are displayed, and it also thinks a lot of tricks.

    For example, Icy Wind rolled Ice Shard, then Spit Up Mist merged with it, then jumped up and smashed Ice Shard with Iron Tail, letting the crystal ice scent Mist.

    Another example is to make a large ice cube with frozen light, then detonate it with Blizzard, and let all the snow and ice become Poweder Snow through clever control, and lay a layer of white ice on the Ground to create a snow and ice field.

    Just as the small Vulpix warmed up, Terrance suddenly raised his head and felt the movement coming from the forest. Someone should have come.

    "Excuse me, are you Trainer?"

    A teenager wearing a straw hat carrying a pitcher cage and holding a net of insects walked out of the grass. He looked at Vulpix, who was doing his tricks, and Terrance, next to Vulpix, and he was looking forward to his eyes.

    The teenager is wearing green short-sleeved, brown shorts, but the clothes look ruined. I don’t know how many times I have to sew it. Judging by Terrance’s old eyes, this teenager’s life quality is probably worse than that of Olde Green House. .

    "you are?"Terrance inadvertently swept a Poké Ball at the other's waist and suddenly understood it.

    "Is it necessary to fight?"Then Terrance smiled and said.

    "Well, yes, I am Troie from Shikimura, this will be my first battle to become Trainer, please advise."The teenager was nervous and bowed.

    Baimu Village…

    After thinking about it, Terrance had no impression. It should be a small village around.

    simplyLooking at each other, Terrance didn't know if he should accept the game. After thinking about it, Terrance said: "Well, let's come."

    Troie nodded, holding his Poké Ball in both hands and then carefully throwing it with one hand.

    The solemn and serious attitude of the other party suddenly made Terrance curious.

    "Weedle…"Seeing that the body was khaki, and the subtle bugs, Terrance didn't want to hit each other, but it was really a game of no significance.

    "You just said that this will be your first battle to become a Trainer?"Terrance opening.

    "Yes, I want to go to the Nibi Road Museum to apply for an apprenticeship, get Trainer status, and let the name of Shikimura resound the world."Having said that, there is a slight change in Troie's tone, and the words are full of strong beliefs.

    It turns out that it is not Trainer…

    However, if you want to apply for an apprentice in a pavilion, this strength is not enough. The pavilion is not a charity. What's more, there are too many children in the Nibi Pavilion, and it is unlikely to recruit extra Taoist apprentices. So looking at this young boy with a dream, Terrance took a deep breath.

    "In this case, let me see your confidence."

    "Vulpix."Terrance screamed, Vulpix had walked to Weedle and looked at each other calmly.

    "You must attack first."Terrance reached out and made a gesture.

    "Alright!"Troie nodded and said, "Weedle, attacked with Poison Barb."

    A purple Poison Barb was condensed by Weedle and shot at the small Vulpix, but without the command of Terrance, this slow attack, the small Vulpix was only slightly sideways and easily escaped.

    "Baby-Doll Eyes."Terrance faintly opened, and with the order, the little Vulpix's eyes showed a strange light, like a gazing gaze, and the next moment of the small Vulpix's eyes, Weedle couldn't bear the enormous mental power of Baby-Doll Eyes, directly fainted. In the past, I was fainted by a change class –

    The speed of the end of the game was faster than Troie imagined. He clenched his lips and seemed reluctant to believe the result, but the facts were in front of him.

    “Weedle can wait for Smelling Salts to come and get no harm.”Terrance hesitated, saying: "But if you want to apply for an apprentice with this attitude, or go home, I believe that no one of the pavilions is willing to accept such a weak Trainer. It is worse than to go out and pursue a dream too early. Enhance your value and heritage."

    After hearing Terrance's advice, Troie glanced and snorted again. "Thank you for your guidance."

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